Inside: Strike Worthy Bowling Party Games

I have always been a HUGE fan of a fun bowling night! There is something so nostalgic about hanging out at the bowling alley! There is nothing quite like lacing up those totally uncomfortable shoes, hearing the cracking of pins, and chowing down on those nachos only bowling alleys serve. Ah. I can just imagine it all now! If you’re looking to recreate that bowling fun check out these totally fun and strike worthy bowling party games!

Bowing Party Games

Strike Worthy Bowling Party Games

Bingo Bowling:  To add some more excitement, the game of bowling incorporates bingo bowling cards.
Print or make blank bingo cards.
Next, write different results in each box of the grid.
Examples: strike, gutter, spare, or a specific score like 3 or 8.
This game can be played individually or by split into teams, and they have to cross off each box as they complete it. The first person or team to complete their bingo bowling card is the winner rather than the person with the highest score.

Winner Of:  Trophies don’t always have to be for something that is for the best. They can be for something like the funniest or the worst. – the most gutter balls, the most spare balls, the lowest score and never scoring a strike.

Funky Bowl:  This bowling party game can get funky!
Rather than bowling the best way that works best for you, each player has to bowl the way each frame was assigned.
Each frame is assigned a different way to bowl. Ways to bowl can include:
with your left hand, right hand, standing on one foot, sitting down, backward, or the best one that is guaranteed some laughs is in between another player’s legs.

Super Fun Bowling Games

Shout it Out:  As soon as a player rolls the ball down the lane, other players give them a category to list as many things in that category before the ball reaches the pins. Make sure to keep track of how many they list, the player with the most items at the end of the game is the winner… Categories can be targeted for any age group: zoo animals, cereals, reality stars, teen pop stars.

Another variation of this game can be giving the active player a task to do, like the chicken dance, the sprinkler, pat their head and rub their belly at the same time.

Bowling Relay: To play this game, you will need two lanes next to each other and two teams.
The point of this game is which team can have all its players roll their ball down the aisle first, not about how many pins are knocked down.
So to start this relay, the first players on each team roll their ball down the lane at the same time. As soon as that ball returns, the next player grabs it and rolls it down. Teams go as fast as they can to get through every player’s turn.

Bowling Games

Tag Team: This bowling game is another one that requires teams, but this one is teams of two players.
The first pair each takes a turn bowling the frame. The first player will bowl first, and the second one will go for the spare. Use side by side lanes and have two tag teams challenge each other at a time. The victors from each challenge will move on to challenge each other. Play until only one tag team remains. This is the winning team.

STRIKE – The Best Bowling Games

Whose Shoes: This bowling game is for the kiddos. Once all players have removed their street shoes, mix them up in a pile. At the end of bowling and it’s time to return the bowling shoes, send all the kids to the collection of shoes to find their shoes. The first kid to find their shoes and puts them on, wins!

You Must Bowling Game: Before the party, write down as many crazy dance moves as you can think of – cut the ideas into strips and place them in a hat or container. During one of the rounds of bowling have the guests choose a piece of paper, and they must bowl their two frames by doing the action that is on the paper. Some fun ideas are: Act like a frog, Act like a ballerina, Frankenstein walk … and many more. If you run out of pieces of paper, you can put them back in and start again.

Coconut Bowling Party Game: Here is a fun DIY bowling game. For pins, use water bottles and for the ball using a coconut. The coconut doesn’t always go straight, so it’s a crazy fun game for the kids, even the ones who don’t throw straight. The kids also had fun being the one who set the pins up.

Wild Bowling Game Ideas

Water Bowling: This bowling party game is a great combination of bowling and squirt guns. Lightweight water bottles are used as the bowling pins and instead of using a bowling ball, kids use squirt guns.
Set up ten water bottles on a table the way they are set up in the alley.
To make it challenging, you can set a specific amount of time each player has to squirt down as many pins as they can. To make the game harder, set the distance further down, or closer to make it easier.

Party Games

Truth or Dare… Bowling Style: Objective: Win the game or at least have fun trying!
Items Needed: Index cards cut in half, a pen, and truth, or dare options written on index cards.
Rules: Assign odd numbers to dares and even numbers to truths. Strikes give players a pass to both and play moves to the next bowler.
Whatever the player bowls determines if they answer a truth question or perform a dare.

Fun examples:

Worst Fear?
Weirdest thing you have ever eater?
Favorites. Name Three!
Would you rather be hairy or bald?
Hidden Talents?
A lie you have told?
First Crush?
Apple or Android?
What type of pajamas do you wear?
If you only had one wish, what would you wish for?

