Inside: Amazing family reunion outdoor games that you need to include

I just got back from my family reunion, and it was an EPIC one. Every year my family seriously outdoes themselves in terms of food, space, and games. But my favorite thing this year by far has to be the games. 

My aunt was the one who planned everything, and she did such an amazing job keeping everyone entertained and happy with the games and activities, so I wanted to share some of the ones we did with you. I love these games that you play during big gatherings, like these wedding games for kids! So I think you’ll like these.

Epic Family Reunion Outdoor Games. Photo of family playing outdoor game.

Check out the list below for inspiration!

Fun Games for Outside

First up, this one is full of classic games that I know will be a hit at your reunion because they were a hit at mine! Take a look to see how many you want to include!

1. Potato Sack Race

Of course, I had to start this list off with some classics. Potato sack races are popular for a reason. They are loads of fun and super cheap to make happen. You can order potato sacks online, or you can just use pillowcases if you are trying to save some money. 

You then have everyone line up and put on their potato sack. They have to race to the other end of the yard and back hopping with their sack. The first person back is the winner!

2. Bouncy Ball Blowout

Okay, for this one you are going to need a bouncy ball. I know you may be thinking about the saran wrap game, but this is not that. The goal of the game is to see how many times you can go under the bouncy ball as it bounces closer and closer to the ground. 

For example, a player will bounce the ball as high as they possibly can, and then every time it hits the ground, they will try and run underneath it without getting hit. The person who is able to go back and forth the most time is deemed the winner! This is a super fun game that I think everyone will enjoy. Even if they aren’t playing, it will be entertaining to watch.

3. corn hole. Photo oh 2 people playing corn hole.

3. Corn Hole

Cornhole is a must for family reunion outdoor games! Seriously. If you don’t have corn hole, what are you even doing? Cornhole is a classic game that involves two different boards on either end of the yard, each with a hole cut out for them. The players will then take turns tossing bean bags in an attempt to get them into the hole. 

4. Ring Toss

Ring toss is one that is really simple to set up, and it’s lots of fun. So naturally, I wanted to add it to this list. You can get so many different sets online, so just pick one that feels right to you. The point of the game is to toss rings onto a peg. The person that can toss and stick the most rings is the winner. 

5. Cup Stacking 

This is one that we recently played at my family reunion. You have these thicker plaster cups, 12 of them to be exact. You have to see who can stack the cups the quickest AND take them down. This reminds me of this game I had when I was a kid. It was called speed stacking, and it was such a fun time for me. 

So, needless to say, I was very excited when my family pulled out the cups at our reunion. I probably played for HOURS! That is the whole point of this reunion, isn’t it? To let loose and have childlike fun with your family?

6. Egg Spoon Game

For this game you will need plastic spoons a few cartons of eggs, depending on how many different family members you have. Make everyone line up on one end of the yard behind a line and then make them all put the ends of the spoons in their mouths. Have everyone place a raw egg in on the end of the spoon.

The point of the game is to race from one side of the yard and back without breaking the raw egg! Best of luck; this one is hard.

7. Pass the Water Bucket Challenge

For this, you are going to need two chairs, and two buckets, one empty and the other full of water. To start, you are going to seat the two chairs one after the other, both facing forwards. The person on the front-facing chair will have a bucket that is filled with water. The person behind them with the empty bucket will have a blindfold on.

Without turning around to look, have the person in front try and dump the water into the bucket behind him over his head without spilling. The person in the chair behind has to try and catch the water. This one is bound to get you wet.

Epic Family Reunion Outdoor Games. 3 photos of different families playing outside.

Epic Family Reunion Outdoor Games

For this last list, I wanted to include some of the most epic family reunion outdoor games that you can play with your family. These are guaranteed to bring you together with laughs, teamwork, and sportsmanship…or lack thereof. The point is to have lots of fun, so only pick the ones that excite you.

8. Tied Up 4 Relay

For this relay, instead of just 2 people being tied up, it’s four. Have them line up in front of each other and tie one leg to the other, alternating sides. Then they have to get from one finish line to the next and BACK!

9. Simon Says

I don’t think I need to go into depth on how to play this one. But it’s a classic and lots of fun!

10. Musical Chairs

Same with musical chairs. It is a classic, so you have to include it!

11. Spin The bottle Water Balloon Roulette

This is a super fun idea. So everyone gets a water balloon and then stands around a bottle. You spin the bottle, and whoever it lands on gets to hit someone with their water balloon. The fun of this is, as soon as you see who it is then everyone else will run away.

12. Tug Of War

13. Water Balloon Toss

14. Slip In Slide 

15. Straight Arm Drinks

family reunion outdoor games.

Lastly, I thought this one wasn’t as obvious and could use an explanation. It’s pretty simple, though. You have a drink in a bottle and see if you can get the liquid into your mouth without bending your elbow.

And there you have it. Writing this already has me excited for next year’s reunion! I am not even kidding. If there is one thing that I love more than hanging out with my family, it’s playing fun games with my family. All time spent together is a good time, but there is just something so much more special when it’s quality time.

So I hope you loved these game ideas, and I hope that you are going to absolutely love playing them with your family! You got this. Be in the moment, show your love, and make sure you come in first place! Oh and if you want some more ideas, check out these printable family reunion games!