Inside: Spiderman cake ideas with great power and great responsibility.

Spiderman has been my favorite superhero since I was just two years old. My parents took me to see the first Spiderman movie in theaters and the rest was history. Now that I am an adult, that love has not gone away…it’s grown.

I have been able to see Spiderman grow and change throughout my life. First, he was played by Toby Maguire, then Andrew Garfield, and now we of course, have our current spider-man: Tom Holland. All three of these boys have done a wonderful job.

And if you have seen the latest Spidey film, No Way Home, you will understand why I am writing this article today.

Spiderman Cake Ideas

Spiderman will always be a classic superhero, and it warms my heart to think that this generation will get to watch him grow and evolve the way I have been able to. So today, I am making an article dedicated to all of the little fanboys and girls out there who want their parties to be Spiderman-themed.

I have compiled an epic list of over 160 of the coolest Spiderman cake ideas for you to look through. Swing on through and take a look!

Simple Spiderman Cake Ideas

To kick us off, we have some simple spiderman cake ideas. You don’t need to bring out the big guns to have an awesome cake, you just need some simple decals and colors, and you will be surprised by the results. I love how many of these decorators included a cityscape for the background.

It gives it such a unique and artistic feel, don’t you think? Check these out.

1. Spider with City

2. 6-Year-Old Cake

3. City Cake with Spidey

4. Cartoon Spiderman

5. 2 Tier Cake

6. Red, White, and Blue Sprinkles

7. Cute Cake Tutorial

8. Spiderman Mid Swing

9. Red Cake with Oreos

10. Spiderman Mask

11. Brick Wall Spidey

12. 8-Year-Old Cake

13. Sweet Black and Red Cake

14. Blue City

15. Spiderman Face Cake

16. Cute 2 Tier City

17. Classic Spidey Costume

18. Simple Red Cake

19. Pop Cycle Cake

20. Ombre Red and Blue Cake

21. Cupcake Spider Cake

22. 3 Tone Cake

23. 3 D Cake

24. Red Dripping Frosting

25. 7 Shape

26. Frankies Cake

27. Spiderweb Frosting

28. Long Birthday Candles

29. Multiverse Cake

30. Spidey Photo cake

31. Clean Spider Cake

32. Handmade Cake

Epic Spiderman Designs

This next list will blow you away. Who knew that Spiderman cakes could be so cool? I want to personally shake hands with some of these artists because these are literal perfection! See which ones you think would be perfect for you or your little one. Or better yet, have the person of honor pick out their own cake!

33. Pastel Spiderman

34. Red and Blue Stripes

35. Soft Cake

36. Spiderman Crawling Up a Wall

37. Fondant Cake

38. Epic Cake Topper

Epic Spidey Designs

39. Spiderman Mask

40. Comic Book Theme

41. Awesome Cake with Color

42. Epic Spider-Shaped Cake

43. Spiderweb Cake Top

44. Marvel-Themed Cupcakes

45. Cake for 3-Year-Old

46. Primary Color Cake

47. White and Red Cake

48. Black Drizzle Frosting

49.  Full Fondant Spiderman

50. Rice Crispy Cake

51. Simple but Epic Cake

52. Spiderman Face

53. Cake Ball Balloon Cake

54. Clean Cake with Spidey

55. Red Cake with Black Web

56. Cute Soft Frosting

57. 2 Tier City with Spiderman

58. Alexander Cake

59. Ada’s Cake

60. City Scape with Spider Head

61. Glossy Cake

62. Mark’s Cake

63. Patriotic Spiderman

64. Avengers Cake

Spiderman Cake Toppers

Here are some of the best Spiderman cakes with cool toppers. I think the cake toppers are arguable the coolest part of the cake. Pro Tip: If you want to save money, get yourself a solid colored cake and then buy the toppers on amazon and decorate it that way! Throwing a party can be expensive enough without having to spend 50$ or more on a cake. 

