Inside: The best bowling party games for adults for a good time

Bowling is one of those activities that is held in that nostalgic space in our hearts. It’s great to play when you are a kid, but it’s one of the few games that translate well into adulthood. 

If you find bowling the classic way to be boring, then I am glad you found this article.

I felt the same way; it can be so monotonous to play the game the exact same way year in and year out. So I figured we should spice things up a bit. 

Bowling Party Games For Adults

I have compiled a list of the best bowling party games for adults. These will take your classic game and turn it into something fun and new. Take a look below to see which ones sound like the most fun for you and your friends. Remember that these games can easily be played at home on your Wii or Nintendo switch if you don’t want to play at the bowling alley. Okay, what are you waiting for? Let’s get into this!

Bowling Party Games for Adults

For this first list, I have some simple games that you can use to upgrade your classic game of bowling. These are very in intensity, so I know there is something on this list that you will love. Take a look and find out.

1. Trivia Bowling – If you are a fan of trivia, then this is the perfect game for you. First, you will divide your friends into two teams. While the first team plays, the other team will be asking them questions.

They have to get as many questions answered during their turn as they can. This alternates until the questions are done or until the round is over. You keep score, and then at the end, you tally them up to see who won.

2. Daredevil Bowling – This one is a good one to play for laughs. You write down different bowling challenges on little pieces of paper and then add them to a cup or bowl. When it is a player’s turn, they will pull from the pool to get their challenge. 

Some good examples of challenges are:

  • Bowling with your eyes closed. 
  • Bowling like a granny
  • Bowling backward through your legs
  • Do a spin and then bowl

If a player does not want to do their challenge, then they must forfeit a point. For every challenge that is won, you get 2 points. The person with the most points at the end wins. 

Bingo Bowling

3. Bingo Bowling  – We have all played the age-old game of bingo at one point in our lives. But you have never played the bowling version of this game, now have you? I played this last week with a group of my friends, and we are thinking about making it a tradition. It was THAT fun. So let’s get into how to play, it’s pretty simple. 

The link above goes to a printable bowling bingo sheet. You can print these out before you go and then use them to play along with your round of bowling. If you don’t like that bingo sheet, then you can always create your own! 

4. Bet the Bowler – Everyone must make a bet before each player bowls. They each have to guess what the player will bowl that round. If they guess right, they get the point. If they guess wrong, they have to drink. Oh, did I mention this was a drinking game? This is a list of ADULT bowling party games. Is it not?

5. Slow-Mo Bowling – Have your friends split into groups down the middle. Then you rent two bowling lanes side by side. Have one player from each team go to play at the exact same time. But the catch is that they have to bowl as SLOW as they possibly can. This one will make you laugh!

6. Bowling Kareoke – This one is fun. I hope you don’t get embarrassed easily! So each player bowls, and then after they throw the ball, they have to count how many pins are left standing after their tries. For every pin that is still standing, they have to sing a song for 5 seconds. 

Bowling Drinking Game Ideas

I couldn’t make a bowling party games for adults list without adding some drinking games, now could I? So this list is full of some of the most fun drinking games you can play while bowling! Check them out.

7. Classic Bowling Game – For this drinking game, you play the game as you normally would but with a twist. You and your friends divide into teams and come up with drinking cues. For example, if one person gets a strike, the other team has to drink. 

Bowling Booze

8. Booze Bowling – This fun game has a full article on how to play it here. 

9. No Man Left Standing – Play your round of bowling like you typically would, but for every pin left standing, you have to take a sip of your drink.

10. Yes, Commander – Whenever a player gets a strike, they get to be the commander. The commander, as you may have guessed, gets to command the other players to do something. For example: Jump on one foot while taking a drink!

11. Bowling Roulette – At the end of your round of bowling, the person with the least points has to spin a roulette wheel with a drinking command on it. 

12. Gutter Ball – For this game, anytime someone gets a gutterball, they have to down their drink. The funny part is, the drunker you get…, the more gutter balls you’ll get. 

13. Wii Bowling Drinking Game – This is for those of you who will be playing your drinking game from the comfort of your own home(which is always recommended). This is the beauty of technology; We can play virtual bowling at home! Read this tutorial on how to play this game by clicking on the link. It will walk you through everything from the rules to the commands!

Bowling Party Games for Adults

 So, which ones are you going to try? Lucky for you, you can try them all! Bowling may become one of your favorite past times. This is how I got hooked, so I can totally vouch for it. Now I meet up with my friends at least two times a month to go bowling. I love it!

The best thing about bowling is that you get to spend time with the people you enjoy and maybe even love. So remember that the next time you go out to bowl. It’s less about the game itself and more about the quality of time.

You will look back at these times in the future and be so happy that you took the time to make memories. 

If you are looking for other party games to add to your get-togethers, then you are in the right place. I am obsessed with finding bigger and better ways to party, so I have some ideas for you!