Inside: 13 Totally Games to Play at the Park!

I don’t know about you but spring and summer are my FAVORITE times of the year. They are filled with backyard barbeques, long days by the pool and spending the day playing with the kiddos! One of our favorite things to do is pack up some of our favorite sandwiches and snacks and heading to the park to play some of our favorite fun games! Here is a list of our all-time favorite fun games to play at the park!

Games to Play at the Park

Fun Games to Play at the Park

Chain Tag: Like the classic tag game, the goal is for the person that is “it” is to tag any of the other players. But the fun twist is when that person gets tagged they have to link arms and join forces to tag the others. The game ends when the chain is complete and there are no other players to be tagged.

Simon Says: Here are a few of the funniest Simon Says ideas. They are so funny to watch everyone do and everyone in the family can participate!

Freeze Tag:  If you want to wear out all the kiddos, this game is for you! To play one person will be “it”, and everyone will run from them. When the “it” person touches another player, that player is frozen and cannot move, YIKES. The only way to unfreeze that person is for any other player to crawl through the frozen player’s legs. The game does not end until whoever is “it” manages to freeze everyone.

Red Light, Green Light: This is such a great classic game and defiantly one of my favorite fun games to play at the park! The concept is pretty simple, choose one pers to be the “traffic light” and they will stand at one end of the play area and everyone else at the other. When the “traffic light” says “green light”, then everyone will start moving forward. When they say “red light”, everyone has to freeze. Whoever is moving when “red light” has been called out will need to go back to the starting point. The first person who reaches the “traffic light” is the winner and gets to become the next traffic light.

Park Games

Games to DIY

Flower Frisbee: Now I know frisbee is a classic fun game to play at the park, but we added a little twist! This flowery frisbee DIY is such a great summer craft that turns into a totally fun game!

Colorful Ring Toss: This game allows for some spunky competition. This wooden toss game does it all! Plus the spokes look a little bit like fabulous rays of sunshine. It is exactly what you park playdate needs all summer long.

Gigantic Jigsaw Puzzle: I love this outdoor DIY! The giant jigsaw puzzle is a lifesize activity and is a lot of fun! Plus you can customize it to be anything, which is such a fun bonus.

Flamingo Ring Toss: I mean why play boring old ring toss when you could play with flamingos, am I right? Two great things combined into one sounds like a park play day win to me!

Rainbow Hopscotch: I love this DIY hopscotch idea, they made theirs with pavers which are great for your back yard. But to make this a fun game to play at the park I would use pieces of foam!

Games to Buy


Parachute: Oh does this bring back any grade school feelings for anyone else? Just me? Okay! I LOVED this game when I was younger! It’s the absolute best. All you need is a big 12-foot parachute and some fun-loving kiddos!

Outdoor Bowling: This huge inflatable bowling set looks like such a blast!Games for the Park

Croquet: I love playing croquet, I am not good at it, but I think it is so much fun and makes a fun game to play at the park with lots of space to play.

Scoop Ball: This is another one of my all-time favorite fun games to play at the park. It’s a classic that everyone in the family can play and the park means there is plenty of room!

Giant Checkers: Well actually its a checker and tic-tac-toe combo! It is the perfect games to play at the park, it folds up perfectly and is SO MUCH FUN!

More Fun Games to Play

  • Minute to Win It Games for Kids – These games keep everyone on their toes, and no one gets bored! I usually love playing these games with a large group, recently my kiddos had some friends over and I thought that would be the perfect time to pull of these fun Minute to Win It games for kids.
  • Luau Party Games – Cue the Ukulele music, it’s time to party! Now light those Tiki lights, grab a colorful lei and let’s get this luau started! There are so many fun things about a Luau, but no party is complete without some fun party game, am I right? Lucky for you we have a list of the best Luau party games! From pineapple bowling to the classic Limbo, all your Luau guests are garnetted a bright and sunny time.

Let me know in the comments what your favorite games to play at the park is!