Act out a scene from your favorite movie.
Draw a portrait of the person next to you in 30 seconds or less.
Sing your favorite song.
Do jumping jacks until your next turn.
Propose to your host.
Eat a spoonful of hot sauce.
Act like a dog until your next turn.
Audition to play the part of the person beside you in a movie.
Stuff your mouth full of marshmallows and sing a song.

Fun Party Games

Virtual Bowling: This would be a great version to play in the winter or if you’re limited on space.
Xbox Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection
Wii Sports!
PS3 Sports Champions 2

Bowling Party Games-Team Bowling: Objective: Be the last man..err…team standing!
Items Needed: Bowling alley, guests in pairs of two. Two bowling lanes side by side.
Directions: Break players into teams of two. Each side will get a lane. The first team player will bowl knocking down as many pins as possible. Their teammate will then go next trying to knock down any remaining pins. The team that knocks down the most pins will advance to the next level. Where they will then compete against another team. Play continues until every team has had a turn. The team left standing wins the game!

Runway Bowling: Bowling Party Games-Runway Bowling
Objective: Create the funniest walk!
Items Needed: Bowling alley, friends, and fun!
Directions: As each player takes their turn bowling they must “walk the runway” giving their best most funniest or creative walk! Have guests vote for their favorite to determine the winner!

Trivia Bowling: Bowling Party Games-Trivia Bowling
Objective: Answer the most questions right!
This game takes place in the bowling alley with friends and general trivia games. Each player takes their turn to bowl and they must answer trivia questions before the ball hits the pins. If the player answers the question correct, they earn the points of however many pins their ball knocked down. If they answer the question wrong, they do not receive any points.

DIY Bowling Games

Not Your Average Bowling Game

Giant Bowling: Objective: Have fun with family and friends!
Items Needed: Giant Inflatable bowling set! We found this one over on Amazon.
Game Play: Take the fun outside and have a giant bowling game! This will definitely be fun for all ages!

Homemade Bowling: Another idea is to take the bowling theme into the privacy of your own yard. Items Needed: 2-liter bottles, chalk, a ball.
On the sidewalk, mark where the pins need to be placed with chalk. This makes it easy and fair to where the pins need to be replaced once they are knocked over. Any ball can be used, a basketball, soccer or volleyball.

Play the Arcades: At most bowling alleys there is an arcade of which the kids LOVE playing in. Give each kid a few quarters to play with and they’ll have a ball!

Gourd Bowling: This bowling party game is targeted for a fall theme… Gourd Bowling! Use painters tape and spray paint to decorate each gourd. To create the lane, use plywood as the bumpers. A pumpkin can be used as the bowling ball. The more round the pumpkin, the easier it is.

Pineapple Coconut Luau Bowling: Or if you are bowling in the summer, this bowling set on amazon is the way to go!

A Few More Bowling Favorites

Glow Bowling: This game can be played indoors or out.

Items needed:
10 water bottles
11 glow sticks
Hamster ball.

1. Fill plastic water bottles nearly to the top, then add glow sticks, and seal them uptight.
2. Open the hamster ball and put a glow stick inside, you could instead use glow necklaces. Close the ball back uptight.
3. Arrange the bottles in bowling pin formation, and let the kids take turns knocking pins over in the dark.

Beach Ball Bowling: This bowling party game is all about fun in the sun!
Pool noodles, yoga mats, and beach balls are needed – everything that is summer related and the best part is it can be all wrapped up into the yoga mat.

Supplies needed:
Three pool noodles
Empty aluminum coke bottles
Yoga mat
Serrated knife
Beach ball
Beans or sand

1. Measure the width of your yoga mat and cut one of the pool noodles the size of the mat. the easiest way to cut the noodles is to use a serrated knife.
2. Cut each end of the pool noodle at a 45-degree angle.
Cut two more pieces from your pool noodle and cut one end on each at 45 degrees also.
Insert 3 toothpicks into the end of one of the pool noodles.
3. Attach it to one of the other cut pool noodle pieces using the toothpicks. Press until the toothpicks are all the way into the noodle.
4. Attach 1 uncut pool noodle to each end using toothpicks again.
5. Roll the yoga mat out and place the bumpers around it.
6. Place dried beans or sand in the empty bottles to give them a little bit of weight (otherwise they are too light).
7. Fill the beachball with a fourth full of water to also give it some weight.