Inside: Cinco de Mayo games for adults, kids, and everyone in between!  

Cinco de Mayo translates to “the fifth of May,” which signifies the date of the Battle of Pueblo. This day is significant as areas of Mexico and America celebrate the battle that was won over the French in 1862. Over time, Cinco de Mayo has become a day meant to celebrate a Mexican victory. It has become a commercialized holiday, but an enjoyable one nonetheless.

On Cinco de Mayo, people typically eat traditional Mexican foods like tacos, burritos, tamales, Mexican street corn, and more. Of course, it is also typical to drink according to theme, which usually includes tequila, margaritas, or Mexican beers. It is a day of fun and joy, which means there are also tons of fun Cinco de Mayo games.

In this article, we have compiled 19 Cinco de Mayo party games that are guaranteed to make your fiesta one to remember, whether you’re celebrating with adults, children, or everyone in between!

Fun Cinco De Mayo Games for the whole family

Cinco De Mayo Party Games for Adults

It’s no secret that Cinco de Mayo is a huge day of partying for many adults.

Across the country, restaurants and bars host themed parties or dinners for this special event, and many people enjoy throwing their own at-home fiestas for a memorable night.

Here are some adult-friendly entertainment ideas to keep the party going.

Cinco de Mayo Games

  1. Mexican Bingo Also called Loteria Mexicana, this can be played with up to 20 people. Everyone gets a “tabla,” which consists of various images. Instead of calling out a number or letter, like in American bingo, someone will call out a random improvised phrase that corresponds to one of the images, and players place a chip on the image if it shows on their tabla. The first player to fill their tabla wins. This game has the potential to be as funny or raunchy as you’d like it to be! See our full post on Mexican card games which includes rules & ideas. 
  2. Cinco de Mayo Trivia Do you know which country drinks the most tequila? Print out this free trivia sheet for some friendly and informative competition between friends.
  3. Sip Sip Ole This activity includes several rounds. Players drink if they can relate to the chosen phrase. There are many rounds in this free download, so pace yourselves!
  4. Spanish Test If you’ve got fluent Spanish speakers, those who know a little of the language, or those who know no Spanish words, this activity is bound to garner laughs as you test your knowledge of the Spanish language. Spice it up by including prizes or challenges.
  5. Drink If Game This comes with 24 adorable, brightly colored, donkey shaped cards. Place them in the middle of the table in a deck and have guests take turns choosing one and reading it out loud. Whoever can relate to the card has to drink.
  6. Throw Throw Burrito This game made by the well-known game-makers Exploding Kittens is like all of their other activities: hilarious and unique. Remove any fragile margarita glasses from the play area, because if you are too slow at collecting matching cards, you will get a plush burrito thrown at you!
  7. What’s In Your Phone This slightly intrusive game is bound to make things lively at your fiesta, as players will have to admit things that appear on their cell phones. Since this is a Cinco de Mayo party game, it’s on theme with options to check “if you have a Mexican recipe saved.” Whoever checks the most wins!
  8. Tequila or Water? Gather up enough shot glasses for the whole party. Fill all but one of them with water, and the rest with clear-colored or silver tequila (or the other way around if you’re feeling a bit malicious). Then, one at a time, have each person drink their shot glass, and based on the faces that they make, try to guess who has the tequila and who has the water!

Traditional Mexican Party Games

Cinco de Mayo Games for Kids

Regardless of the occasion, it can be difficult to entertain children for an extended period of time. Whether you’re throwing a large fiesta with both adults and children, or you’re hosting a kids Cinco de Mayo party, these on-theme games are sure to induce laughter, competition, and lots of fun.

  1. Fiesta Kids’ Bingo A fun and easy bingo activity for kids aged 4 and up. This comes with 24 bingo cards and works great at home or in the classroom. Kids can learn potentially new words like pinata, sombrero, maracas, and more. 
  2. Pin the Tail on the Llama This is a fun take on the classic “pin the tail on the donkey,” although a donkey would also be on theme for this holiday!
  3. Cactus Inflatable Ring Toss For most ages, this is a great source of entertainment. See who can get the most rings onto the cactus. These can also double as pool floats if you’re having your fiesta in the pool!
  4. Cinco de Mayo Stickers Is there anything that children love more than brightly colored stickers? This comes with 48 sheets of themed stickers, including shapes like llamas and sombreros.
  5. Fiesta Rainbow Pinata Stuff this bull-shaped pinata with candy and let your kids have fun! This can be good for up to eight guests and even comes with a sturdy cable for easy hanging.
  6. Maracas If there is one thing that children love, it’s making noise. Set them up with these brightly painted wooden maracas, and they will make music all night long. This set comes with plenty of maracas, 24 in total.
  7. Cinco de Mayo Word Scramble For kids who are old enough to read and write, and even for adults, this Cinco de Mayo themed word scramble is a great way to encourage competition and use of brain power.
  8. I Spy Cinco De Mayo This free print-out will entertain children for plenty of time as they race each other to find all of the listed items.
  9. Sombrero Relay Race Purchase a pack of sombreros and line up for a relay race. Instead of a baton, players will have to place their sombrero on the next player’s head.

Traditional Mexican Party Games

  1. Mexican Train Dominoes One of the most well-known traditional Mexican party games is train dominoes. This double-12 set can be played by up to 8 players, and it comes in a convenient carrying case. For ages 8 and up, this activity encourages interaction and strategic thinking. 
  2. Classic Wood Spinning Top These authentic wooden spinning tops can make great themed party favors, or they can be used to play as a drinking game.

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