Inside: I Spy Game Printable Ideas + FREE Carnival Themed Idea.

Ever since I was a young girl I remember playing I Spy, from the classic I Spy book to when we were driving down the road or waiting in a doctor’s office. It’s one of those games that just helps pass the time and keeps everyone entertained.

Shoot, even now as an adult I’ve been known to strike up a game when it feels right. Sometimes I even say I spy something that doesn’t exist, just to keep my kids guessing… but don’t tell them that! 😉

Whether you are young or old, this classic game is fun for all. This is why we came up with the ultimate list of fun I Spy games and ideas. PLUS we created our own FREE Carnival Themed I Spy Game that is full of fun characters and carnival goodies. Print off your own copy and give it a go!

I Spy Game Printable

Printable I Spy Games for Kids

I Spy Space: Find how many plants are floating around this cute printable I Spy Game.

Butterfly I Spy: These springy I Spy game is perfect for little ones learning colors. Plus it is so cute and a perfect Easter or spring activity to keep them busy.

I Spy Game Printable Ideas

How Many Fruit?: How many cherries do you see? This cute fruit I Spy game is perfect for summer.

Color in Nature: This is another great twist to an I Spy game. Players color in the designated number of items until they have found them all.

Travel and Transport: Another color in the number of items version that is so fun for road trips or long flights.

Free I Spy Game Printable

Who doesn’t love a good-themed printable game? This Carnival I Spy is full of cute characters and fun that everyone can enjoy! We created this FREE I Spy game printable just for you and your family.

Print it off by clicking here and start tallying those carnival cuties!

FREE Carnival Game Printable For I SPY

How to Play:

Playing is easy! Simply count the number of each icon you see in the carnival tent and write your answer in the blank spaces in the bottom key.

FREE Printable I Spy Game

Answer Key:

Save this answer key to make sure you find all the circus goodies!

Carnival game I Spy Answer Key



Printable I Spy Games for Adults

I spy games aren’t just for kids, these fun printables are great for adults too.

I Spy Wedding: Give your guests a challenge on your big day. They search for perfect photo moments, and you get to enjoy them after the fun! It’s a win, win.

Shower Party Game: Whether it’s a baby shower, bridal brunch, or girls’ night, this printable I spy game is perfect for adults.

Puppy I Spy: Okay, this might be the winner of the best I Spy game ever!

I Spy Game Printable for Weddings

I Spy Road Trip Game Printables

Keeping kiddos entertained on road trips is a challenge, but these fun printable I Spy games are perfect for busy brains and wondering eyes.

Colored Cars: See how many different colored cars you can see on your long trip.

Roadtrip I Spy: This printable I Spy Scavenger Hunt road trip game will keep their attention for hours as they search for everything from blue trucks to horse trailers, yellow flowers, and even someone singing in their car!

License Plate Finder: Keep your eyes open for all the different State license plates you see while on your long road trip! Color in this great printable map!

Spot the License Plate: I love this version because it shows realistic pictures of the plate design. That way younger ones can spot them faster.

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