Inside: The best retirement party games free printable options to get the party started

So…someone you know and love is going into retirement. Lucky them! Retiring is such an amazing accomplishment that many of us have been working towards since entering the workforce. They’ve finally made it! So now, all there is left to do is throw a big party.

The most important part of throwing a retirement party is to have fun and create an atmosphere of laughs and memories.

You can achieve this, of course, by making sure to add some retirement games to the party to-do list!

Retirement Feud Game for Co-workers

Games are a great way to bring everyone together, making memories and bonds. Though many of the retiree’s coworkers will no longer be seeing them every day, these games can help to create a new kind of relationship that will transcend the walls of the office. It’s the perfect way to blend your work and home life!

So I created a list of some of the best retirement party games with free printable options to play at a retirement party. I included mostly printable options to help you limit the amount of work going into this (there are so many other things to worry about when planning a party), but I also added some other fun ones at the end that you won’t have to print. So check them out!

Printable Retirement Games 

1. Retirement Feud

2. Would You Rather – Would you rather, retirement edition. There are so many amazing-themed versions of classic games that can make any party feel extra special, and this one is definitely one of the best. 

3. Who Knows the Retiree Best? –  Better bring your thinking caps for this one. I love this game because it’s not only fun, but it’s a wonderful way to make the honorary retiree feel extra special and loved.

4. What’s Your Retired Name?

5. Retirement Bingo – I suppose if they are retiring, they better get used to playing bingo. Why not start at the party! 

6. Retirement Bucket List

7. Retirement Emoji Pictionary –  Emoji Pictionary is one of my top favorite games to bring to a party. They are simple, fun, and can be done for any theme. These would be an absolute hit at any party.

8. Retirement Wishes

9. Would They Rather

10. Candy Match

11. Retirement Would You Rather – I know what you’re thinking, this one again? Well, I’ve included many on this list actually, but all of them come with different questions for you to answer.

12. Retirement Feud Game

13. Retirement Advice – The retiree has been around the block and they certainly have learned a thing or two. This gives them the opportunity to share their wisdom while also receiving advice for this next phase of their life! You can’t go wrong.

14. What’s On Your Phone

15. Retirement Ever or Never

Free Printable Retirement Bingo

Free Printable Games

16. Free Blank Bingo –  This is a build your own bingo. So you can make it as customized to your retiree as possible! Fill it with fun-themed things like their favorite work snack or their biggest pet peeve. It’s guaranteed to get some laughs. 

17. Would You Rather – This one isn’t retirement themed, it’s just a broad regular version of the game…but it’s free and still loads of fun.

18. Free Emoji Pictionary

19. Beginning to End Sentence Puzzle

20. Retirement Word Search –  This is a retirement word search that will have everyone racing to win. You get two minutes to find as many words as possible, and the first one to finish wins.

21. Word Scramble –  Word games are always a win in my book. They get the mind working and everybody can do them! 

22. What’s In Your Purse Game

23. Adult Puzzle – This one is a pretty hard maze but it’s definitely doable. Everyone gets one and 5 minutes to work on it. The first one to reach the end and get out of the maze wins. Good luck though, it’s a doozy!

Fun Retirement Printable Bundles

24. Cute Retirement Bundle  – For those of you who want multiple games and less work finding them, this next section is for you. This is an adorable bundle for you to take a look at. 

25. 8 Game Bundle

26. Cool Calligraphy Bundle – Style is half the fun. These games have awesome calligraphy writing for the names and it just makes the whole thing feel so fancy.

27. 6 Game Bundle

28. Tropical Retirement –  Everyone knows that when you retire, you go someplace tropical…at least for a visit. So these tropical-themed games are perfect. They serve as a reminder of the newfound freedom.

29. 6 In One 

30. 5 Game Bundle

31. 8 Games with Cartoon Photos

32. Retirement Bundle

33. 9 Game Bundle  – I saved the biggest one for last. Not only are there 9 games here but you get them for such a good price, not to mention less of the stress that comes with finding activities for people to do. It’s a win-win. 

Fun Retirement Games, Bucket list game

Fun Retirement Games

34. Core Memory

 This one is simple but very fun. All you have to have for this is pens and paper. As the guests arrive, give them one of each and have them anonymously write down a core memory they have with the retiree. Then during the party, after everyone has written theirs, they are put into the bowl and the guest of honor has to read them and try to guess who’s memory it is. It’s such a fun way to walk down memory lane while making the person who is retiring feel extra loved! 

35. Talent Contest 

Yep, you read that right. To make this game even more fun…don’t tell anyone about it until the party is in full swing. You get funnier results that way. In the middle of the party, let everyone know that you are holding a talent contest and that participation is mandatory. They get a few minutes to come up with the talent they want to display and that’s it! The winner is decided based on the amount of applause they got after their performance. 

36. Two Truths & One Lie

We’ve all played this one, and yet it never gets old. This version is retirement themed though. So three people are asked to come up and share one story about the guest of honor. Two of them will be telling the truth, one is of course lying. It is up to the rest of the guests to choose who is who. Simple, fun, free…it can’t get much better than that!

37. BucketList 

For this last retirement party games free printable is my favorite. The game is called bucket list and it is perfect for people who are going into retirement. You will need:

Everyone gets a piece of paper and writes down different bucket list items that they think the retiree would love. They all get placed into a bowl. The guest of honor then pulls them out one at a time, after they pull one they try to toss the ball into the bucket. If they make it, it gets added to the final bucket list. It’s a fun way to gather ideas about how they will be spending their new freedom.

Retirement Party Games Free printable

I hope you found some awesome games that you will be including at your retirement party. It is truly something special to be celebrated. We spend our whole life working towards it and when the day finally comes, it’s time to reap the rewards of all of your work.

It’s the perfect time to show this person just how much they mean to you and the people they see on a daily basis. 

So whether you chose a printable option or some of the DIY ones, I know you will have a blast. This list doesn’t contain every retirement party game, so if you are still on the hunt don’t worry. We have some great ideas.