Inside : Free printable graduation games for your graduation after-party.

Graduation season is upon us, and you want to celebrate it in style. However, throwing a graduation party can seem like a daunting task. With so much happening during the ceremony itself, the after-party can probably be overlooked…which isn’t always a bad thing!

Not all after-parties need to be wild and crazy. Graduation parties usually include food, drinks, and music, which makes for a great celebration that will be remembered by the attendees for years to come. However, for this particular party, we’re going to put a twist and include printable games!

Free Printable Graduation Party Games

Printable games are always great because they’re affordable and they can be played at your convenience⁠—you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home. The even better thing is that you can even play some of these virtually over video conference!

Read on for some exciting printable games for your graduation after-party!

College Graduation Printable Party Games

College graduation party games printable

The biggest difference between a regular party and a graduation party is that you want to celebrate the grads themselves, not just their big accomplishment. To make the party more about them, print some fun graduation party games that are related to what they have been through and who they are!

1. How Well Do You Know The Graduate?

Give each guest a sheet of paper. On the left side are questions about the graduate and on the right side are blanks where guests can write their answers. Questions can range from favorite food to their favorite memory of the graduate. After guests fill out their papers, the graduate or a judge can read the questions and tally each guest’s score.

2. Never Have We Ever

Print a list of things that the graduates may have never done (scuba dive, played an instrument, gone to Disney World, etc.). Anyone who has done that activity gets a point for each one they’ve completed. This is a modified version of the printable in the link.

3. Would The Graduate Rather?

This is a fun icebreaker. Give out copies of the ‘Would The Graduate Rather’ card from this party pack. Have guests fill out the card and then share with the group.

4. Who Is Most Likely To

Print out this Who Is Most Likely To game. Have each guest fill out the sheet of paper with the names of their fellow graduates. Tally the number of times a name has been mentioned per item.

Graduation Party Printable’s For Younger Graduates

Printable Kindergarten graduation games

Graduating from kindergarten, preschool, or even daycare is a big moment that will be remembered by kids for the rest of their lives. Make their after-parties memorable too! And while some of the games above may be a bit difficult for them, here is a list of printables that are perfectly suited for younger graduates!

5. Memory Book

Parents, let your kid reminisce when they’re older. Have everyone (teachers, classmates, relatives, or their classmates’ parents) decorate a sheet of paper with pictures and memories of your kid. Guests can write a note on the back of each picture they contribute to the book. This is a great way to have everyone participate while looking back at the memories your kid has made with their friend or relative!

You can also make or print a teenage version of this by printing a memory book specially made for high schoolers that they can ask their friends to sign.

6. Printable Clues – Graduation Scavenger Hunt

Have guests team up for this game. Before the party, print clues on index cards and hide them around the room. When a card is found, read the clue out loud and the team has to go find where they are on the list.

7. I Spy Graduation Game

Give each guest a copy of this I Spy printable. The first one to find everything on the list wins! You can also set a time limit and whoever finds the most items is the winner.

8. Graduation Taboo Game

Print this game ahead of time so guests have something to do and think about while you’re setting up the party. This game follows the traditional rules of taboo. You can also modify this game in this way: If someone hears them say any of the words here during the party, they should cross it out. The person with the least words crossed out at the end of the party wins.

Awesome Grad Party Games For Groups

Grad party games

You can also print games that groups can do together. These are perfect games for graduates who want to celebrate this milestone together. Print these and watch friends bond over some laughs!

9. Graduation Bingo

Print off a bunch of different cards and mix them up. Call out items from the cards, such as “class president,” “best graduation outfit,” etc. If a player has that item on their card, they can mark it with an x. The first to get a row of five wins!

10. Grad Libs

Laugh about your funniest moments in school with Grad Libs! Guests write sentences using different words (that relate to school like book, pencil, etc.) The host reads the first word and then each player writes a sentence using that word. A great game to play with older kids or teens.

11. Are You Smarter Than A High School Graduate?

This is a great trivia game. You can print this printable or make your own questions. Before the party, write twenty questions on index cards and mix them up. Have guests pick a card and answer the question. If they get it right, they can keep the card for points. After guests answer each question, tally their score and see who has the most points at the end!

12. Graduation Word Search
This printable word search contains words related to graduation. Players can work together to find the words and then circle them in the grid.

13. Graduation Emoji Decoding

Print the sheet of emoji sets and split guests into teams. Each team gets a list of emojis, say emojis 1 to 5, so they must work together to figure out the clues that relate to graduation.

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