Inside: Ultimate mall scavenger hunt ideas and how to throw one.

Do you love the mall? What about scavenger hunts? Well, I have some great news for you! There is actually something that combines the two… a mall scavenger hunt!

This is the perfect rainy day game that can be used for birthdays or any other occasion. They are simple to put together, cheap, and an overall wonderful time. Who would have thought you could have a party at the mall?

Though there are many other games you can play on a birthday, this one is unique and has the space for lots of people. It helps to bring kids out of their shells and work together. Which I think is the whole point of games, to begin with.

I actually played this game when I was younger, and I just remember it being such a blast. I was shy, but working with everyone really did make me feel more comfortable in my own skin.

Fun Mall Scavenger Hunt Idea

Isn’t it crazy how something as simple as a scavenger hunt has the ability to do that? It just goes to show what an awesome game it is. If you are interested in adding this game to your schedule keep on reading. I created a list of awesome mall scavenger hunt ideas to get you started.

I included premade lists, ideas to add to your own, and even invitations to send out before the big day. 

But first, let’s learn how to play.

How to Have a Mall Scavenger Hunt

All in all, it will take about an hour, so I recommend having something planned for after as well. Perhaps a victorious meal in the food court…winner gets an extra topping on their ice cream?

First, you are going to need a list. Now, I love lists so the idea of this excites me. You have to get organized to be able to throw one of these! This list is going to have all of the items your kids will be looking for.

You can either make one yourself by typing it up and making as many copies as needed, or you can simply print out one of the options I have below. 

I also made sure to include a list of things you can include if you wanted to simply make your own scavenger list, so regardless this still is simple.

Second, Invitations. People need to know there is a party! There are so many cute ones out there (and I added some to this list as well), so you have plenty of options. Being on the theme is always nice, but as long as you have the date, time, and place you are all set.

Once you are all there, go over the rules. Yep, there are rules, of course!


  • You have one hour to complete it. Start a timer on your phones and meet back in the food court when it is up.
  • No running, yelling or being impolite, you are still in a public place.
  • This is a team game, so working together is important.
  • The team who has the most boxes checked off of their list wins. 

Typically, this game is split into two types of things you can do to check off a box. One is to just take a photo of the thing. The next is to actually bring that thing with you. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay for anything. Everything I put on that list is free.

You can do one or the other, or both. It is all up to you.

Now, if you are making your own list then take a peek at the examples I provided down below. Each is separated into a photo task and a physical task. You can create your list on a word document of your choosing!

Keep in mind that a little added detail goes a long way. That’s why I like the downloadable lists. There are tons of graphics on them, and they look adorable.

Okay, what are you waiting for? Get started.

Take a Photo Of:

1. A Stylish Mannequin

2. A Funny T-Shirt

3. An Indoor Dog

4. A Pretzel Cart

5. Someone with Overalls

6. Group Photo in Photo Booth

7. Take a Photo of the Best Sale

8. Something that holds water

9. A Unique Candle

10. Something Bright Pink

11. A Store That Starts with the Letter P

12. An Exit Sign

13. An Item for 8.99

14. A Jamba Juice

15. A Tiara

Find and Snag List

Find and Snag:

16. A Coffee Sleeve

17. A Credit Card Application

18. Receipt

19. A Price Tag

20. A Penny

21. Honey Mustard

22. A Gum Ball

23. A Coupon

24. A Perfume Sample

25. A Pink Shopping Bag

26. A Stir Stick

27. A Branded Napkin

28. A Paper Menu

29. A Salt Packet

30. A Pen

31. A Business Card

Printable PDF Mall Scavenger Hunt Lists

This is a list of premade scavenger hunts if you are looking to go that route. Not only are these simple to print out, but they are full of cute graphics and color themes that can make your party feel that much more put together.

I have found that throwing a party, whether it is big or small, in public or at your house, is a daunting task with a million little things to do hidden under the broad description of ‘party’.

So these printable PDFs are meant to help take at least one thing off of your to-do list. Even one thing helps!

33. Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party

34. Cute Light Pink PDF

35. Black and White Mall Hunt

36. Snap a Photo Hunt

37. Simple Mall Finds

38. Custom Birthday Hunt

39. Team Photo Scavenger Hunt

40. Scavenger Hunt with Point System

41. Hunt with Rules Included

42. Simple Mall Hunt

43. Mall with Camera

44. 50 Item Hunt

45. Mall Checklist

Invitation Ideas


These invitations are probably the cutest things I have ever seen…no exaggeration. I especially like the one that is in the form of a receipt…how clever is that. Take a look through these and see which ones match the style of party that you are going for.

You are on the home stretch of party planning!

46. Scavenger Hunt Invitation

47. Editable Scavenger Hunt Invites

48. RSVP Scavenger Hunt

49. Pink and Black Invite

50. Gold and Magnifying Glass

51. Cute Invites

52. Receipt Invitation

53. Grey and Blue Invitation

Mall Scavenger Hunt

So…are you excited about your mall scavenger hunt? I would be! This is a guaranteed good time for you and your friends. Malls used to be a go to hangout place, but in recent years that has died down due to online shopping.

Even though you don’t have to buy anything, just hanging around can do a lot to bring back that sense of community, 

So whether you are celebrating your birthday, or just needed something fun to break up the monotony of life…this scavenger hunt is the way to go.

If this scavenger hunt sparks a passion for these kinds of games, there are so many others that you can play after this one. But this truly is the perfect starting hunt because you don’t have to hide anything yourself. Everything is already there, just waiting to be spotted. 

Until next time, keep on the hunt…