Inside: The Best Board Games for Girls of all Ages.

Ya know, it’s true what they say… Girls just wanna have fun! With these colorful, creative, and exciting board games every girl can have the time of her life. So gather up the gals, bring on the snacks, and let’s play.

From the youngest of girls to our feisty ladies, these are the best board games for girls of all ages.

board games for girls

The Best Board Games for Girls

Hatchimals Colleggtibles: The Hatchimals Colleggtible Game is a path game in which you traverse a map of the Hatchimals world, delivering each species of Colleggtible to it’s designated location on the map. The goal is to deliver one of each type of Hatchimal token to his designated “nest” and reach the finish line first.

Disney Junior Vamirina Spin Game: Take a Spin with Vampirina in this exciting twist on bingo! Spin to see where you can play. Match the color, pattern, shape, or character. If you get Spin Go Round, everyone switches spinners! You never know when the game will take a batty turn!

board games for girls

L.O.L Suprise! Remix: Going on a World Tour with all your OMG friends is fun, but it takes practice to be fierce, flawless, and fabulous! Before you perform on stage, you must: roll the die, move along the gameboard, collect cards, complete challenges, and gain record tokens. These record tokens will allow you to buy your signature accessories to complete your outfit. Once your outfit is complete, it’s time to rock out!

Sleepy Princess Pile Up: Normally Penn, the little pea princess, doesn’t like to go to bed. But today she is very tired. To make sure she gets a good night’s sleep, Penny stacks a high tower of mattresses, down comforters, and pillows on top of each other in her bed. It is very soft but very wobbly. Who can help Penny stack everything on her bed, to get a good night’s sleep?

Board Games Girls Will Love

Kawaii Game: There are so many flavors and shapes of ice cream out there! But you have a favorite one. Play smart and be quick to grab as many of your favorite ice creams as possible! If the cherry can bring you some extra points, be careful not to go to the shop when it’s closed, or you might see your score melt like ice in the sun.

Mermaid Island: Lookout, mermaids — the Sea Witch is on the move! Players need to work together to get all of the mermaids safely to Mermaid Island. Each turn, players get to choose which mermaid to move. If you get a wand, you can push the Sea Witch back, but make sure that doesn’t block one of the other mermaids from getting safely home! Kids will love this game’s seemingly simple but lively and strategic play style.

board games for girls

Princess Cupcake Party: You’re invited to a cupcake party with all your favorite princesses. Work together to make as many cupcakes as you can before it’s time for the party. Follow the recipe cards to pick the perfect fancy liner, frosting, and topper. Each cupcake creation is fit for a princess in this sweet game of matching and sharing.

Silly Street: Get smart and get happy with Silly Street, a game packed with good times and contagious laughter!

Board Games for Teen Girls

Never Have I Ever: “Every game of Never Have I Ever: Girls Edition presents a chance to relive life’s funny, embarrassing, and awkward moments with your friends and family members. During each round, players have a chance to admit whether they’re ‘guilty’ or ‘not guilty’ of a situation card. If you’re guilty, you have to keep the card.

The Best Friend Game: Answer questions in secret using dry-erase boards – reveal to see if answers match to get a point. It’s like the Newlywed Game – but for friends

teen games

Phone Phever: Phone Phever is a new, fast-paced, family-friendly party board game that perfectly blends the wonder of smartphone technology with the simple fun of a traditional board game. Players/teams RACE to answer FASCINATING trivia questions and complete HILARIOUS challenges with the help of their smartphones!

More Fun Game Ideas You’ll Love

  • Wooden Board Games – If it isn’t obvious by now, we love games around here. We firmly believe that gathering around a board game can bring anyone together, which is why I make sure to always have a game out and ready to play. One of my favorite types of board games to keep out is a stylish wooden board game. They fit in perfectly and make it easy for a game at any time. Check out our favorite wooden board games that everyone will enjoy!
  • Best Board Games for Two People – Board games are the perfect reason to set aside your phone and really enjoy someone else’s company. For me, board games is really how my husband and I really connected when we first met each other. To this day, after knowing each other for 10 years we play a board game at least 4 nights a week. I know it sounds excessive but we LOVE games, clearly. But we really love playing games together, part of it is because we love competing against each other but the other is just because we love spending time with one another.
  • Bowling Games – I have always been a HUGE fan of a fun bowling night! There is something so nostalgic about hanging out at the bowling alley! There is nothing quite like lacing up those totally uncomfortable shoes, hearing the cracking of pins, and chowing down on those nachos only bowling alleys serve. Ah. I can just imagine it all now! If you’re looking to recreate that bowling fun check out these totally fun and strike worthy bowling party games!