Oftentimes, the best games are the simplest ones. With a few printed hands and feet patterns and some creativity, you can create all sorts of games for kids to play with their parents or among a group of friends!

Hands and feet game printable ideas

Games that involve printed silhouettes of hands and feet are fun for all ages. Some exciting hands and feet game printable ideas include Hands and Feet Hopscotch, Twister Game, and Handprint Obstacle Course. You can also put a twist on regular games! Try Hands and Feet Scavenger Hunt, Freeze Dance, and Follow the Leader.

Since these games require a lot of moving, they are perfect for burning off some energy on a hot day. They can also be played indoors if you need to avoid the outdoors in bad weather. Whatever the case, these games are sure to get your heart rate up and provide plenty of laughs along the way.

Hands And Feet Hopscotch Printable’s

Hopscotch is a popular children’s game which can be played alone or with a group. Players jump or hop from numbered triangles or squares outlined on the ground and retrieve an object that has been tossed, which is called a lagger. Reinvent this classic game through printed hands and feet! All of the ideas below can be played with these paper hand and foot games printables.

  1. Hands and Feet Hopscotch: Players try to jump on a specific number or pattern of squares while avoiding the rest. Make sure they count each hop with their hands and feet. This is a fun game for all ages, but it is most popular with children around 3-5 years old as hand-eye coordination improves as kids get older.
  1. Giant Hands and Feet Hopscotch: Hopscotch but make it more challenging! Draw giant handprints and footprints using paint or foam board on a flat grassy area like a park or even your backyard. You can make this game more challenging by making some parts higher than others (handprints above footprints, etc.). Make sure there is a lot of space so everyone can have fun. It’s even more fun when played with a large group of people since it gives you a chance to meet new friends and be playful!
  1. Hopscotch Competition: Form 2 teams and compete against each other in a hopscotch challenge. The first team to finish the course wins. You can make the game more challenging by adding in different obstacles or increasing the number of squares on the course. This game is perfect for parties and can be played by kids of all ages.
  1. Hop To It: Technically not hopscotch but this printable hands and feet game involves some hopping too! Players must hop into the circle without stepping inside any other prints that already exist. If they step on a handprint, they’re out and the last person left in the game is the winner. Make sure to make the circle big enough to accommodate children of all ages. Play some music in the background for an extra challenge.

Paper Hand And Foot Games

Simple printable games to play

Who says paper games are boring? These game ideas will make you rethink scavenger hunt, freeze dance, twister, and follow the leader. Perfect for indoor and outdoor activities!

  1. Hands and Feet Scavenger Hunt: Print or draw pictures of objects that can be found in your home or backyard. Players go on a hands and feet scavenger hunt to find all the items. They must locate the objects in the picture by placing their feet or hands on top of them. Anyone who gets to five items first wins! This game is perfect for parents who are looking for ways to encourage creative thinking skills. Mark each item with a number so you can record what items were found where for an added challenge.
  1. Hand and Foot Freeze Dance: This game is just like the regular freeze dance but players must be dancing on all fours with their hands on hand prints and their feet on foot prints. When the music stops, everyone must freeze in whatever position they are in. Be sure to have a lot of space when playing this game or else people will end up getting tangled up with one another. This game needs a lot of energy and can be exhausting, so allot some time to rest in between dances!
  1. Hand and Foot Twister: Just like the regular Twister game, players must use their hands and feet to move around the mat. It can be played by kids and adults of all ages. You can also have players work in teams to make it easier for them to reach each hand and foot print. Here’s a tip: To make the game last longer, have players switch positions every few minutes.
  1. Follow My Leader: Players follow the leader by making sure they land on the correct hands and foot prints. Players who fall or put their hands or feet down on the wrong prints are out of the game. Add a twist by having players race to the finish line. Make it even more competitive by awarding points for each right print landed on. The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.
  1. Follow The Footprints: This game can be played indoors or outdoors. Players follow footprints by placing one foot in front of the other. Whoever falls or steps on a non-footprint is out of the game. A player wins by following the footprints to the end. You can also use alternating hand prints and footprints for added difficulty.

Printable Hands and Feet Obstacle Game

Printable hands and feet obstacle game

Make obstacle courses more fun by turning it into a printed hands and feet game!

  1. Handprint Obstacle Course: Place handprints on the ground in certain spots. Players must walk over them without touching the ground anywhere else, which is harder than it looks! Be creative and test out different obstacles like walking backwards or crawling through tunnels. The winner is whoever completes the obstacle course in the least amount of time. This game also takes a lot of energy, but it is worth it because you get to go home feeling accomplished from playing something athletic!
  1. Hand and Foot Obstacle Course: Create an obstacle course that players will need to navigate using only their hands and feet. Use the hand and foot prints to outline the course. Players must hop, skip or jump through each obstacle in order to get to the end. The first player to reach the end is the winner. Make this game as challenging as you want by adding in things like crawling under tables, jumping over obstacles, or walking on a tightrope. The more creative you get, the more fun the game will be! This game is perfect for parties and can be played by kids of all ages.

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