Inside: Find the best Easter Scavenger Hunt ideas for your family!

Best Easter Scavenger Hunt Ideas For Kids

Parents and grown-ups know that planning activities for kids during the Easter season is an absolute necessity. There are so many fun things to do, and sometimes it can feel overwhelming. This is where Easter Scavenger Hunts come in!

Planning out a great scavenger hunt takes some time but is so worth it. Kids love a fun mystery, and they look forward to finding the items on the list. What many like about Easter Scavenger Hunts is that it’s got kids stretching their brains! They have to think outside of the box and use their creativity, which is an important life skill at any age.

Not to mention this leads to a much more enjoyable Easter for everyone!

If you’re not sure where to start, here are some great Easter Scavenger Hunt ideas that kids will absolutely love.

Easter Scavenger Hunt Ideas For Kids

Here are some fun Easter Scavenger Hunt ideas for kids that will keep them occupied and engaged during the season. For most of these games, just print out their list, let them grab a basket or two, and you’re good to go!

  1. Golden Ticket Easter Scavenger Hunt – Have each child hunt for a golden ticket that will lead them to their Easter basket filled with candy, toys, and/or books. You can print a generic golden ticket online.
  2. Bunny Trail – Go on a bunny trail by hanging up several pieces of paper with one clue on each. It’s also fun to hide items near each piece of paper, so they can find those as well to make the hunt even longer.
  3. Easter Treasure Hunt – Make a scavenger hunt list with lots of items that would be found at the Easter party. Hide them around the home and have each child go on the hunt until they have found all of them. Be sure to write each item they find on their list.
  4. Easter Treasure Hunt At The Park – An easy Easter scavenger hunt that can be done at any park in town with all the kids in your family. Choose a park that is great for running around and make a list of all the items they need to find.
  5. U-Pick Strawberries Or Raspberries – Kids love going on a scavenger hunt, and they love going to pick their own berries too. Challenge them to look for berries that fit into a certain color scheme. The winner gets to pick and eat the perfect berry!
  6. Easter Scavenger Hunt At The Beach – Head to the beach with a large net and make your hunt for Easter eggs and other objects even more fun! You can make kids look for uniquely colored seashells, sand dollars, or smooth rocks!
  7. Scavenging For Treasures At Grandma’s House – Make it a family affair and head over to grandma’s house for an Easter egg hunt, and a family dinner! If Grandma permits, ask the kids to look for photos of you when you were younger, or photos of grandpa that they can stick in their scrapbook. Other treasure ideas include coins, recipes, and little trinkets from your childhood.
  8. Choose Your Own Easter Scavenger Hunt – Make an Easter Scavenger Hunt for kids that allows them to choose their own adventure. For example, they can opt for the candy eggs first and then hunt for toys or books next. The possibilities are endless!
  9. Virtual Easter Scavenger Hunt – Turn it into an online scavenger hunt using Google Maps! Write down several tasks on their list, and let them know that the items they are looking for are scattered all around the area or town. Have them mark their locations on the map using Google Maps, and then go in search of them. Make sure younger kids are accompanied by teens or adults.

Egg Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Easter Scavenger Hunt Items

Of course, the hunt wouldn’t be complete without lots of Easter eggs and candy! Write down several different items for kids to find such as:

  1. Tiny toys or candies inside of a plastic egg
  2. Colorful feathers – You can hide these in flower pots, in bushes, or in the grass. Colorful feathers are available for purchase online, at a craft store, or even in the dollar section of most big-box stores.
  3. Easter stickers – Kids will love looking for these on lamp posts, mailboxes, or anywhere along their walking path. You can print them off online or draw your own!
  4. Small chocolate eggs – These are perfect for younger children to find! No need to make it into a scavenger hunt; just let them know that there are some chocolate eggs along their walk for them to enjoy.
  5. Rubber ducky – Kids love these little guys! Write on their list that they need to find a “rubber ducky” and place one somewhere along their path. Once they find a rubber ducky, they have to give it a name.
  6. The letter “E” – Have them look for this letter in different forms such as: on a stop sign, on the sidewalk, or even on their friend’s shirt!
  7. Plastic grass – Find different colors of plastic Easter grass and scatter them throughout the area. They will have fun hunting for these on sidewalks, in grass, and on the ground!
  8. Bubble container – Have them hunt for these fun containers of bubbles. When they find it, it’s theirs!
  9. Fake gold coins – Kids love to find these “gold” coins on the street or in a park. You can even put them inside of a plastic egg!

Scavenger Hunt Prizes

Easter Hunt Prizes

If you’re looking to make this hunt into a competition, then you can offer different prizes based on who finds what first. Here are a few ideas:

  1. More candy – Who doesn’t love more candy? You can give everyone more candy than they already have, or you can offer a big bar of chocolate to the winner.
  2. Book – Whether it’s a children’s book or a novel, let the winner choose the one they want! You can also start suggesting classics such as Charlotte’s Web or even Harry Potter.
  3. Video game – If your kids enjoy video games, then this is a great reward for them to choose from!
  4. New toy – If you have some extra money to spend on this Easter fun, then consider buying a new toy for the winner. Consolation prizes can also be given to those who come in second or third place.

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