Inside: Have you ever played emoji charades? If not, this post will tell you everything you need to know for this funny party game.

In this day and age, there are so many different ways to revamp old games. There are Super Mario Themed Games of Life, Sorry: Not Sorry!… the examples go on and on.

So naturally, charades have also been updated. Obviously, nothing can ever compete with the classic game of charades, but there are some really fun ways you can add to it to make it more modern.

One of my favorite ways I’ve seen this done is this Emojis.

That’s right Emoji Charades!

Though this might seem like a silly game, it is really a whole lot of fun for the whole family. Adults and children alike cannot resist the hilarious fun that ensues when trying to reenact an emoji while not talking.

You see them every single day, heck you use them with almost every text that you send, and yet figuring out how to express them during charades can be especially challenging.

If you don’t know how to play, then do not worry. I will walk you through the basic version of it!

How to play charades with digital emojis

How to Play

First, you will put all of the different printed emojis into a hat. Then you will have everyone gather around.

The first person to play will pull from the hat and have exactly 1 minute marked out on the timer. As soon as everyone is ready you will hit start and the person has that time to try and act out what emoji they have pulled. If no one gets it then it goes back into the hat and the next person goes, if someone does guess it then that person gets the point and the next person gets up for their turn.

This continues until the papers are gone, then you tally up the points to see who won.

So it’s as straightforward as it sounds, with a few optional twists. If done in the traditional way, then a bowl full of different emojis is pulled from and each person has to act them out without saying a word. If you opt for the twists, then there are a few different ways you can play. Such as choosing an emoji charade quiz or playing via the tv.

If you want to play Emoji charades yourself then keep on reading! I’ve made a list of 17 of the best Emoji Charades Ideas for you to consider for your next party. If you are curious how the other two versions are played, then don’t worry.

I explain that further in the article, so you will be able to choose your favorite way to play. Take a look!

Emoji Card Decks For Charades

Emoji Charades Deck

These are some of the coolest classic emoji charades decks you can buy or print.

That’s right, I said print.

If you don’t want to wait for your emoji deck to come in the mail, and you don’t have the patients or artistic ability to draw your own, then the printable options are for you. I’ve included some below!

1. Emoji Charades Set

2. Printable Emoji Cards

3. Simple Emoji Charades

4. Printable Emoji Flashcards

5. Free Emoji Faces

6. Emoji Emotion Card Deck

7. Free Emoji Cards

Emoji Charades

Emoji Charades Quizzes

Now, emoji quizzes are a little different. Instead of getting up to mime what emoji you have, you’ll have a paper.

On this paper that each person will get, there will be lines of emoji ‘sentences’ that you have to decipher. You have until the timer runs out, and the person with the most answers correct wins. If multiple people tie, then the person who finished first is the winner. 

8. Printable Quizzes with Answers

9. Multiple Emoji Quizzes

10. Winter Themed Emoji Quizzes

11. 90’s Theme Emoji Quizzes

12. Virtual Emoji Quiz

13. Emoji Challenge for Kids

More Emoji Charades

14.Printable Emoji PDF

15. Emoji Emotion Flashcards

16. Christmas Emoji Charades

Emoji TV Game

Emoji TV Game

I’ve left the best for last. This is the Digital Emoji charades game. This one is for all of you tech-savvy people out there. It is also a nice way to make the evening feel extra fancy rather than doing the classic paper in bowl thing. Plus you get a big screen for everyone to play on so everyone is included in a different kind of way! For this game below, you download an app that can connect to your TV.

When you have all of your friends over, you can set up the game. Next, you will want to all agree on a category. Then you will take turns describing things only using emojis and see who can guess the correct answer first.

This looks like so much fun!

17. Emoji Charades for TV

I hope you loved this article on all of the different ways to play Emoji charades. I know that if you play at least one of these games at your next party, it’ll be a smash hit.

I mean, everyone in this generation is an Emoji pro, so no one should have a hard time with it. It’s a guaranteed good time! Happy gaming. 

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