Inside: The best college card games to play during your study breaks.

As a college student, I understand how hard studying can be on a brain. If you go for too long without a break then you are just asking for burnout. One of the best ways to avoid this is by taking breaks at least once every 1 to 2 hours.

If you are trying to find something to do on your breaks that don’t involve looking at a screen, then you should really check out this list of fun games for college students that are perfect for turning your brain off of academics and tuning in to fun. 

Fun & Easy College Card Games for Study Breaks

I really wish I would have had these during my finals, but my hope is that you found this article with plenty of time. I’ve made sure to include funny ones, simple ones, and of course, cheap ones.

Because we all know that money isn’t really growing on trees at this stage in our lives yet. But we deserve fun all the same. 

Best Funny College Card Games

1. Hot Takes – Hot Takes is a hilariously fun and simple game that is perfect for study breaks. One person draws a controversial statement card(i.e. a Hotdog is a Sandwich) and then everyone places their opinion down(agree or disagree) then everyone splits into teams and has 3 minutes to come up with an argument that supports their opinion. A judge decides the winner! 

2. Five Crowns – This simple card game is a 5-suited rummy-style card game with a rotating wild card. It’s perfect for shutting your brain off and having some fun.

3. The Skin Deep Card Game – This game is perfect for getting to know your fellow college students. It comes with over 150 card questions that will allow you to get a better understanding of the people you are around. 

4. Wizard Card Game

5. What Do You Meme  – Similar to Cards Against Humanity, this game is a hilarious one. Meme culture is a big part of this generation, and there is now a game for it. The judge will put down a phrase and every one has to find the perfect meme photo to go with it based on what they have in their deck.

College Card Games

6. Never Have I Ever – Another hilarious one to get to know your college peeps. This card game takes the classic never have I ever and makes it fun and simple by giving you card questions to work with. 

7. 5 Second Rule – The player will pull a card with a topic, and then they have 5 seconds to name 3 things that fall under that category. It’s harder than it sounds, and it’ll create lots of laughs. 

8. Debatable –  The card game is for those of you on the debate team. You pick a card with a topic, and no matter what it is you have to argue for its point! 

9. Death By Caption –  Compete with your friends by using a photo card to give the context for a scandalous bit of dialog. This one will have your sides aching. 

10. Electoral College Combat – This one is for your political science majors. You can win electoral votes and become the president! You also have to avoid fake news, Russian states, and many other things. 

11. Watch Ya’ Mouth – This is one of my favorites! You have a deck of phrases you have to say while the other people try and guess what it is. There is a twist though…you have to wear a mouthguard.

12. OMG I’m Famous – In this game, the goal is to gain followers and climb your way to the top. It’s hilarious and perfect for a study break!

13. Monopoly Deal Games – Who doesn’t love monopoly, it’s a classic. And now, this classic is in card form.

14. Think ‘N Sync – I am adding this to the cart as we speak. For this game, you have a card with different subjects on it (like sports), with question prompts (like ‘a game with a half time’) and you and your partner have to shout out your answers. You only get the point if your answers match and are… say it with me… ‘N Sync!

15. SKYJO – The goal of this game is to try and get as few points as possible over the course of many rounds. You can do this by trading, taking cards from others, etc. It’s loads of fun.

16. I Should Have Known That – A perfect game for know-it-alls. It’s a trivia card game!

17. Freedom of Speech – Get your team to guess the word that is on your card before the timer runs out. Stressful? Maybe. Fun? Absolutely. 

18. Cards Vs Reality – A hilarious game with 120 questions that you can answer using your hand of cards. 

19. Farkle – If you love the classic dice game Carole then you are gonna go nuts for the card game version of it! It’s loads of fun and great to play anywhere from the park to the library. 

20. Blink Card Game –  This one is a speedy matching game that will get you out of your studying rut.

Classic Gard Game with simple deck of cards

Classic Card Games

These games don’t really need an explanation… they’re classic! I wanted to include games that you can play with a classic deck of cards. After all, I know what it’s like to be a college student…and you don’t always have extra money for all of these games. With a single deck of cards you can unlock so many different games that you won’t be missing out. 

21. War

22. Go Fish

23. 31

24. Slap Jack 

25. Crazy 8

26. Old Maid

27. I Doubt It

28. Patience

29. Rummy

30. Memory

31. Spoons

Cool Card Games with cards against humanity example

Cool Card Games

And last but certainly not least, check out this list of some cool card games that you do have to have specific cards for. They are affordable and small, this way you can take them anywhere with you. Though it might sound like a weird one…the sriracha card game is surprisingly fun and you should give it a try!

32. Skip Bo

33.Phase 10 

34.Sriracha Card Game

35.Spot It!

36. Cards Against Humanity –  A classic hilarious college game where the judge draws a card with half a phrase, and everyone has to use their hand of cards to finish it. The judge will read all of the choices out loud and the one who gets the most laughs is the winner. 

37. Uno 

I know that there are at least 3 of these games on this list that would be perfect for your study breaks. Remember to take as many breaks as you can. It may feel like you are goofing off but studies show that you are actually more likely to be able to be productive when you get to take active breaks.

So you are actually being more responsible, not less. What an odd idea right? But it’s true! You have to take care of yourself, and as funny as it sounds…you can do that with card games. So give it a try.