65. Cute Cake with Red Top

66. Half and Half Right

67. Avenger Cake Theme

68. Sweet 4-Year-Old Theme

69. Blue Cake with Black Web

70. Comic Cake Topper

71. Spiderman Stickers

72. 10-Year-Old Cake

73. Dirty Iced Cake

74. Blue Decorated Tall Cake

75. Textured Iced Cake

76. Brick Building

77. Spiderman Video Game

78. Perfect Spiderman Dessert

79. Spiderman Head

80. Hand Drawn Spidey

81. Comic Page Cake

82. Chocolate Spider Cake

83. Full Spiderman Spread

84. Marvel-Themed Dessert

85. Spiderman’s Web

Spiderman Cake Toppers

86. Big Spidey Cake

87. Spiderman Costume

88. City At Night

89. Swirled Textured Cake

90. Detailed City Cake

91. Simple Cake

92. White and Blue Ombre

93. 6 Shaped Cake

94. Tall Skinny Cake

95. Blue Star Cake

96. Light Blue Textured Cake

Coolest Spiderman Designs

These are some of the coolest Spiderman cake designs on the internet. I am honestly shocked that I can still be shocked at this point, nearly 100 deep into this theme of cake, and yet…I had to pick my jaw up off the floor for some of these. How do people come up with this stuff? I am especially in love with number 99. So check this portion out to see if anything stands out to you.

97. Spiderman-Shaped Dessert

98. Red-Toned Cake

99. Sparkly Spiderman

100. Splatter Cake

101. Fondant Spiderman Face

102. 2 Tier Avenger Cake

103. 3 Spiderman Decor

104. Spiderman with Black Decal

105. Rainbow Sprinkles

106. Textured Blue Sides with Top

107. 10-Year-Old Topper

108. 3 Tier Venom Cake

109. Red Cake with Blue Decor

110. Spiderman Party Dessert

111. Surprise Cake

112. Cake with Blue Red Decor

113. Funny Spiderman Webs

Superhero Cake Toppers For Boys

114. Hot Cocoa Bombs

115. Red Spider Dessert

116. Square Cake with Little Spidermen

117. Detailed Doc Oct.

118. Black and White Cake

119. Blue Grey Cake

120. Tie Dye Cake

121. Black and Red

123. Navy Blue Cake

124. Macaron Cake

125. Epic Dark Red Cake

126. 2 Shaped Cake

127. Small Fondant Spiderman

128. Cake for Birthday

129. Nathaniel’s Cake

130. Happy Birthday Cake

131. Spiderman and Venom

132. Superhero Cake

133. Soft Ombre Cake

134. 2021 Spiderman

Spiderman Cakes for Birthday Parties

For the last list, I wanted to include some birthday-specific cakes. That is why we are here, right? Birthday Cakes? I don’t really see someone throwing a spiderman themed graduation party…although that would be pretty cool. If any of you throw that party, I better get an invite. Okay, enough talking…which one of these beauties will be at your next party?

135. Spider-Man Art

136. Messy Colored Frosting

137. Epic 6-Year-Old Cake

138. Big Headed Spiderman

139. Yellow Lettered Cake

140. Cute Square Birthday Cake

141. Comic Book Photos on Cake

142. Classic Spiderman Stance

143. Dark Fondant Cake

144. Black Bottom with Costume Top

145. Multiverse Spidermen

146. Perfect Spider Cake

147. Web Wrapped Cake

148. Spiderman with Ironman

149. Sparkly Red and Blue

150. Simple Red White and Blue Cake

151. Spray Paint Cake

152. Venom Spiderman Decor

Spiderman cake ideas

153. Lots of Toppers

154. Lucas’ Birthday Cake

155. Frosting Drawn City

156. Web Cake with Face

157. Web Shooter Cake

158. Blue Frosting with Spidey

159. Red, Black, and Blue Spiderman

160. Huge Spiderman Dessert

161. Drippy Kids Cake

162. White Cake with Little Decal

163. Big Square Cake

I hope you loved these spiderman cake ideas. Honestly, I may be an adult, but I am seriously considering using one of these as inspiration for my next cake. My love for Spidey never dies! And it is now one of my life goals to get to eat him in cake form. Not in a creepy way or anything…it’s more like a fan’s right of passage. At least, that is what I am telling myself.

Thank you for letting me geek out with you. Remember, if you are in search of some more cake ideas, then we have you covered on that too. The cake is one of the most important parts of the party, after all, and it has to be cool.

There isn’t any room for boring old cakes around here. These days you have the choice between adding photos, making it hyper-realistic, and so many other awesome options that a classic cake won’t cut it anymore. So go big, and then go home and eat it!