Honestly, I think every day should be Mother’s Day. Us mommas simply do not get enough credit for all the hard work we do!

You don’t need a special holiday or occasion to celebrate your Mom, Grandma, or the mother of your children. While everyone should go the extra mile on Mother’s Day, you can treat your own mom to a nice gift, a card, or just spend quality time together any day.

If you’re looking for something extra special to do this year, why not try a Mother’s Day scavenger hunt?

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I found some awesome printables that make setting up a hunt super fun and easy.

You can make this Mother’s Day fun with games by planning a thoughtful, themed hunt.

And the best part is, you can buy it, print it, and set it up all on the same day – it only takes a few minutes!

How to Set Up a Mother’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Planning and setting up a Mother’s Day scavenger hunt is so easy. All you need is a

  • printer (preferably with color ink)
  • scissors
  • a designated space to play the game.
  • It’s also great to have a few little treats to hide along with the clues, such as individually wrapped chocolates, flowers, or small gifts (*like jewelry*).

It’s so quick and simple, you can put this activity together at the last minute – it doesn’t take long at all! Plus, it’s super affordable – most kits only cost around $5 or less.

Here are the steps to setting up a Mother’s Day treasure hunt:

  1. Choose your favorite scavenger hunt printable (any from my list below will blow Mom away!)
  2. Purchase it – the download becomes available as soon as you pay
  3. Print and cut out the clues (use colored ink, if you can)
  4. Hide the clues according to the provided instructions (the kits provide super easy-to-follow directions, I promise)
  5. Give Mom the first clue to start playing!

Mother’s Day Scavenger Hunt With Clues

Here are a few of the best Mother’s Day scavenger hunt printables I found that include clues. Mom (and the kids) will have so much fun solving the riddles and puzzles to find the next hint!

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1. Pink flower treasure hunt

This cute pink floral-themed scavenger hunt comes with 18 riddle clues, plus a sheet of blank cards if you want to try writing your own.

2. Clue hunt with mailbox letter

This sweet scavenger hunt includes printable clues AND coloring sheets for the kids to color and give to mom. It even has a beautiful letter template to fill out and put in the mailbox, under her pillow, or on her breakfast tray for breakfast in bed (hint, hint!).

3. Butterfly and flower hunt

I like treasure hunt printables that come with super clear instructions on where to hide each clue, and this Mother’s Day scavenger hunt checks that box.

4. Pretty clues

If you’ve never set up a treasure hunt before, this simple hunt with pretty clues is a great first one to try.

Pro Tip: Hide each clue with a piece of candy or a single flower that creates a bouquet once all the clues are found.

5. Indoor tricky clues

This Mother’s Day scavenger hunt is designed to be played indoors, so you won’t have to worry about bad weather ruining your plans. These clues are tough, so if Mom likes puzzles, this one is perfect for her!

6. Funny game: “You Know You’re a Mom If…”

A silly treasure hunt might be my favorite kind – this hilarious Mother’s Day scavenger hunt is sure to make Mom laugh. It has puzzle clues like, “You know you’re a Mom if sniffing a child’s butt to check their diaper isn’t weird anymore… your next clue will be found in your underwear drawer.”

7. Clues with gift ideas

I noticed this beautiful scavenger hint printable has great prompts for possible Mother’s Day gifts. For example, one of the clues ends with, “Your next clue is waiting with the soap and bubbles.” Why not get her some luxurious new bubble bath, fancy soap, or bath bombs to hide with the clue?

8. Cutesy clues

I love the adorable graphics on this treasure hunt printable, like the little pink doughnut or cup of coffee!

Mother’s Day Scavenger Hunt Checklists

Instead of clues, these Mother’s Day treasure hunts are checklists with things to find. Each one is unique – some follow a points system, others provide cut-outs of pictures to find, etc. If scavenger hunts with clues aren’t your thing, try one of these checklists.

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9. Selfie scavenger hunt

This photo scavenger hunt is designed to be played with your phone, so it’s probably best for moms with teenagers. Each player takes the selfies described on the checklist, such as “Selfie wearing a hat” or “Selfie making a funny face.”

10. Points system checklist

You can print this cute Mother’s Day scavenger hunt checklist as it is, or edit the text before printing to reflect the items in your home, backyard, or wherever you’re playing. Each checklist item has a point value, so you’ll have to do a little math at the end to figure out who wins!

11. Mom’s favorite things

This hunt is sure to bring a smile to Mom’s face – it requires players to find some of her favorite things, like “Your Mom’s favorite food” or “A picture of your Mom as a child.”

Pro Tip: Make sure you have some of Mom’s favorite things on hand to enhance the mood, like her favorite coffee drink, a playlist of her favorite songs, etc.

