Inside: Magical List of Disney Board Games. 

The Disney brand is all about family, and one of my favorite things about games is getting family together to enjoy a little fun. When you combine fun with family and the love for all things Disney, you have the perfect match.

That’s why we came up with the ultimate Disney board games list for your next family game night. No matter how old your kids get, Disney is something we can all enjoy. Let us know in the comments your favorite Disney characters!

Magical Disney Board Games

Magical List of Disney Board Games

Apples to Apples Disney Edition: Well, this one was easy enough. We love Disney. We love the classic Apples to Apples game. Done!

Disney Codenames: There’s a reason that Codenames quickly became one of the hottest family games as soon as it was released. The Disney twist adds a tremendous element of fun to an already engaging theme.

Clue Tower of Terror: To put it simply, Clue has always been our family’s game. It’s a must-play every Christmas break, and this Disney version is much more fun to play.

Best Disney Board Game Ideas

Pictopia Disney Trivia Game: Okay smarty pants, how well do you really know Disney? You’re about to find out. Plus we love the unique twist that turns a regular Disney trivia board game into a “how well do we know each other” game too.

Sorry! Moana: No, I’m not sorry! What can I say, except “you’re welcome” for introducing you to this delightful fan favorite that has been themed to fit Moana artwork?

Our Favorite Family Game Night Ideas

These fun Disney board games are perfect for everyone in the family.

Candy Land Disney Princess: Play this classic game as Ariel, Cinderella, or Rapunzel. This is one of our favorite princess Disney board games.

Disney Colorbrain: Test your Disney know-how: can you remember the color of Princess Elsa’s eyes in Frozen? How about the color of Woody’s vest in Toy Story?

Disney Princess Board Games

Disney Song Challenge: How well do you know the songs from your favorite Disney movies?

Disney Match-Up Game: Be the first to match five of your favorite Disney Princess in a row – horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Can you match Snow White or Cinderella before your opponent?

Fun Disney Board Games Characters

Risk Star Wars Edition: The battle is on! Play as the Dark Side or choose to be less evil.

Toy Story Kurplunk: Pull the stick out and don’t let everyone fall!

Uno Frozen 2: The classic UNO gameplay, styled with artwork from Frozen 2.

Disney Board Games By Character

Toy Story Monopoly: Go to head to head as one of your favorite characters from Toy Story.

Disney Pictionary: Draw your favorite scenes from Disney in this charades-style family game.

More Game Ideas You’ll Love to Play

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  • Minute to Win It Games for Kids – I love a good game night, obviously! 🙂 But we have really been into Minute to Win it style game lately. They are fun quick-paced and usually provide LOTS of laughs! These games keep everyone on their toes, and no one gets bored! I usually love playing these games with a large group, recently my kiddos had some friends over and I thought that would be the perfect time to pull of these fun Minute to Win It games for kids. They are all easy to play, pretty inexpensive to prep and are SO much fun!
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