Inside: Learn how to play the salad bowl game with details on each of the rounds and instructions for players.

Games are a fun way to bring people together. You are never too old or too young for them, children and adults alike are not immune to the laughter and good times that come as a result of playing a fun game. There are so many to choose from, thousands in fact. Too many to describe all in this one article, so today I will focus on one of my favorites: The Salad Game.

I used to play this with my family every get-together, it really means a lot to me. It was the catalyst to so many hearty laughs and great memories.

I wanted to share that with you so that you too will be able to make memories with the people you love the most. Now I know you may be thinking to yourself, “well that sounds fun and all, but what is a salad bowl game?”

How to play the salad bowl game supplies and instructions

What Is The Salad Bowl Game

To put it simply, it’s a guessing game. You and your team take turns pulling topics out of a hat and you try to explain what it is (without saying the word itself) within the predetermined time limit. There are different categories and rules for each round you play.

It’s perfect for playing at birthday parties, sleepovers, and family get-togethers. It’s a wonderful game to play if you love a good laugh! If you are interested in playing for yourself, then read on.

I go through everything you’ll need to know about the Salad Bowl Game, including supplies, how to play, and rules. Check it out.

Supplies For Playing

For this game you will need:

  • Small pieces of paper
  • Pencils
  • A salad Bowl(duh)
  • A time(most phones have them)

Pretty simple. I love games that can be played with things you have around the house. You don’t have to pay for a good time, and you can play whenever the desire arises.

What are the rounds in salad bowl?

How To Play the Salad Bowl Game


  1. Look at your group of people, and divide them in have. You’ll need two teams for this game. Together you can choose a category. For example, A food, A Person, and A Place. You can decide on any theme you’d like.
  2. Next, you’re gonna have each person take 3 of the little pieces of paper and write down random words that work within your theme. For example, for the theme above you, can write Cheese, Marilyn Monroe, and New York, 
  3. Now put all of your words into the bowl and give it a good mix. Your game is prepared.

Round 1: Taboo

Each round is going to have its own theme and rules. The first round is known as the taboo round. This is when you cannot say the word written on the paper, but you can describe it with sentences. For example, if my word was New York, I might say, “A big city known as the big apple”. 

  1. Pick your first player, and set the timer for one minute. The timer starts right as they take the paper out of the bowl.
  2. The player will try and describe the word without using the actual one written on the paper chosen(example given above). Once their team is able to accurately guess the word, they then can pull another and start again. If you do not know how to describe a word you are allowed to skip one paper per round, but that is it! This repeats until the minute is up. Count how many papers you got and those are your team’s points.
  3. The next team goes and repeats this process. This goes on until all of the papers are out of the bowl.

Round 2 password

Round 2: Password.

Not very many changes in terms of rules for this round. Instead of being able to describe the word using a whole sentence, you can only use one word at a time.

For example, for New York, I would say City, Apple, Big. You can say multiple single words as long as they are not a sentence. Kind of like you are a caveman, or ya know, speaking in terms of passwords.

  1. The team that went 2nd the last round will be first this time.
  2. The person will grab one piece of paper and then the one-minute timer starts.
  3. Use one-word answers to describe the paper that you pull(like described above).
  4. When a teammate guesses the word, you can grab another piece of paper and start again. 
  5. Take turns until the bowl runs out of paper

When you are finished, count all of the papers that were correctly guessed, and add them to previous rounds to figure out how many points you have.

Round 3: Charades

For this last round, you basically are just playing a game of charades. Instead of saying words, you have to use gestures to try and relay the word to your team. For example, if I was trying to describe Marilyn Monroe, I’d pretend to stand over an air vent holding my skirt down like her iconic move. 

This plays out the same way as the other two rounds. One person tries to explain the word while their team guesses, if they get it they get to keep the paper and then start the next word.

This continues for one minute and then the other team has a go.

Then when the bowl is empty, the game is finished.

Count up all of the correct word papers your team got and that is your score!

Salad Bowl Game

See, simple enough right? And it’s loads of fun. Try it out at your next date night or family gathering. You won’t be sorry!

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