Inside: 17 Wonderful Games To Make Mom’s Day Even More Special.

This Mother’s Day, amp things up with one (or a few) Mother’s Day games. While breakfast in bed is always a great go-to for Mother’s Day, why let the appreciation for mom stop after the eggs and toast have been gobbled up?

Mother’s are the backbone of most households, doing everything from cooking delicious meals to making the house feel truly like a cozy home — they should be showered in love the whole day!

These games are all wonderful ways to not only include mom in the fun, but remind her just how much she means to the family. 

Fun Mother's Day Games

Use this list as inspiration for Mother’s Day this year and maybe instill a couple new traditions.

No super expensive gifts or over-the-top extravaganzas, all these ideas can be done with little time and money, just make sure to pour a whole lot of love into them! Your mom deserves it.

Lovely Mother’s Day Trivia Ideas

Which family member knows mom best? Download some of these printables — or use them as inspiration to create your own questions, and find out!

  1. Mom, Have You Ever…: Have mom fill out the card that asks if she’s ever or never experienced items on the list. Then, the questions are relayed back to everyone and they have to guess what she answered. Some of what she has done may surprise you! 
  2. Who Knows Mommy Best Printable: Pass these cards out to every family member and have them guess the correct answers! Some questions are pretty simple such as “When was she born?” while others are a little more challenging. Once everyone fills out their guesses, mom gets to tell everyone the correct answers.
  3. Whose Mom Is It Anyway?: This is the perfect game to play if there are multiple families celebrating together. Each mother grabs a piece of paper and writes down three things they did prior to having their kids. Once they’ve written their items, someone else will read each list aloud, and the children have to guess which list belongs to their mom.
  4. What Would Mom Rather?: Go down the list and take your best guess as to which your mom would rather, at the same time she fills out her own and uses it as the answer key. Everyone compares their answers to moms and whoever has the most answers matching hers wins!
  5. Know Your Mom: Another awesome game to play in a group setting! The teams are split up by the mother and her children. Mom then leaves the room and her kid(s) have to answer some trivia questions about her. When mom re-enters, she answers the same questions about herself. Once everyone has answered all the questions, compare answers and whoever has the highest amount of matching answers is the winning team!
  6. Jeopardy! Mom Edition: Just like the televised version of Jeopardy!, create a board of questions with different categories with their own respective questions such as “Favorites” and “How Old Was I When…” Have mom generate a list of questions along with an answer key. The entire family can participate, and whoever comes out with the most questions answered correctly, is the winner! This is a super fun way to get to know mom while participating in familial competition.
  7. Mom’s The Word Trivia Game: This printable is such a great addition to any Mother’s Day celebration, and mom can play along as well! There are a number of different descriptions, and the answer to each one has the word “mom” or a synonym within it. For example: The country where a child is born is also known as this – The Motherland. Pass this printable out to everyone and see who can get the most right!

Mother's Day Games For The Family

Mother’s Day Games For The Whole Family

These games will turn your Mother’s Day celebration into a party! They are easy to set up and understand, so they will not only focus solely on mom and how great she is, but also get everyone involved and having a blast.

  1. Mom-isms: Does your mom have a word or phrase she says all the time? Have a little fun with mom and have her try NOT to say it! If she does, you can mark down the offense (or if there’s any mimosas involved at brunch, take a sip for every time she says it)! If she goes the whole day without letting it slip, give her a prize. If she doesn’t, still give her a prize because she’s awesome and you love her.
  2. Mom Themed Crossword: Customize a crossword puzzle where the clues and answers are all about mom! Like her birth month, middle name, etc. 
  3. Mom Libs: Write a story about mom, but leave a few blank spaces and specify what type of word it needs to be. Everyone gets to fill out their own and then read it aloud once they’re finished. Be prepared to laugh a ton!
  4. Family Feud Mother’s Day Edition: Pass these out to every family member and give the answer key to mom to fill out. Each player will give their top three answers to each question and take note of how many they get correct every round. At the end of the game, total up your points and whoever got the most wins!
  5. Mom Bingo: Personalize bingo boards to include things about mom! Like phrases she says, her favorite things, fun facts about her. Designate a caller and the winner is whoever fills their board and calls out “Bingo!” first.
  6. Pass The Poetry: Have everyone sit in the circle and write one line of a haiku (5 syllables) about mom, then pass it to the next person and have them write the next line (7 syllables), and then the next to complete it! At the end of this game, mom will have a medley of sentimental haikus from those who love her most.
  7. Don’t Say “Mom”: Can you imagine how many times a day mom hears her name called? Challenge her children by not letting them say “mom” for a certain amount of time, whichever kid can go the longest without saying it is the winner!

Entertaining Mother’s Day Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Mother's Day Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Scavenger hunts are always so much fun! Make this Mother’s Day even more special by having the entire family participate in this activity.

  1. Acrostic Treasure Hunt: Think of a special message for mom, like “We Love Mom,” and hide objects around the house that start with each letter. Mom will be doing the hunting, and once all the items are found, she can decode the message! 
  2. Scavenger Hunt: Divide everyone up and set them on a mission to find mom-themed items. Like items that start with each letter of her name or are her favorite color! Such a fun game to play with kids that they will love.
  3. Mom’s Treasure Hunt: Hide mom’s present somewhere and place clues in all the places to lead her on a hunt to the next spot until she finally uncovers the treasure that is her gift!

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