Inside: The most iconic Girl Scout games and activities your kids need in their lives.

As an honorary scout myself, I have recently been wandering down memory lane with my daughter in all the stages. I was trying to think of awesome games to play with the girls during our down time ata. recent camp and I started reminiscing on the seemingly endless amount of games that was involved with being a Girl Scout. 

Besides selling cookies and tying knots, being a Girl Scout is about bonding with your friends and people that you might not have otherwise known. The games create friendships that have lasted a lifetime for me, and I want that for my girl and her cutie crew as well. 

Girl Scouts putting their hands in group

At the very least, I want them to enjoy themselves in the same ways that I was able to when I was young. Sadly, they are not interested in joining, but I can bring some of the best things of the Scouts TO THEM. So I have compiled some of my FAVORITE Iconic Girl Scouts games and activities that you can play today.

What games do Scouts play?

I love this question, because the answers vary widely depending on the region that you are a scout. This gives me a chance to show off my area! 

Though I know there are certainly many different games that are common across the entire Girl Scout community, these are some of the ones that mean most to me. As you can tell, they are all centered around creating bonds and deepening friendships with your fellow scouts. 

I think that is why these games mean so much to me, they were JUST games. They were a way to get me out of my shell, and I was a pretty shy kid so that was saying a LOT.

Girl Scout Games and Activities

I wanted to start off strongly, so I put some of my favorite activities first (admittedly they are all my faves but still). Play these if you are looking to creating long lasting connections!

One game that isn’t on this list but is still so much fun is the salad bowl game! Check that one out if you want fun for the whole troop.

1. Friendship Circle

A classic Girl Scout activity where girls stand in a circle, holding hands, and pass a squeeze around the circle while introducing themselves or sharing something they learned during the meeting.

2. Knot-Tying Relay

Teach girls different types of knots and have them race to tie them correctly. This activity helps with practical skills and fosters healthy competition.

Photo of scouts looking through spy glass

3. Nature Scavenger Hunt

Head outdoors and create a list of items for the girls to find in nature, such as specific leaves, flowers, rocks, or wildlife. It’s a great way to connect with nature and encourage observation skills.

4. Team-Building Games

Activities like “Human Knot,” “Minefield,” or “Blindfolded Obstacle Course” are excellent for building trust and teamwork among the girls.

5. Community Service Projects

Engage in various community service projects like litter cleanups, visiting nursing homes, or helping at a local food bank. This teaches girls the value of giving back and being active community members.

6. Outdoor Cooking

Teach girls basic outdoor cooking skills, such as making s’mores, cooking over a campfire, or preparing simple camp meals. Outdoor cooking is always a hit with scouts.

Outdoor Games Ideas For Camp

Next up, I have some of the most ICONIC Girl Scout games and activities of all time. 

7. Hiking and Nature Walks

Take the girls on hikes and nature walks to explore the environment, learn about wildlife, and enjoy the outdoors.

8. Forest Talent Show

Organize a talent show where girls can showcase their skills and passions, whether it’s singing, dancing, playing instruments, or other talents.

9. Crafts and DIY Projects

Engage in crafting activities like making friendship bracelets, tie-dyeing shirts, creating nature-inspired art, or crafting items to be used for community service projects.

10. Global Awareness Activities

Educate girls about different cultures, traditions, and global issues through activities like trying international foods, learning traditional dances, or discussing global challenges.

11. Relays 

Organize fun outdoor games like capture the flag, relay races, or obstacle courses that encourage physical activity and friendly competition.

12. STEM Activities

Introduce girls to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) concepts through hands-on activities like building and launching rockets, creating simple machines, or exploring nature with a magnifying glass.

What is the brownie game? Photo of brownies

What is the brownie game for Girl Scouts?

I wanted to give this game it’s own subjection, because it is probably the most well known game of all time. Introducing the Brownie Game! So, what is the brownie game for Girl Scouts?

I am glad you asked! The Brownie Game is a classic activity and one of the most popular games often played by Brownie Girl Scouts(aka me). It is said to be a fun and engaging way to reinforce the Girl Scout Law and encourage positive behavior within the group. I can vouch that it totally does!

The game is typically played at the beginning or end of a Brownie meeting to review the principles of the Girl Scout Law and celebrate the girls’ efforts to live by these values.

How To Play The Brownie Game for Girl Scouts: 

Materials Needed:

  • A set of cards or posters representing each line of the Girl Scout Law (There are 12 lines in the traditional Girl Scout Law).
  • Stickers, markers, or tokens to mark progress.


Before playing the game, set up the cards or posters with each line of the Girl Scout Law clearly displayed. You can also add visual cues or illustrations to help the younger Brownies understand the meaning behind each line.


Gather the Brownies in a circle, and explain that the objective of the game is to work together to live by the Girl Scout Law. Emphasize that each time they demonstrate one of the principles of the law, they will earn a sticker, marker, or token to place on or next to the corresponding card or poster.

Demonstrating the Law

As the Brownies participate in activities and interact throughout the meeting, leaders and other girls can acknowledge and praise behavior that aligns with the different lines of the Girl Scout Law. For example, if a Brownie shows kindness and consideration towards others, she could be recognized for living by the “Be a sister to every Girl Scout” line.

Earn the Stickers

Whenever a Brownie demonstrates a specific behavior corresponding to a line of the Girl Scout Law, she is awarded a sticker, marker, or token to place on the corresponding card or poster.

Celebrate Accomplishments

At the end of the meeting, take a moment to celebrate the girls’ accomplishments and how they lived by the Girl Scout Law during the session. You can also discuss specific examples of how each Brownie exemplified the different principles.

Girl Scout games and activities

I could not be more excited for you to play these iconic Girl Scout games and activities. Honestly, my time in the scouts helped me to become the confident person that I am today. I hope that these games do the same for you!

At the very least, they will give you and your kids something fun to do. It doesn’t have to be that serious, they are just games after all. If you are interested in more outdoor games then check out these games to play at the park.