Inside: Adorable Baby Shower Emoji Pictionary Answers and Game Sets.

Who doesn’t love a baby shower? It’s a great way to celebrate a mom-to-be and help her take her mind off of her cravings and aching feet. And doesn’t she deserve it?

Being a mom is hard from the get-go!

So let’s make things easy by throwing together some awesome baby shower activities that are easy to learn, play, and clean up. We already have a list of the most fun free printable baby shower games, but let’s focus on my favorite one for now…

Baby shower emoji Pictionary answers are super fun and cute! They’re easy for everyone to play and require little to no set-up from party planners- that’s our favorite part. 

Baby Shower Emoji Pictionary Answers

Make things competitive with a timer and keep sheets face down until it’s time to start. No phone searching allowed!

See who gets the most correct and have some fun party favors for winners.

Check out our 21+ favorite baby shower emoji Pictionary answers and games for a hilarious and heartwarming baby shower.

Free Printable Baby Shower Emoji Game & Answers

Everyone loves emoji games, but not everyone loves having to pay to have a bunch ready to play. That’s where our list comes in! Here are 5 baby shower emoji game answers that are free and printable.

  1. Baby Emoji Answer Key:  This game comes at no cost and with an answer key. These questions and answers might surprise you! 
  2. Children’s Books Emoji Pictionary:  20 questions, 20 answers, one game! This one is based on classic children’s novels.
  3. Nursery Rhyme Emoji:  Can you guess the famous nursery rhyme based off of a series of emojis? This game card comes in both a pink and a blue color scheme.
  4. Emoji Pictionary Book Game:  Guess the popular children’s book title based on the pictures provided! 
  5. Baby Shower Pictionary Activity:  A lovely mint green themed activity sheet with 15 emoji sets to guess. This one is based on pregnancy, child, or marriage related phrases, so it’s a bit more challenging than some of the other themes!

Free printable baby shower emoji games with answers

Emoji Pictionary Answers For Baby Showers

There are three major themes we’re working with for baby shower emoji pictionary and answers: children’s books, nursery rhymes, and basic pregnancy phrases. Here are a bunch of options in some different styles that you can choose from!

  1. Baby Shower Guessing Game:  This cute compilation of various baby shower emoji games includes activities to guess nursery rhymes or children book titles with the picture clues. Available for purchase on Etsy. 
  2. Funny Baby Shower Pictionary Activity:  Guess the 15 popular baby-related phrases written with emojis. Order this game in either kraft paper or white, and answers are included!
  3. Nursery Rhyme Emoji Matching:  Match the nursery rhyme with the corresponding set of emojis! This download comes in both 8×11 and 5×7 sizes with an included answer key.
  4. Classic Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower Emoji Pictionary Answers:  Does it get any cuter than Winnie the Pooh? I really don’t think so! Play along with Christopher Robin, Pooh, and Tigger as you guess the classic story from the emojis! 
  5. The Emoji Game: Baby Shower:  You can play this one on Zoom or at home on a screen! It’s a virtual quiz game with 30 rounds that the whole family can enjoy wherever they are.
  6. Baby Disney Movie Pictionary:  Baby Mickey and Minnie adorn this adorable game card. Guess the Disney Movie written with emojis! Warning: a couple of these are pretty tricky!

Pre-Printed Pictionary Baby Shower Emoji Games

Expecting a lot of guests? These activities come in bulk with 20 or 50 sheets ready to go for you. Check out our favorite options for some baby shower emoji pictionary answers that are pre-printed, no assembly required!

  1. Gender Neutral Baby Shower Game:  This activity comes with a whopping 50 sheets, packaged and ready to go for you! The baby shower emoji pictionary answers are included as well. Very highly rated and recommended! 
  2. Rustic Emoji Pictionary Baby Shower Game:  This absolutely adorable game comes on kraft paper in the shape of a mason jar. Bright emojis and 15 questions to answer make this great for a farmhouse or rustic themed event!
  3. Woodland Emoji Children’s Book Game:  Adorable woodland creatures and a vivid, leafy border set the atmosphere in this great set! 50 cards are included, and you have 13 riddles to solve.
  4. Sing Me An Emoji: Nursery Rhyme Edition:  Another cute woodland creature-themed card! Guess the 16 nursery rhymes based on the icons. 
  5. Emoji Pictionary Children’s Books:  A momma bear and baby bear walk across this adorable set of rustic buffalo plaid pictionary cards. This style would be great for a winter-time baby shower!
  6. Little Man Baby Shower Emoji Game:  This super cute card is adorned with mustaches and bowties, so it’s perfect for a mother expecting an adorable little boy.

More Awesome Emoji Baby Shower Pictionary Games

Emoji baby shower printable Pictionary games and answers

Here are some more cute and customized baby shower emoji pictionary answers and games! It’s also worth looking to see if any of these activities come in sets of others, because many of them do! You can find word searches, trivia, and best-wishes cards that match the theme.

  1. Gold Confetti Emoji Pictionary for Baby Showers:  This game comes as a fillable PDF file so that you can play virtually. Perfect for long distance! You can also easily play in person by printing these out. 
  2. Baby Books Emoji Pictionary:  From Charlotte’s Web to Winnie The Pooh, will you be able to discern the book from the pictures? This instantly printable game also comes with an answer key.
  3. Nursery Rhyme Baby Shower Emoji Game:  Shimmery gold stars make this game card one of the most gorgeous we’ve seen! Match the phrase with the pictures… this one is harder than you think!
  4. Riddle Game for Baby Showers:  15 riddles on a super cute pink and gold confetti background. This is a 5×7 game card that is perfect for printing onto postcards for your guests. 
  5. Baby Shower Emoji Game:  This activity is a bit tricky, with only two emojis per clue! 20 fun questions and answer key included.

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