Inside: The best thanksgiving charades words to play.

With Thanksgiving coming up quickly, you may be looking for some ways to make your turkey day extra special. I know the struggles that come with slaving away in the kitchen all day. It can be stressful, and you end up feeling like you were so busy cooking that you barely got to socialize. 

One of my favorite ways to break out of this feeling is to schedule some fun into your day. Yes, I said schedule. We all know that Thanksgiving is a very busy day, so you literally have to plan out when you want a break from cooking to be able to enjoy it.

But it’s well worth it.

Do you know what makes it even better? If you fill that fun time playing games with your family! 

Thanksgiving Charades Ideas

One of my personal favorite games to play with my fam is charades. So today, I made a list of over 200 of the best Thanksgiving charades words. These words are all centered around this holiday so that you can feel extra festive while you play. So gather everyone around and get to it!

Simple Thanksgiving Charades Words

To start us out, we have some simple thanksgiving words. Most of these are just one-worded topics or things you can mime out to your friends and family. Write these down and add them to your bowl!

1. Thankful

2. Grateful

3. Turkey

4. Cranberry Sauce

5. Stuffing

6. Cooking

7. Kitchen

8. Football

9. Ham

10. Friends

11. Family

12. Love

13. Togetherness

14. Butterball

15. Mom 

16. Dad 

17. Grandma

18. Grandpa

19. Uncle

20. Aunt

21. Cousins

22. Oven

23. Fridge

24. Bird

25. Pilgrim 

26. Fall 

27. Pumpkin

28. Pumpkin Pie

29. Corn 

30. Trees

31. Fall Leaves

32. Gravy 

33. Apple Cider

34. Leftover 

35. Platter

36. Feist 

Classic Thanksgiving Charades

Classic Thanksgiving Charades Words

Here are some classic Thanksgiving charades words for you to include. Here is a pro tip: If you are planning on writing down all 200 of these, then take turns switching with other family members, so your hand doesn’t cramp. That is no fun! Your stomach will already be cramping later from all the good food, so do your body this service. 

37. Turkey Gobble

38. Sweet Potatoes

39. November 

40. Bread Roll

41. Holiday

42. Recipe

43. Food Coma

44. Desserts 

45. Maze

46. Loose Pants

47. Apple Pie

48. Games

49. Family Fun 

50. Laughter

51. First Thanksgiving

52. Spread Love

53. Gratitude

53. Food Lover

54. Foodie

55. Parade

56. Float

57. Sweaters

58. Rainboots

59. Cozy Outfits

60. Candle

61. Warm Drinks

62. Sweet Potato Pie

63. Tradition

64. Tablecloth

65. Buffet

66. Comfort Food

Medium Level Charades Words

Here are some words that aren’t too hard but aren’t too easy. You want your family members to be challenged, but you also want them to be able to have fun. There is nothing worse than panicking because you don’t know how to mime out a word. So try these! Remember that the whole point of this game is to have fun, so don’t take winning too seriously.

67. Small Potatoes 

68. Mashed Potatoes

69. Salad

70. Potato Salad

71. Thanksgiving 

72. Dinner Time

73. Charlie Brown 

74. The Great Pumpkin

75. Crunchy Leaves

76. Blanket

77. Rainy Day

78. Winter is Coming

79. Unbuckle Belt

80. Themed Movie Marathon

81. Walk Off Food

82. Too Much Food

83. Gravy Boat

84. Loving Home

85. Brownies

86. Chocolate Chip Cookies

87. Abundance

88. Aroma 

89. Cornucopia 

90. Appetite

91. Home – Cooked

92. New World

93. Stuffed Turkey

94. America

95. Pumpkin Spice 

96. Pumpkin Spice Latte

97. Farm Fresh

98. Fall In Love

99. Autumn Harvest

100. Give Thanks

101. Spread Joy

102. Leggings

Funny Fall Charades Words

Funny Fall Charades Words

These words aren’t necessarily funny on their own, but rather they are funny to have to watch someone explain them without using words. How would you mime the word squash? It ends up making you look pretty dang silly. Try some of these words out and challenge yourselves not to laugh. Honestly, making yourself not laugh is the quickest way to a giggle fit…which is one of my favorite things to experience. 

