Inside: Printable Brain Games for Seniors to Enjoy.

In this day and age, printable brain games are often used to keep seniors healthy and happy.

They can help with a multitude of different things from protecting against Alzheimer’s disease to simply making a senior citizen’s life more enjoyable. 

Sudoku puzzles, crossword puzzles, and word searches are all popular types of printable brain games. These games help to improve mental agility, memory, and vocabulary. They can also help to keep the mind active and engaged. Other seniors might prefer more creative printable brain games such as Mad Libs or brain teasers. 

No matter what type of printable brain game a senior enjoys, there is sure to be a wide variety of options available online.

Printable brain game for seniors

The best part is that most of these printable brain games are free or very cheap to order. Check out our list of the best, ready-to-print brain games for seniors below!

Crossword Puzzles

What’s great about these crossword puzzles is that they also come with the option to be black and white or color, depending on what you prefer.

  1. Free-form: This is perfect for seniors who want to take things at their own pace. These puzzles are often less structured than traditional crossword puzzles, which can be a great way to ease into the puzzle-solving process.
  2. Math Crossword Puzzle: Doing math problems improves critical thinking skills. This is a unique way of solving math problems.  
  3. Cryptograms: Cryptograms are similar to crossword puzzles, but instead of using letters and words, they use symbols like numbers or asterisks. These types of printable brain games can be tricky at first, but the goal is to find a hidden message.

Sudoku Puzzles as Brain Exercises For Seniors

Games for improving memory in older adults

Sudoku puzzles are a popular type of printable brain game that can help to improve mental agility and memory. These games originate from Japan and have been around for several centuries. In order to win, you must complete a 9×9 grid using numbers 1-9, repeating no numbers in any row or column.

  1. Easy Sudoku: These puzzles are perfect for seniors who are just starting out with Sudoku.  
  2. Medium Sudoku: Once our seniors get the hang of solving Sudoku, they can now try the medium level. 
  3. Hard Sudoku: Hard Sudoku puzzles are for seniors who are looking for a real challenge.
  4. Samurai Sudoku Five Pattern: If they think the hard level is a piece of cake, then this Samurai Sudoku might be the perfect brain exercise for them. This features 5 conjoined puzzles. 

Word Search Puzzles

Word search printable games for seniors can help to improve vocabulary, mental agility, and memory. Word searches usually include words that are related to a specific topic or theme.

  1. Anagrams: This game features different combinations of the same letters. These types of printable brain games can be challenging, but they’re also a great way for seniors to improve their vocabulary skills.
  2. Anagram Riddles: It is a more fun and engaging variation of the anagram game. 
  3. Themed Word Search Puzzles: Seniors who want more variety in their printable brain games can choose from different categories in these themed word search puzzles.
  4. Rebus: Rebus puzzles combine pictures, symbols, words, and letters to form a specific meaning. It can be tricky at first, but this enhances the problem-solving skills of the seniors. 

More Memory Games for Seniors

Memory care games for seniors

The older someone gets, the more forgetful they become. These fun brain games for seniors are sure to prevent them from getting rusty. 

  1. Office Mad Libs: This specific mad lib can take seniors back to memory lane. Some of them might reminisce about their office shenanigans while filling in the blanks!
  2. Matchstick Puzzles: Think outside the matchbox! Choose from easy and intermediate difficulty. This is one of my favorites that I recommend for older people to try.
  3. Jigsaw Puzzles: Jigsaw puzzles are easy to prepare and can be beneficial in improving memory retention. Cut the jigsaw pieces in unusual shapes to make the puzzle more challenging. 
  4. Start to Finish: One clue is provided in this game. The word being looked for starts and ends with the same letter. 
  5. Birthday Interview: Try to test seniors if they can still remember small details about themselves. This is also your chance to ask some questions you have been wanting to ask. 
  6. English Puzzles: Answer what is being described in the picture as fast as you can. 
  7. Spelling Brain Teaser: Using clues, seniors need to spell a word correctly. This is a fun memory game for seniors.

A List of Additional Fun Brain Games For Seniors

Brain games for seniors

Here’s a list of more fun and challenging brain games that seniors can try:

  1. Odd Word Out: This is a simple but fun game for seniors to practice their vocabulary. They just need to cross out the word which differs from the group.
  2. Hangman: Hangman is a classic word game that requires players to guess a specific word or phrase. If they guess incorrectly, they lose a life and the game ends. This is a fun memory game for seniors.
  3. Say the Color: Here is another familiar, but fun printable game for seniors to exercise their brain. Players need to say the color and not the word. To make it more fun, set a stopwatch and record how fast the seniors can finish this game. 
  4. Word Scramble: Scramble the letters to find out the correct word. 
  5. What am I?: Print these sets of words and play with the seniors. They need to ask yes or no questions in order to find out what the word is. 
  6. Double Puzzle: This puzzle has two steps. The first is to unscramble the letters to find the words. Next, take specific letters from the scrambled words to form a sentence or a quote. 
  7. Who Am I?: In this game, players must guess the name of a famous person or fictional character by reading a series of clues.
  8. Brain Test: This is an incredibly challenging game that seniors will definitely enjoy. The questions here are not your usual general knowledge questions and will need lots and lots of strategic thinking. Let’s see how fast the seniors can solve the problems.
  9. Cars Brain Teaser: This game will test the seniors’ knowledge of cars (talk about decades of it!) and some of their math skills.

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