Inside: Top He said She said game printables for your bridal shower.

Wedding season is my absolute favorite for so many reasons. One, I just love love. I am a hopeless romantic, and I always have been. Two, I love parties, and there is no season that has quite as many parties as the wedding season. 

For each one, you get to come up with fun things to do with your loved ones, you get yummy food, and you get to celebrate the fact that you or someone you love is getting married. I love it! Naturally, when you are as wedding obsessed as I am, you know a thing or two about which games go best with which party.

Today we are going over bridal shower games!

Best He said she said game printables

Specifically, one game, the He said She said game! This is one of my favorites because it’s so cute and personal. So I gathered some of the BEST He said she said game printables that you will find on the internet. So let’s get into it!

Must-Have He Said She Said Game Printable

First things first, I had to start with the best of the best. I love this entire list, but these are my favorites. But feel free so check out the rest of the lists to see if any fit your taste better. I have found that the best printable games are the ones that fit your style of party.

So if you are going more rustic, you need rustic paper. If you are going chic, then go for a more chic style.

1. Cute Green and Gold Printable – I love this one because it uses little kiss marks and mustaches instead of checkboxes. How cute is this!

2. Tan Simple He said She said – This is an adorable boho-themed bridal shower game that would go perfectly with a nature-based decor scheme.

3. Light Simple Game – I think simple color schemes are some of the best because they go with any party that is being thrown. Check this one out.

4. Guess Who Bride or Groom – Guess who is another version of the same game, so it works just as well. Plus, it’s super cute. I love this game because it gives you the opportunity to see how much you know about the husband and wife-to-be.

5. Chic He said She said Idea – I love this game so much, and I cannot wait for you to experience it with everyone you love at your bridal shower. I know it is simple, but I am a big fan of celebrating the little things like this. 

6. Guess Who Said It Game – I love it when they use two different fonts like this. It just looks so cute. They also use a red and a blue heart instead of the checked boxes. I think this is just the cutest.

7. Simple Brown Paper Game – These are absolutely adorable. But keep in mind you can make any of these printables like this by using brown cardstock instead of white paper. In fact, you can use any color of paper, for that matter!

8. Elegant he said/she said activity – This one is just perfect. I love the way they photographed it; it just goes to show what kind of decorations are going to look good. 

9.  Guess Who Said It – They decorated this paper with golden polka dots. It’s too cute! Take a look and see if this style will fit your party. I bet it will.

Cutest He said she said printables

Cutest He Said She Said Games To Buy

Next up, I have gathered some of the cutest he said; she said printables for you to take a look through. These have the best style out of the lot so if you were looking for something simple, maybe check the next list because these are anything but. So take a look and see if you like them!

10. Floral Designed Paper – Okay, now we are getting somewhere with the big designs. This is just too cute; I had to use it to kick off this list. Check out this colorful game option. I think you will really dig it. 

11. Flower Boarder – This game uses soft flowers as it’s the border for the top of the page, and I am obsessed. Chances are, of you are throwing a bridal shower, you are going to want to incorporate some kind of flower into the decoration.

12. Breakfast at tiffany’s Themed Game – If you are a fan of Audrey Hepburn, then you are going to love this game. They made it bright blue and added a cute little bow decal to the side. 

13. Greenery Game – If your bride-to-be happens to be a plant lover, then you have no other choice than to choose this version of the he said she said game. It is covered with green plants. I love it. 

14. He Said She Said Gold Activity – I the way this one looks. They used a gold geometric shape as the border for the game and it looks great when it’s paired with green leaves.

15. Light Purple Flowers – If you have light purple incorporated into your color scheme, then you need to see this version of the game. Too cute and too lilac. 

16. Watercolor Roses – I think that you can never go wrong with light-colored roses, especially when they are in watercolor. How cool is this design? I think it is to die for.

17. Gold Polkadots with Floral Corner – I think this game is one of the cutest ones on this list. It combines classic romantic flowers with gold polka dots for a unique flourish that I think is great.

18. Green and Black Border – I like this one because it gives you the option of neither. It says, him her, or correct. I think it brings a bit of a comedic side to it and it’s great.

Printable Bridal Shower Games

Bridal Shower Printable Games

Lastly, these are my honorable mentions. These are the games I just couldn’t help but include. I couldn’t leave them out, and you will see why when you look at them. If you haven’t found one yet that you like, I know you will find one here for sure. I think that the cutest printable games are the ones that have simple charm.

19. He said Game Fiesta Edition

20. Tan and Gold Game

21. Cute Little Champagne Cartoon

22. Simple Game with Cute Font

23. Green and Pink Game

24. Beige and Light Pink Game

24. Blue Floral Game

25. He Said She Said Activity with Shoes

He said she said game

And there you have it, the BEST he said she said game printables. I hope you loved looking through these games as much as I loved finding them. I don’t have anyone in my life getting married at the moment, but when I do…that is my time to shine when it comes to these games.

The bridal shower is just one of many parties that you are going to have to throw and attend this season, so I am guessing you might be interested in more wedding party ideas. I have you covered with that!

Not only are weddings the celebration of two people’s love, but it is also a way for everyone who loves them to come together to celebrate the fact that they found each other. That is just beautiful to me. So have all of the parties and eat all of the cake, you only get one life to celebrate love!