103. Yummy Dishes

104. Long Shopping List

105. Cooking All Day

106. Squash 

107. Gorge

108. Cold Food

109. Warm Food

110. Stomach Ache

111. Chicken Pot Pie

112. Sheppards Pie

113. Grandmas Recipe

114. Traditional Recipe

115. Fancy Potatoes

116. Honey Butter

117. Cornbread

118. Ham and Cabbage

119. Butter

120. Sugar

121. Chocolate

122. Small Breakfast

124. Glazed Salmon

125. Vegan Thanksgiving

126. Healthy Options

127. Brussel Sprouts

128. Silverware

129. Big Plate

130. Seconds

131. Food Nap

132. Macy’s Day Parade

133. Giant Inflated Character

134. Turkey Sandwich

135. Thanksgiving Leftover Meal

136. Marshmallows and Yams

137. Food Eating Pants

138. Elastic Waist Belt

139. Thanksgiving Break

140. Green Beans

Thanksgiving Themed Words

This list is of medium strength in terms of hardness. So if you want to add some harder ones, look at the bottom of this list. That is where I have placed the really challenging words. But if you want the game to be light-hearted and doable, then the list below is perfect.

141. Green Bean Casserole

142. Fried Onions

143. Simmer Pot

144. Saying Grace

145. Thanksgiving Gratitude Circle

146. Kids Table

147. Toast

148. Champagne

149. Wine

150. Breaking Bread

151. Bread and Butter

152. Gaining Pounds

153. Pound Cake

154. Lemon Bars

155. Slutty Brownies

156. Chocolate Lovers Dream

157. Salt Water Taffy 

158. Grandma’s Purse Candy

159. Action Movie Marathon

160. Baking with Grandma

161. Baking with Mom

162. Learning to Cook

163. Hosting Thanksgiving

164. Thanksgiving Party Favors

165. Hand Turkey

166. Dinner Cocktails

167. Drunk Uncle

168. Friendsgiving

169. Friends the Tv Show

170. Friends Tradition

171. Sweet Tooth

172. Cavities 

173. Deep Dish 

Thanksgiving Charades

Fall Themed Charades Words

Thanksgiving is the last holiday that happens during fall. You may notice that most Thanksgiving decorations really just fall decorations, but add in a few turkeys and whatnot so, and then you can call it good. So the words below are more fall-themed. Check them out and see which ones you want to add to your list!

174. Can’t Move

175. Roll Me Out

176. Looks Delicious

177. Favorite Food

178. I Love You

179. Love My Family

180. Coffee Please

181. Favorite Drink

182. Sweater Weather

183. Cozy Season

184. Friends Are Family 

185. Ohana Means Family

186. Turkey Day

187. Wishbone

188. Make a Wish

189. Eating All Day

190. Full Belly and Full Heart

191. Happiest Place

192. Best Seat at the Table

193. No more food

194. One More Bite

195. No More Yams

196. Kids Eat Well

197. Chocolate Pudding Pie

198. Growing Family

199. Best Food Ever

200. No more Room

Hard Turkey Day Charades Ideas

Hard Thanksgiving Charades Ideas

This last list is the hardest. Some of these are full sentences, and not all of them even make sense. These are not for the faint of heart. Only the best charades champions will succeed. If that is not you, well then prepare to put on quite the show! Just try your best, that is all that matters in the end.

201. Stomach Full of Turkey Leg

202. Thanksgiving Teaparty

203. No Cell Phone At Dinner

204. Stuffed Ice Cream Sandwich

205. Cake with Gravy 

206. Octopus Pot Pie

207. Thanksgiving at Christmas

208. Black Cat with Bow Tie

209. Dapper Dressed

210. Grandpa’s Happy Dance

211.  Taco Thursday

212. Simple Thanksgiving Meal 

213. Classic Foods for Turkey Day

214. Lamb Chops 

215. Halloween Candy Feist

216.  Farm Grown Candy

217. Giant Inflatable Turkey

218. Mountain of Food

219. Clown Food

220. Cat Food Thanksgiving

221. Turkey with a Top Hat

So…I hope you found all of these words helpful. I really had to wrack my brain around some of these. You try coming up with over 200 words that pertain to thanksgiving; it gets challenging after 100. Oh wait…you don’t have to; I did it for you!

Charades is such a fun game to play with the whole family. It allows you to get out of your shell and let loose a little. This is especially needed during Thanksgiving. It’s the best holiday for food, but the worst one in terms of stress. So take some time out of the kitchen this holiday to play this game with your loved one. 

There are many other versions of charades you can play as well. It’s up to you and your preferences.