Inside: Fun Tea Party Activities For Kids And Adults.

Put the “tea” in par-tea with these super fun tea party activities! Many of these games require very little equipment and set up and will keep everyone entertained throughout the gathering.

Here are some of my favorite tea party games for kids parties, adult parties, or parties with a mixed crowd.

Tea Party Games Ideas

Tea Party Games For Kids

These light hearted, entertaining games are very easy to follow and require minimal setting up.

  1. Pass the Sweet Pot: Fill a tea pot with sweets and have the kids sit in a circle. Play some music and they pass it around, when the music stops, whoever is holding the pot is out of the game but they take a sweet before leaving the circle. Great way to keep their emotions from “losing” at bay!
  2.  Freeze Dance: Put a cute, parTEA twist on this fun, classic game. Play “I’m A Little Teapot” and have the kids dance along, stop the music and they have to freeze in whatever tea pot position they’re currently in. Whoever doesn’t freeze, or breaks positions is out of the game. This repeats until there is only one dancer left
  3. Try Not To Laugh: When they’re all sitting down drinking tea is the best time to play this game. Each player has two minutes to make everyone else laugh or smile by making silly faces or telling a joke. No touching or tickling anyone!
  4. Tea Bag Hunt: Get two different types of teas and hide them around the party space. Divide the kids into two teams. Each team needs to search for their assigned tea bags until they’re all located. Reward the winners with a prize or have the losing team serve a cup of tea to the winning team!
  5.  Hide the Teapot: This is similar to a game played at Victorian tea parties called “Lookabout.” Show all the party goers a teapot, then have them leave the space. While they’re gone, hide the pot in a place that is not super obvious but is not super hidden. Bring them back into the area and when a player spots the teapot, they silently sit down, indicating that they’ve located it. Whoever is the last player standing has to be the one to hide it for the next round.
  6.  Memory Game: A challenging, light hearted game perfect for little kids! Place a couple tea party related items (sugar cube, tea bags, tea cup, etc) on a serving tray with a cloth overtop. Uncover the items for around 10 seconds, then cover it back up. Players will then have to recall as many items as they can by memory. Whoever remembers the most, wins!

Tea Party Games For Adults

Who says tea parties are for kids only?! Grab a few of your girlfriends, dress up, and sip some tea while spilling some tea

  1. Blind Tea Tasting: For this game, brew a couple different flavors of tea. Serve them to blindfolded players and have them guess what flavor of tea each one is. Keep score on the amount each player gets right, or eliminate them if they guess incorrectly. This game goes on until there is only one player left. 
  2. Tea Bag Toss: Set teacups up in a line and have players stand behind a line. Give them a certain amount of tea bags and have them try and toss them into the cups from the line. Each bag that lands in a cup is one point, and whoever gets the most wins!
  3. Tea Cup Relay Race: Bring out the party goer’s competitive side with this fun, two-team game! Each team gets a teapot, a tea cup, and a saucer. Place a teapot full of water several feet away from the starting line, and an empty one near the starting line. On go, players must run, with their tea cup balanced on the saucer, to the full pot and pour water into their cup. They will then run back and pour it into the empty pot. After everyone on the team has gone, measure out which pot has more water in it to decide which team wins.
  4. Blind Teapot Art: Each player gets a colored marker, a piece of paper, and a cloth or bandana to blindfold themselves. Give the blindfolded players three minutes to try and draw a teapot without being able to see. Whoever’s drawing most closely resembles a teapot gets a prize. 
  5. Mystery Bags: Grab 10 or so paper bags and place an item in each one such as a sugar cube, a fork, or any other items you have around the party space. Have each player stick their hand into the bag without looking and write down what they guess is in it. Pass the bags around and have everyone try to guess what’s in all the different ones. It will be so much fun to see what they come up with! If they guessed the item correctly on the first try, they could get a prize.

Kids Tea Party Games From Amazon

Tea party games for kids

These tea party themed games from Amazon are a great way to teach children patience and social skills! Plus, they can play them as they sip tea and eat some snacks as they require little to no movement.

  1. Tea Party Spinner Game: Easy to follow instructions for a game that will keep the little ones entertained for an extended amount of time. Bonus points if you replace the cardboard snacks and teacups for real ones! 
  2. Pretty Pretty Princess Dress Up Game: A Disney® twist on a classic! Let the guests play dress up while sipping tea so they feel like real princesses at a tea party.
  3. Disney Princess Treats & Sweets: A super fun game that will allow kids to use their focus, memory, and matching skills.
  4. Cupcake Party Game: A game ideal to play as they’re sitting drinking tea. Allows them to build cupcakes from pieces inspired by their favorite Disney princesses! 

High Tea Party Games For A Mixed Crowd

How to host a tea party for a mixed crowd kids and adults

These games are perfect for any age! Ideal for adults and children alike.

  1. Sugar Cube On A Spoon: A rendition of the traditional “Egg On A Spoon” relay race. Instead of an egg, though, it’s a sugar cube! Have players at the starting line place a sugar cube on their spoon and try to get to the other side. Whoever drops their sugar cube has to go back to the starting line and try again. 
  2. Pin The Cup On The Saucer: Another variation of a party classic. Blindfolded players will attempt to pin cut outs of a tea cup as close to the saucer as possible. Whoever gets it the closest, wins! 
  3. Musical Tea Cups: Like musical chairs, but with tea cups! Place teacups and saucers around a table, with one less set than there are players. When the music begins, players will circle the cups and saucer and once the music stops, they have to sit in front of a placement. Keep repeating until there is only one set left and whoever is able to sit at it is the winner. 
  4. Sugar Cube Stacking: Set a timer for two minutes and try to stack as many sugar cubes as possible one on top of the other. Whoever stacks the most sugar cubes before it collapses is the winner! Can be played as individuals or in small teams. 
  5. Hot Tea Pot: Similar to Hot Potato, play music and have the players try to get rid of the (non breakable) teapot from their possession. Whoever is holding the pot when the music stops is eliminated. Keep this up until there is only one player remaining. 
  6. Tea Party Bingo: A game that keeps the fun going throughout the entire party! Print out a tea party bingo game online, or create your own. With tea party related words in each square, players will try to cross off each one they come across. Whoever crosses off the most by the end of the tea party wins a prize!

Tea party games for adults

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