Inside: Cutest printable Christmas scavenger hunt for kids. 

Christmas is arguably the most magical day of the year. You get to wake up, open presents, be with the people you love, and play games. It really doesn’t get much better than that. 

I can’t think of any other day that comes close to the feeling of Christmas day. But I don’t think this just happens by chance; I think it is the thoughts and the actions that we put into making Christmas feel more special that make it what it is today.

So I make it a point to add little things to my schedule every year to make my Christmas extra magical. 

Best Printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Today I am going to go over one way that you can make your Christmas morning more magical. I am talking about Christmas scavenger hunts! I have compiled the best printable festive hunts that you will ever find. So take a look!

Indoor Christmas Scavenger Hunt Ideas

First, I thought I would start with the indoor options. Wintertime is the coldest time of the year, so going outside early in the day may be out of the question. Plus it can be even more fun to hide gifts around the house for your kids to find on Christmas morning. So take a look at these cute ideas.

1. Christmas Indoor Hunt Idea – This indoor option is super cute. They come in cue cards and have this cute-themed border that, I think, gives it an extra cozy and festive feel.

2.  Simple Cute Scavenger Cards – These are super cute. I love the font and the little decal; they add such a perfect little spar

3. Indoor Treasure Hunt – These little cards have little cartoon Christmas animals, and I firmly believe that any child would absolutely love these.

4. Simple Indoor Hunt Idea – The rhymes on these cards are so cute I just cannot stand it. Take a look at 

5. Lovely Cards with a Candy Cane Border – I am obsessed with these candy cane borders. Not only are they festive, but they are super colorful and lovely. Take a look and fall in love.

6. Light Blue and Green Cards – If you like green and blue, then these are the cards for you. It also helps that the hints on these are super cute and perfect.

7. Sweet Treasure Hunt Idea – This one has some super simple but unique hints that your kids are going to go crazy for. I think these are such a fun ways to make this day extra special.

Outdoor Christmas Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Outdoor Hunt Ideas

For those of you who want to brave the elements or who live in an area that doesn’t get too cold, you may be up for going outside. For you, I have made this list of the best outdoor scavenger hunt ideas for kids.

Take a look at these Christmas scavenger hunts for kids to see which ones fit in with your theme and which ones will be best for your kids. They are all so cute it will be hard to pick.

8. Free Elf on a Shelf Hunt – This is a super cute option that is free, so how could you say no to this? Check it out; it’s super cute!

9. Cute Free Printable for Kids – This is a super simple paper version with check-off boxes. So if you didn’t want to use the cue cards, then this checklist is perfect.

10. Adorable Treasure Hunt Idea – Here are some simple outdoor treasure hunt ideas. Each hint has different outdoor-themed ideas, and these are just perfect.

 11. Cute Loud Themed Cards – These cards have a lot going for them. They have lots of cartoon characters and bright colors!

12. Christmas Car Ride Hunt – This is a wonderful concept for those Christmas days when you just want to get out of the house. You pile into the car with your family and drive around your neighborhood looking for your items.

13. Red and Green Printable Cards – Simple digital download Hunt with cute bright colors. I love that these are so simple to get, it takes away all excuses as to why you won’t do this hunt on Christmas!

14. Simple Scavenger Ideas with Check list – If you don’t want to have to cut out each different card, then a checklist is your next best bet.

Best Christmas Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Best Christmas Scavenger Hunts for Kids

I saved the best for last. Okay, sure, these are all pretty great, but these are my favorites. I hope you love each and every one of them, that way, you have as hard of a time picking as I did.

15. Simple Christmas Hunt – This hunt is perfect for those of you with smaller kids. Each item has a cute little colored drawing next to it. This adds extra cuteness and also makes it easier for the kids to read it.

16. Christmas Scavenger Ideas with Cute Ideas – 50 different hunt cues may seem like a lot, but if you have a bigger family, then these are an absolute must. 

17. Simple Reindeer Hunt for Littles – This scavenger hunt has each of Santa’s reindeer that you can hide around and have your little kid find them. So you don’t have to worry about having things to find.

18. Ultimate Hunt for family – When I say this is the ultimate hunt, I mean it. It’s complete with word puzzles and other cute things that you get to decipher.

19. Simple Christmas Idea – This one is super simple, but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less cool. I think it takes the pressure off a bit, which is always nice. 

20. Photo Scavenger Hunt – Have you ever heard of a photo scavenger hunt? If not, let me explain: Everyone these days have an electronic device that has a camera, so with this hunt, you have to take a photo of each thing on the list. That is the way you can cross them off. 

21. Challenging Christmas Treasure Hunt – If you have some older kids, this might be the gem for them. Kids these days are so smart it can be hard to stump them, but these will give them a run for their money.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt for Kids

I hope you loved these awesome printable Christmas scavenger hunt for kids ideas. I know that Christmas is already a very busy day, filled with traditions and family, but by taking some extra time upfront, you are going to make your kid’s days feel just that much more special. Plus, let’s face it. Present opening goes by too quickly. This way, they have to work for it!

If you are interested in more ways to make this Christmas extra special, then you are going to have to check out some of our other ideas. We have so many it’s hard to keep count. 

Christmas is and will always be my favorite holiday because it is simply the most magical. I believe that we get to decide how magical it is based on the effort that we put into it, so I always try to add little things like this to my traditions. I hope that you start to do the same for you and your family as well! Happy Holidays.