Inside: 13 Intriguing and Exciting Mystery Board Games 

There’s something about a classic board game that really pulls you into the atmosphere and makes the whole experience more realistic. When you and your friends fall into the mindset of the world’s best and brightest in these mystery board games, you’ll feel like a real detective on the case.

Fall into the world of mysteries, dust off your Sherlock Holmes cap and pipe, and be prepared to confront the killer!

Can you comb through deception and crack the case? Be prepared to trick your friends and be able to uncover the truth in these extremely immersive and entertaining mystery board games. Some are best for pairs, some for groups, and some are totally flexible and perfect for any occasion.

Mystery board games

Check out our favorite mystery board games for a variety of ages and occasions!

Murder Mystery Board Game Options For Game Night

Friends and family need to work together, or against each other, or both in these mystery board games that are full of secrets, deceit, and intrigue! Take note of age and group size recommendations to find the best game for your group and let the party begin!

  1. Simply Suspects:  This game of suspicion and betrayal is a quick and fast-paced activity for children aged 8 and older. Each player has a persona, and only one will be found not guilty! Mess with the evidence to blame the murder on other players and prove your innocence.
  2. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective:  Get into the mind of the greatest detective of all time in one of the most intense and engaging mystery board games out there! Solve the Thames Murders and other mysteries in this game. Up to 8 players can play, making it great for even large groups. Highly rated and highly recommended!
  3. Scotland Yard:  Scotland Yard is a family-friendly mystery board game that has been a family game night favorite for decades! Catch a criminal mastermind in this exciting board game set in London. Reviewers on Amazon recommend playing with at least a few people to really have an immersive experience, and rate this activity very highly overall!
  4. Deluxe 221B Baker Street:  Slide on over to Baker Street and get deductive with 200 different adventures based on the adventures of Sherlock Holmes. With all of these scenarios and mysteries, it’s like several activities rolled into one! Play competitively or collaboratively, depending on your preference or group size. This game is complex and engaging, and will certainly scratch your itch for mysteries! 
  5. St. Noire:  Did you ever imagine that Alex would guide you through a crime scene? Well, she is now! Uncover the secrets of a murderer who is threatening the small town of St. Noir with Alex narrating and providing sound effects as you sort through the case. Engaging, intriguing, and immersive doesn’t even begin to describe the appeal of this exciting game!
  6. Deception: Murder In Hong Kong:  Who can you trust? One of your friends is the killer, another is their partner in crime, and the rest of you need to figure out who it is before it’s too late! Play as the murderer, investigator, accomplice, forensic scientist, or witness in this immersive role-based activity with surprises at every turn.

More Murder Board Game Recommendations

Murder board game recommendations

These mystery board games will have you feeling like Nancy Drew once you’ve got them figured out! Just be prepared for hours of fun and the strong urge to binge classic mysteries once you’re done.

  1. Outfoxed!:  This game is perfect for game nights with younger children. Outfoxed has you work as a team to pinpoint a suspect and solve the case before the criminal escapes. It’s very cute and simple to learn and play. It’s a great game to teach the youngsters critical thinking skills!
  2. 5 Minute Mystery:  Another great option for groups with children, this activity is also fun for adults. Find and match the right symbols to catch the criminal! This game is very quick and different each time you play. With little to no set-up time, it’s perfect for all ages and occasions.
  3. Whitehall Mystery Board Game:  Help Scotland Yard track down a terrifying serial killer in this deductive and deceptive activity. In this game, however, one person plays as Jack the Ripper! Can the detectives capture the killer before it’s too late? Make some risky moves and strategize in order to come out on top. Definitely one of the most challenging mystery board games on this list!
  4. Clue:  Clue is the classic murder mystery game that could even be considered the father of all other mystery board games! There are so many editions of this game out there, including this retro version and this super fun giant edition that is perfect for children and parties. Sort through the clues, adventure through the residence, and figure out how the crime played out. Great for all ages!
  5. Betrayal At House On The Hill:  Betrayal At House On The Hill is a classic murder mystery activity that really sets up a terrifying haunted house atmosphere. This is a game that’s best for older children and groups of 3 to 6 players. There are 50 different scenarios to play through. This game is awesome for horror fans and mystery junkies alike! 
  6. Scooby Doo in Betrayal At Mystery Mansion:  This game is a child friendly version of Betrayal at House on the Hill! It’s far more lighthearted and great for a group with several kids. Colorful and engaging, this Scooby Doo version of Betrayal at House on the Hill is still fun for adults to play along as well. Who will end up being the monster, and will the rest of the group be able to stop them? Play and find out!
  7. Mysterium Park:  Solve the disappearance of the missing park director of Mysterium Park. Work together to figure out why these strange events are occurring, who the victim is, and who is the true culprit. With different roles, suspects, and weapons, you can play over and over again without getting bored!

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