Inside: Best songs for charades to get the game party started.

When it comes to dance charades, song charades, emoji charades or really any game a good playlist is an absolute must. You need songs that aren’t gonna slow down but instead will steadily keep the party going all the way until the end of the game.

Music is important in everyday life, of course. I myself am an avid listener of basically every genre, but screamo! No offense to those screamo lovers out there, I just don’t like being screamed at when listening to my music. 😉

I spend most of my days with a playlist on in the background, I mean I literally have one on right now. 

1 hr Charades Playlist

Since this is such a crucial part of the dance charades process, I wanted to make sure everything goes smoothly. So I went ahead and created a playlist with the best bops to listen (and dance) to while playing charades. I created a good mix of oldies and newbies, but all of there are very upbeat and ready to get the party started. 

Before I get into that portion of this, I wanted to briefly discuss what song charades are and how to play them. That way you can see how music plays into all of this. 

What is Song Charades

Song charades is a fun, musical version of charades. Instead of just acting out the word you choose, you have to lip-sing it out. The whole end goal with it is to be the person with the most points when the game is over. You get points when you dance out the topic on a charades card. If the other players get it right and guess correctly, you get a point.

You also have the opportunity to earn points if your fellow players think you worked hard for your moves and if they like them. If they think you didn’t really put your heart into it, no extra points. 

When your turn is over and done with, you get to gather up all of your tokens and cards and count the total of points you earned during that singular round. I would recommend keeping a score sheet around just so you don’t forget as the game goes on. They typically last about one hour through and through.

How to Play Musical Song For Charades

I have found that, although it sounds easy, song charades can be quite challenging. It’s like trying to do two tasks at once, and it can take some practice. Having a good song playlist is a must, otherwise, you’ll have no fun at all. If the music isn’t good enough, you will lose. That is why having a good playlist picked out is important. 

To get started, there are a few supplies you will need.

Supplies for dance charades, bowl with pieces of paper in it. These have subjects on them.


  • Charades Cards
  • Bowl
  • Music – See the best songs for charades playlist below
  • Timer
  • Tokens

Step One

First things first, you will need charade cards. Can’t have charades without the words you are acting out, now can you? If you need some ideas for topics or would prefer to download and print your cards rather than write them (I completely get that, my hand cramps up after the 10th piece) then I can help you out here. 

When you have all of your topic cards, you can put them in a container to grab from when the time comes.

Step Two

After the group chooses how many rounds you are going to play, you will pass out the extra point tokens. Play rock, paper, scissors to decide who gets to go first. Oh, and of course, you will need to choose a designated DJ to be in charge of playing the tunes throughout the game. He will also be responsible for timing all the players. 

Step Three

It’s time to start! Pick a topic. When the songs for charades playlist begins, keep in mind that we have one minute to try and convey as many words as possible to our teammates, with only your lip-singing as your form of communication. It will be up to the DJ to play songs that are upbeat and fit the vibe of the atmosphere. Have you ever tried to do the lawn mower to ‘I will always love you? No? I didn’t think so, it’s too hard.

Step Four

The whole point of any charades game is to not use your voice, not even a peep. If you do, then you are disqualified. Though it can feel impossible at times to not speak up when people can’t understand you, it is a good way to practice your problem-solving skills. It’s like little cognitive challenges that will end up strengthening your brain.

Your other players will try to decide on what it is you are conveying through your dance. If they get it, you are able to move on to another word and you get to keep a point, if not then you have to keep trying until that minute is up. Remember that your singing moves can also be a huge factor in your ability to earn points, so put your back into it!

Step Five

When all is said and down, and there are no more rounds to be played, you get to tally up your points. I’ve found that one of the best ways to celebrate is with the winner’s song of choice. 

Family charades playlist printable pdf

Best Songs for Charades

If you do the math, the average song is about 4 minutes long. So an hour is worth about 15 songs give or take with more or less time than that. So I put together 15 songs for charades that will round out the hour that you are playing the game. They’re perfect. This combines a good mix of nostalgia while also including some newer stuff as well. Take a look!

You can add these to a playlist on any music streaming site such as YouTube or Spotify.

1. Hot N Cold – Katy Perry

2. Love Song – Sara Bareilles

3. Heart Attack – Demi Lovato

4. Shake It Off – Taylor Swift

5. Wake Me Up – Avicii

6. Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen

7. The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars

8. Everybody Talks – Neon Trees

9. We Can’t Stop – Miley Cyrus

10. Single Ladies – Beyonce

11. Cake By The Ocean – DNCE

12. Take Me To Church – Hozier

13. Shape of You – Ed Sheehan

14. Dancing On My Own – Calum Scott

15. Party In the U.S.A – Miley Cyrus

best Songs for charades

And that’s all I’ve got. It’s a pretty great list, right? I’ve found that the more you go from that nostalgic place to the newer, fresher songs, the better the playlist is.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little bit about dance charades, and that you are walking away with the best possible playlist for your game. 

Coming up with music on the spot while you are playing is a sure-fire way to make things end in disaster. Nothing is worse than an awkward pause when you are in the middle of breaking it down with less than a minute to try and convey a word. It’s hard. But this should make it easier on you. Until next time, happy gaming!