Inside: Best spa party games for adults that you’ll love.

Are you planning on throwing a spa party soon? Then you have to check out these spa party games for adults. We have all been there; you have just gotten your face masks on and now you are just sitting around waiting for them to dry. Isn’t there something you could be doing that is way more fun than literally watching mud dry?

News flash, there is!

Best spa party games for adults

I have created a list of the best spa party games for adults that will help you to fill those awkward silences, and create more memories with the people around you. These games vary from crafty to hilarious so I am certain that there is an idea on this list that you and your group will love. 

So…what are you waiting for? Check out all of these ideas and decide which ones you will incorporate into your party!

Spa Party Games For Adults

For this first list, I have added all of the classic spa party games for adults that you are basically required to do if you are throwing a spa party. Take a look at these and see which ones you would want to play with your friends.

1. Pin the Mask on the Lady – Okay, for this first game, you will need sheet masks for every one of your guests. Split into teams of two and then take turns having your partner close their eyes and then try their best to place the face mask on their partner with all of the holes lining up perfectly. The person who puts it on the best is the winner!

2. Make Your Own Bath Bomb – If you are interested in learning how to make your own spa products, then this will be the perfect game for you. Get all of the supplies to make your very own bath bombs at home. Then have all your girlfriends come over to have a crafting session. The party favors will be that they get to take their bath bombs home. Here is a tutorial.

Spa Party activities for Adults with Examples

3. Full At-Home Spa – When I say full, I mean from head to toe. Get your guests hair masks, face masks, exfoliants, hand masks, foot masks, and nail polish. And anything else that you can think of. Then spend the night pampering yourselves.

4. Mud Mask Art – For this game, you will need a few different mud masks in different colors. Have everyone pair up and then have each other take turns drawing on each other’s faces with the masks. Whoever has the most creative face at the end wins. This one is super fun to do, so try your best not to laugh! 

5. Two Truths and a Lie – This is a classic game that is perfect for playing when you have facemasks on or when your nails are drying because you don’t have to move. Each of you goes around the room telling two truths and one lie. The others have to guess which is the lie!

6. Would You Rather – Another classic game that is just begging to be played at a spa party. This is a great way to get to know your friends even better by giving them hypothetical(and funny) scenarios in which they have to choose what they would rather do. 

Hilarious Spa Games To Play 

For this list, I have added all of the funniest games that you can play at a spa party. There are lots of them. I think the hardest part is laughing with a mud mask on. That thing will crack and flake if you aren’t careful! So take a look at these and try whichever ones you dare.

7. Laugh Off – For this game, you have to break off into pairs and sit across from each other. Each player has one minute to try and make their opponent laugh. If they so much as crack a smile or stifle a giggle, that means you get the point. This is a good one if you are looking to have a good time. Who can have a bad time while laughing?

8. Nail Art Challenge – This is also a funny one because chances are you are not the best at nail art. It is literally an art form that people have to go to school for…so unless you have a miraculous talent…you probably are sub-par. No pressure or anything, but for this game, you need to split into pairs and do each other’s nails with some sort of nail art included. Then whoever is the best wins!

9. Product Trade-Off – I attended a spa party a few weeks ago, and this was one of my favorite games that were played. On the invitation, it said to bring all of the products that we no longer wanted or that we never used. Then when we were there, we were able to trade those products for something that we would like more.

It was a cool way of recycling things and having a good time with my girls. So I highly recommend this!

Hilarious polish Games to Play

10. Kiss, Marry, Kill – I would be remiss if I didn’t include this one. These can get juicy when you play them as an adult. It’s funny; when we were kids, this game was all hypothetical. We only had light crushes and nothing very serious. But as adults, we get to thoroughly discuss which of the famous Chris’s are the best. I am obviously on team Evans here. That is America’s butt. Just saying. 

So have some fun with this one!

11. Never Have I Ever – If you are hoping to get to know your group a little better, this is a fun and an off-kilter way to do so. You go around the room with never have I ever statements, and if someone in the group has, they have to take a drink. I am assuming wine or champagne will be at your spa party?

12. Who Am I – You have to go around the room describing yourself as someone else that is in the room. Everyone else has to guess who you are talking about. This one cracks me up because you get to call out your friend’s funny quirks and habits in a nice and hilarious way.

13. Longest Mask – I’ve played this one, and it drove me crazy. It isn’t for the faint of heart. Everyone has to put on an Aztec clay mask and then wait. The person who keeps their mask on the longest wins. This sounds easier than it really is. That mask will get tight, dry, and flakey. The hardest part is you are not allowed to touch it at all. Not even to flake a little of it off! Good luck.

Spa Party games for adults

What did I tell you? There are loads of ways to spice up those awkward silences in between face masks at a spa party. I hope you enjoyed this list of spa party games for adults because I enjoyed putting them together. 

Spending time with your friends on a regular basis is so important. Not only is it good for your friendships, but it’s good for your mental health as well. Creating deep relationships with the people in your life has been proven to lower depression. So a spa party is GOOD for you. Now you have to throw one, doctor’s orders.