12. Baby animals hunt

For this cute scavenger hunt game, you hide little printouts of mama animals, then match them to the baby animals on the checklist. This is a great one to play with Mom… or, even better, give her some time away at a spa, brunch, etc. while you (or a babysitter) play this with the kids.

13. Cute simple checklist

This Mother’s Day checklist hunt is cute and simple, so anyone can play!

14. Mother’s Day images

For this hunt, you cut out the printable Mother’s Day-themed images (like a butterfly, breakfast, flowers, etc.) and hide them for Mom and the kids to find. All players get a checklist with pictures of each image to search for.

Mother’s Day Treasure Hunt Ideas

Here are some more sweet Mother’s Day treasure hunt printables with clues. I love seeing all the different animation styles and creative clue ideas!

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15. Pretty purple clues

These beautiful floral clues have some of my favorite colors – Mom will love this one if she likes purple, green, and gray like I do!

16. Simple and sweet

These treasure hunt clues are simple and sweet, and each clue card has a different flower on it.

17. Classic colors

I love the color palette of these clues – the red, pink, and neutrals theme makes me think of an adorable, girly coffee shop. I’d start this hunt by bringing Mom coffee in bed with her first clue!

18. Coupon booklet hunt

Not only does this hunt come with printable clues, but it also has an editable coupon book for Mom! Surprise her with coupons for treats like breakfast in bed, a bubble bath, a back rub, or whatever else you can think of.

Pro Tip: If you didn’t have time to get a Mother’s Day gift, make one of the coupons for an item she’s been wanting. Hint: Check her Amazon shopping cart or wish list for ideas.

19. “I love you” hunt

This Mother’s Day scavenger hunt says “I love you” on every single clue, so there’s no way she can forget how much you care.

20. Adult scavenger hunt

This treasure hunt is not Mother’s Day themed, but it is designed for adults and works for any occasion. You could print it now and keep it on hand for Mother’s Day, your anniversary, or any fun weekend activity. The riddle clues are tough to solve, so it’s definitely more for adults than kids!

21. Wizard hunt

Is Mom a fan of Harry Potter, or fantasy stuff in general? Then she’ll LOVE this wizard-themed treasure hunt.

22. Mother’s Day OR Birthday hunt

The clues for this scavenger hunt are designed to work for Mother’s Day, Mom’s birthday, or just any day you feel like giving her a special treat!

23. Superhero scavenger hunt

Let’s be honest, every mom is a superhero. So why not honor that with a superhero-themed treasure hunt for Mother’s Day? This is an especially great idea for Moms to play with young sons.

24. Easy hunt

The way these clues print makes them super easy to cut out, and the hints are simple to solve, too. Make sure you have access to a color printer for this one so you don’t miss out on the cute graphics!

The Best Mother’s Day Scavenger Hunt Printables

Here are a few of my favorite Mother’s Day treasure hunt printables, from princess-themed clues to vouchers for prizes you can hide with each hint.

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25. Blank clues

This Mother’s Day scavenger hunt is so cute, and features a different colorful graphic on each of the 12 clues. It also comes with a separate instructions page and 12 extra blank clues, in case you want to type or write your own.

26. Printable vouchers

This hunt comes with printable vouchers you can hide with each clue. The vouchers are for cute prizes like cuddles, cleaning up the house, or an at-home spa experience!

Pro Tip: Have a surprise or gift ready that matches one of the vouchers. If the voucher is for a bubble bath, be ready to light some candles, pour the bubble bath, and bring her some champagne (or tea) in the tub!

27. Classy clues

Looking for an easy and elegant hunt? These clues are so pretty, and they come with simple instructions on where to hide each one.

28. Sweet pictures

I love the adorable detailed graphics on this Mother’s Day hunt! The little smiling avocados with heart-shaped pits are too cute.

29. Beautiful borders

The border on these clues is so beautiful, it reminds me of expensive stationery. I love how this scavenger hunt printable looks – plus it has 20 pre-written clues to keep the game going!

30. Princess treasure hunt

Every mom deserves to be treated like a princess, especially on Mother’s Day! Which is why this princess-themed scavenger hunt is so appropriate for the occasion.

31. Handwritten notes

This sweet Mother’s Day treasure hunt comes with 10 clues written in a script that looks like handwriting.

I know it can be tough to come up with something special for Mother’s Day. A scavenger hunt is such a sweet, unique idea, and the activity is sure to bring the whole family together. You’ll make fun memories that last forever while celebrating one of the most important people in your life. 

So, what do you think? Did this list inspire you to put together a surprise hunt for Mother’s Day? I just love how easy these printable kits make it to organize this activity, and they are so affordable! Let me know in the comments – which of these printable ideas do you like best, and what is your favorite Mother’s Day memory?