Inside: Charades isn’t just for kids, grab these Adult Charades Cards to print at home or buy for an epic party night.

Charades are a classic party game. So classic in fact, that they were invented in the 16th century. That’s right!

French people in the 1500s got down with their party games. I see why charades have continued to be popular over the centuries. They are timeless, simple, and just so much fun! It is the party game to end all party games and will outlive us all. If you are planning a party and are in search of some games to add to the schedule, then this is the article for you.

Let’s find the fun…

Adults Charades Ideas To Print

Do you ever find that the worse part of charades is writing down all of the words to put in the bowl? Your hand gets cramped up and you start to run out of ideas.

Then as you are playing you automatically know what the people are miming because YOU wrote it out. Then let me introduce you to printable Charades cards. It’s basically the solution to every problem above. You’ve already got so much on your to-do when throwing a party, so save yourself some time and use pre-made cards. Not sure where to even find such a thing?

Well, I find that silly, since you saw the title of this article and all.

I’ve compiled a list of the best printable adult charade cards to help you have the best possible experience.

I made sure to include cards for every occasion, from holidays to bachelorette parties. These ones are for the adults, so children be wary.

There are some family-friendly options on here, but for the most part, they are rated 18+. 

How To Play Charades

If you aren’t sure how to play charades, that is totally okay. Let’s go over some of the most important parts. 

First Rule

  • After printing out the papers, you’re going to want to cut out each work and place them all into a bowl. Give it a good mix!

Second Rule

  • Pick the person who will go first. Once decided, the person will get up and draw a paper from the bowl. Everyone else is sitting on the couch.

Game Flow

  • The player is supposed to act out the word on the paper WITHOUT SAYING A WORD. Total miming.
  • They have a timer set for 1 minute.
  • If no one guesses then they can put the paper back into the bowl and sit down.
  • The first person to guess it correctly gets the point, aka the paper.
  • Keep your papers until the end so you can see your score.

Who wins?

  • Keep going until the bowl is empty, and then tally up the points.

See It’s pretty simple!

Now that you have a good understanding of the rules and how to play, spend some time looking at the list of possible charades cards below. Pick the paper that you can your group are most likely to know, it makes it more fun when people are actually able to guess it!

The most important part is to have the best time you can. After all, quality time with the people you love is one of the best things you can do for your heart and soul. 

Free printable cards for charades

Free Cards

For those of you trying to save a few dollars, this is the list for you! There are actually so many awesome PDF templates online that are completely free.

All you have to do is download it and then print them out. Voila!

Just cut them out and you are all set for a fun night of charades. Take a look at my favorite ones…

1. Blank Fill It In Yourself Cards

2. Random Funny Cards

3. Celebrity Cards

4. Movie Ideas

5. Song Titles

6. Variety of Animals

7. Printable Word List

8. Funny Adult Charades

9. Hard Charades Ideas

10. Charades for Family

Adult Charades

Mixed Cards

This next list has a good mix of different themes and styles for any occasion you might have. Throwing a New Year’s Party, check number 16. Going camping? Take a look at 23. There is truly something for everyone.

11. Ladies Night

12. Bachelorette Multi-Pack

13. Dirty Bachelorette Charade Cards

14. Adults Only Cards

15. Purple Cute Cards

16. New Years Theme

17. Reverse Charades

18.  Wedding Theme

19. 48 Dirty Charade Words

20. Expansion Pack

21. Bachelorette Cards with Plant Design

22. Valentines Day Charades

23. Camping Charades

24. Simple Cute Colored Bachelorette Card

25. St. Patricks Day Charades

Simple Charades Ideas you can DIY at home


26. Simple Charades Words

27. Football Charades

28. Summertime Charades

29. Winter Charades

30. Cinco De Mayo Charades

31. Raunchy Charades

32. Bachelorette Cards with Cute Border

33. Halloween Cards

34. Simple Bachelorette Cards with Monstera Leaves

35. 100 Baby Shower Cards

36. Mother’s Day Cards

37. Black & White Cards

More Printable Charades Cards

If none of the cards above tickled your fancy, then there is bound to be something in this next list that you will absolutely love. I made sure to include different holidays and seasonal themes as well.

One of the coolest-looking sets I’ve found so far has to be number 38. Harry Potter bachelorette cards. What! How cool is that?

If you are into Harry Potter or looking for another specific theme – take a look below.

38. Bachelorette Harry Potter Themed Cards

39. Wedding Movie Cards

40. Charades Card Generator

41. Cards with Varying Levels

42. Dirty Charades 

43. Easy Charades for Adults

44. Adventure Cards

45. Christmas Charades

46. Fall Charades

47. Valentines Cards

48. Charade Word Cards

49. Adorably Decorated Winter Collection

50. Baby Shower Charades

51. Holiday Charades

52. A Hundred Charades Cards

53. Printable Bridal Shower

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