Forget about flowers. The new trend this wedding season is all about glow sticks. Light up the room and let the colors fly with these exciting ideas for how to use glow sticks at a wedding.

I am always looking for exciting inspiration when it comes to wedding planning.

It is always so exciting to find ideas that are slightly out of the box. That is where these glow stick ideas come into play.

I love how the simple party accessory adds a memorable touch to a once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

Wedding glow stick ideas for reception, send off and fun.

After attending so many weddings, they all kind of mush together in my mind. That is why I want my wedding day to stand out.

Party Planning Tip: Adding glow sticks is an affordable way to up the fun on your special day.

Flowers and balloons can be so ordinary. Glow sticks at a wedding are a great way to add in a pop of color. Plus, they light up a room in the best way possible.

The out-of-the-box idea is great during the reception and ceremony and to take home as party favors.

Decorating With Glow Sticks At A Wedding

Get ready to have a wedding that is going to light up the world — literally! These ideas affordable glow stick decor ideas will give you all the inspiration for how to incorporate them into your wedding day.

Everyone will leave the wedding with a bright and colorful smile on their face. Here are some ways to use the glow sticks.

Glow Sticks For The Ceremony

1. Glow Jars

Line the path of the ceremony with DIY glow jars. Cut open the glow sticks into mason jars and watch the path down the aisle turn magical.

2. Glow Stick Lanterns

Fill up white paper bags with glow sticks and set the outside to make the outside ceremony look magical.

3. Glow Stick Chairs

Line the chairs with glow sticks so that while the sun sets, the room will light up.

4. Welcome Sign

Add a big neon sign full of glow sticks to welcome in the guests.

5. Glowing Bridal Party

Weave in glow sticks to the bridal party dresses and suits and give them an extra reason to glow.

6. Balloons Galore

If the reception is outside, scatter glow-in-the-dark balloons across the lawn.

7. Twinkle Lights

Use your glow sticks as twinkle lights to create a tent that glows.

8. Flower Crowns

Give the flower girls flower crowns that glow when they walk down the aisle.

9. Tree Branches

Line the tree branches with glow sticks so they gradually light up throughout the night.

10. Shoes

Line the heels of your shoes with glow sticks to light up as you walk down the aisle.

12. Candlesticks

Ditch the regular flame candles and opt for glow stick candlesticks instead.

Two images with lights at a wedding.

13. Glow Stick Bow Tie

Jazz up the bow tie by adding a glow stick into the mix.

14. Glow Stick Earrings

Make your ears shine with glow-in-the-dark hanging earrings.

15. Down The Path

Poke glow sticks in the ground to guide guests from the ceremony to the reception.

Glow Sticks At The Reception

16. Glow Stick Balloons

Fill the balloons with glow sticks and dim the lights during your big entrance.

17. Glow Stick Chandeliers

Glue glow sticks together to form chandeliers from the ceiling. It will turn your average room into a light-up paradise.

18. Glow Stick Word Art

Spell out the name of the couple using glow sticks on the wall to welcome in the guests.

19. Glow Stick Cups

Two cups are needed for this glow stick hack. Use a large cup and place the glow stick on the bottom. Then, fill up your clear cup and fit it inside your big cup to watch up beverage glow.

20. Glow Stick Centerpieces

Use styrofoam balls and fill them with glow sticks to light up each table.

21. Glow Stick Ice Buckets

Before filling up the buckets with ice, place glow sticks in the bottom to make the buckets glow in all different colors.

22. Dance Sign

Get your guests to light up the dance floor. Hand out glow sticks when the music starts to play.

23. Light Up And Send Off

When the night comes to an end, give all your guests glow sticks to send off the happy couple.

24. Balloon Arch

Decorate the entranceway with a balloon arch that glows.

25. Photo Prop

Add glow sticks to the prop box for the photo booth.

26. Jewelry

Hand out glow-in-the-dark bracelets and necklaces to everyone on the dance floor.

27. Light Up Dance Floor

Add glow sticks underneath the dance flow to make the dance floor sparkle even more.

28. Light Up Cake

Place glow sticks around the rim of your cake to show off the sweetness.

Collage with lights and people dancing at a wedding.

29. Vases

If you choose to go with flowers, add the glow sticks to the vase to highlight their beauty in a glowing manner.

30. Fish bowls

Fill the fishbowl with glow sticks and place them around the room.

31. Glow Stick Photos

Take glow stick photos to write a message or draw a picture.

32. Ring Toss

Add some extra entertainment to the party with a game of glow stick ring toss.

33. Flip Flops.

High heels can start to hurt after a while. Fill a basket and line the flip flops with glow sticks.

34. Guest Book

Light-up pens to sign the guest book make writing the message more fun.

End Of The Party Glow Stick Favors And Send Off

35. Glow Stick Cotton Candy

Place glow sticks inside the cotton candy sticks and watch the sweet treat light up in a whole new way.

36. Glow Stick Glasses

Keep the party going after the music has ended by sporting a pair of glow stick glasses.

37. Personalized Glow Sticks

Send everyone off with a glow stick featuring the couple’s name and the date of the wedding.

38. Straws

Give your guests a light-up straw to drink out of after the party is over.

39. Ping Pong Balls

A light-up ping pong ball with the date is a great keepsake.

39. Custom Cups

Line the cups with a glow stick and personalize with a date for a great party favor.

41. Glow Stick Bubbles

Add glow sticks to bubbles to make them shine at night.

42. Candy Station

Guide your guests using glow sticks to a candy station and give them a big to fill up to go home with.

43. Picture Frames

Send off your guest with glow-in-the-dark picture frames to capture a memory from your special night.


How should I display my glow sticks at the wedding?

Placing them in jars around the wedding reception and ceremony is a great way to feature the glow sticks.

How should I use glow sticks at the wedding?

Use the glow sticks in your ceremony to line the chairs, at the reception at the bar, and to send home your guests with favors at the end of the night.

Using glow sticks at weddings doesn’t have to be complicated with these ideas. The simple suggestion turns a great day into one that all guests will remember, no matter how many weddings they go to in a season.

I am so excited to share these ideas with all the brides and grooms who are planning their wedding this year.

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