Inside: Super fun popcorn games that the whole family will enjoy.

Have you ever boughten that big jar of popcorn kernels and thought to yourself… okay, I don’t know how I am going to get through all of this. Well, I can help you will that in the best party way possible. 

I recently made a grocery order online, and I accidentally ordered DOUBLE the amount of popcorn that I meant to, so I thought to myself, “How can I turn this accident into something fun?”

And that is how I fell down the popcorn games rabbit hole. We used them this summer for sleepovers and movie watching parties & I want to share the game ideas with you!

These popping games are the best addition to your tween party games list and can easily be played all night long!

Popcorn games that are bursting with fun. Photo of popcorn bowl.

So whether you are celebrating popcorn day or you just have a lot of popcorn that you have no idea what to do with, this is the article for you. Check out the ideas below to get started!

Popcorn Games 

Okay, this first list is for those of you who are looking to buy some popcorn games. Not everyone has time to DIY games and I get that, so I wanted to make this list first to save you some scrolling.

The list below is full of some super fun popcorn themed games that I’ve tried and know your and your kids will love. 

1. Popcorn Party Idea

2. Popcorn Dice Game

3. Popcorn Bucket Ball Toss

4. Popcorn Learning Game for Toddlers

5. Pass The Popcorn

6. Pop for Sight Words

7. Resources Pop for Word Families

8. Carnival Games

9. Popcorn Ball Toss

10. Kernel Toss for Movie Night

DIY Popcorn Fun Ideas. Photo of table of popcorn.

DIY Popcorn Games That Are Fun!

Next, I wanted to show you some DIY Popcorn games that will literally fill your house will laughter AND the smell of popcorn. Who doesn’t want that?

Fun fact for you, popcorn makes for great biodegradable confetti! Check these out. 

11. Fill The Bowl Race

For this game, you have two empty bowls on one side of the room and one big bowl full of popcorn on the other. You divide everyone into two teams, and they line up into two lines. Each team gets one cup, and they have to scoop a cup of popcorn and run it over to their bowl. Then they run back and pass the cup to the next person in the line.

The first team to fill up their bowl wins!

12. Popcorn Chopstick Race

For this game, you will need two bowls, two sets of chopsticks, and some popcorn. Set a timer for 1 minute and have two people challenge each other to see who can get the most into their cup using the chopsticks.

13. Homemade Popcorn Toss

Okay, for this, you are going to want to set up a cup across the room. Then you will take tape and mark three different lines on the floor, each a little further away. You have to try and throw popcorn into the cup from behind these challenge lines!

14. Guess the Popcorn Flavor

Everyone has seen those awesome popcorn shaker flavors. Put them on a bunch of different bowls of popcorn and see who can guess the flavors right!

15. Popcorn Straw Race

Have one piece of popcorn per player on a table. Everyone gets a straw. There is one finish line on the other end of the table. See who can use the straw to blow their piece into first place.

16. Popcorn House Contest

See who can build the best popcorn house. 

17. Popcorn Catch

Throw a handful of popcorn into the air and see who can catch the most of it. 

18. Popcorn Trivia

For this game, you will need a bowl, post it notes, and trivia party questions. Write down trivia questions onto the post it notes, crumple them up and put them in a bowl. Have everyone draw one question. Whoever gets the most right wins!

19. Pretty Popcorn

See who can make the prettiest popcorn! Let the players know in advance because they need to bring them on decorations.

20. Popcorn Scoop

Dump a good amount of popcorn on the floor. Give contestants a bowl and a big spoon. They need to be blindfolded, and they have one minute to blindly scoop up as much popcorn as they can. Whoever gets the most is the winner!

21. Popcorn Pong

Set up some solo cups in the pong formation and get to tossing popcorn into them!

22. Popcorn Sculpture Challenge

You will need popcorn and some glue. See who can make the best popcorn sculpture using those two ingredients!

23. Suck Straw Popcorn Game

Players get one straw. They have to carry a popcorn over to an empty cup or bowl using only their sucking power. No hands!

24. Name Corn Foods Challenge

See how many people can name food that contains corn in it. 

25. Popcorn Shoes Relay

Tie little plastic cups to the shoes of contestants and fill them to the brim with popcorn. The goal is to be able to walk from one side to the other without spilling any. The first person to cross wins!

26. Head Toss

Have pairs of two wear solo cups on their heads. People have to take turns tossing popcorn into the cup. 

Popcorn activities. Photo of spilt popcorn.

Popcorn Party Activities

Lastly, I have some super fun popcorn game activities that I think you will enjoy. These are simple things that you can do to make your popcorn feel a little bit fancier. 

27. Popcorn Art

You can glue your popcorn to a canvas and try and make art out of it. How cool would this be?

28. Popcorn Bar

Set up an entire popcorn bar where people can go and mix and match toppings to make their perfect creation.

29. Gross Popcorn Concoctions

See who can come up with the weirdest popcorn mixtures. Have everyone do a taste test. 

DIY Colorful Popcorn Creations

This is super fun. You can do this in a myriad of ways. Take a look at the options below to see what I mean.

  • Make Unicorn PopcornHow delicious does this sound? Because my mouth is watering! Check out this delicious tutorial.
  • Make Crazy Snack Mix – You can have everyone make their own crazy snack mix combos to see who has the best one. 
  • Rainbow Popcorn Idea Here is a great way to make tasty, delicious popcorn that looks cool.

Popcorn Food Games

34. Make Popcorn Ball Ice Cream

How cute is this idea to put popcorn in ice cream for your next party?

35. S’mores Popcorn

I LOVE S’mores, so this is an easy kid, tween or teen party winner for me.

36. Koolaid Popcorn 

Another fun way to eat and enjoy your popcorn. 

37. Caramel Apple Corn

This reminds me about the best parts of Halloween and is a tasty party treat anytime of the year. 

38. Popcorn Display

You need to see this display.

39. Bunny Bait

This bunny bait is a cute one for easter. 

40. Jello Popcorn

Who knew this could be a thing?

41. Popcorn On The Cob

And lastly, I think this was just too fun to leave out. 

popcorn games

See? There are so many awesome popcorn games that are just waiting to be played. National popcorn day is January 19th, but these games are good all year long!

If you want some more food inspired games, then you need to check out the salad bowl game. Never underestimate the power of a good game! It brings people together in more ways than you can ever imagine. 

Happy popping!