Inside: Top tips you’ll need for hosting a speakeasy party that will go down in history.

It’s party season, ladies and gentlemen, and that can only mean one thing…you are trying to find the inspiration for the perfect party. Well, you are in the right place! Because if there is a single theme that leaves guests feeling like they’ve been transported to a magical night of fun, it’s a speakeasy party.

There are so many ways that you can go about throwing a speakeasy party, but if you want to truly bring the house down(metaphorically, of course, property damage is a big NO-NO in the party-throwing world), then you need to check out my snazziest tips for throwing the speakeasy party of the century. 

Snazzy tips for hosting a speakeasy party. Photo of person dressed up in 1920s outfits.

I cover it all, from what day to throw it on to what kinds of food you need to serve. No stone is left unturned! So, are you ready to party like it’s the 1920s? Because I am! But first, I should probably clarify a few things.

What is a Speakeasy Party?

That is a lovely question and one that is going to be very helpful to know the answer to, especially if you are throwing one! So a speakeasy party is essentially a theme that revolves around the 1920s. One hundred years ago, the way people partied was much different than it is today, so it can be lots of fun to travel back in time for the night. 

According to this article, “A speakeasy, in its strict definition is a place where alcoholic beverages are illegally sold, particularly during the prohibition era. At this time, the manufacture, sale and transport of alcohol was illegal in the U.S. and speakeasies served as underground, secret establishments where Americans still seeking spirits could indulge.”

So there is an aura of defiance that surrounds this theme, and it feels all the more fun because of it. You can expect to see things like cigars(real or props), card playing, champagne, and lots of flapper dresses!

What do you serve at a speakeasy party?

Another wonderful question. The best thing you can serve at a speakeasy party is themed food! There are lots of ideas that you can find on the internet that covers this. You don’t really need to serve a whole dinner or large-scale feasts or anything, just have a good amount of snack foods. 

This way, people have food in their stomachs to help regulate their drinks. You can have little finger sandwiches, chocolate-covered pretzel cigars…you name it!

Check out this search on Pinterest to find some more specific ideas!

How do you host a perfect speakeasy party?

Now, this is where my expertise comes in. In the last few years, I have started a fun little tradition of throwing an annual speakeasy party. Every single year, I outdo myself. Not to tute my own horn or anything, but I’m proud. So I have learned a thing or two about what makes these parties tick. My last one was more of a Harlem Nights Theme Party!

First and foremost, you need to decide what KIND of speakeasy you are going to be throwing. You can go the classy route and have people come dressed in elegant garb. Your decorations will include pearls, champagne glasses, etc. Or you can go the Gangster route. You can have your guests come looking like they are in the 1920s mafia, and your decorations will reflect that.

You can have a gambling table and money bags everywhere…get creative with it! So choosing which route to take is important. I go further into detail on how you can host the perfect speakeasy party below, so keep reading!

Snazzy tips for hosting a speakeasy party. Photo of champagne cup tower.

Snazzy Tips for Hosting a Speakeasy Party

Alright, let’s get into the specifics. Below you will find some of my most important tips for hosting your own speakeasy party. If you listen to each one, then you are guaranteed to have a good time! I haven’t had this much fun planning a party since my flower themed party.

1. Pick A Good Day – Saturdays tend to be the best day to throw a party because people have time to relax beforehand and they aren’t rushing to get there from work. Though in today’s day in age, anyone can work at any time of the week, so talk to your inner circle and come up with the best day together. 

2. Pick the Perfect Space – Do you want to have this party at home or are you thinking about going a bit bigger? Either way, wherever you choose to have it, make sure that it’s an open enough space to have many different corners for people to hang out in. 

3. Make 20s Themed Invitations – This is just a fun touch, but it also is a good opportunity to tell your guests what the dress code is. 

4. Make Costumes Mandatory – This is super important. Without costumes, the whole thing just doesn’t click. The guests are a part of the decorations. The outfits will help transport you to the 1920s!

5. Have Themed Snacks – As I said before, check out that awesome Pinterest board for more inspiration regarding your food.

6. Have Classic Props – You can have some money bags lying around, perhaps some of those long classy cigarettes. Make it your own. 

7. Have A Photo Area – Instagram is an important part of every memorable party. You need a designated section for people to take fun photos!

8. Play Good Music – You can find plenty of playlists that were made for the 1920s! Pop one on and your whole party is set.

9. Have Themed Drinks – This is a super fun touch.

10. Decorate The Space As Much As Possible – Keep reading below to get some more specific ideas.

Decoration Ideas for a 1920s Party. Photo decorations.

Decoration Ideas for a 1920s Party

Here is a checklist of decoration ideas for a speakeasy party. Remember that you can either choose a gangster party, a classy party, or you can mix and match! Have fun.

11. Use A Lot Of Gold & Black

12. Big Feathers Are A Must

13. Drape Pearls All-Around

14. Low Lighting 

15. Have an Entire Themed Drinking Station

16. Make Your Food Part of the Decor

17. Have A Police Photo Taking Station

18. Have A Balloon Arch

19. Have a Cards Section

20. Stack Champagne Glasses

21. Have a Dance Floor

tips for hosting a speakeasy party.

So there you have it, some of the snazziest tips for hosting a speakeasy party. Throwing a party can be so much fun, but only if you make an effort to actually enjoy yourself while you are at it. If I had any parting advice, it would be that. At my first party, I was so busy making sure everything was perfect that by the end of the night, I was EXHAUSTED, and not from fun.

So make sure that you take time to actually enjoy to the party that you put together. If you are interested in a 2000s themed party, you will have to check out some of my other articles!

I have so many party ideas I don’t think you will ever run out. I have to share them with SOMEONE! I am glad that it’s you; it makes me happy to think that people around the world are enjoying themselves at these shindigs. That is what life is all about!