Inside: Jaw Dropping anything but clothes party ideas.

One of the coolest parts of the college experience has to be the parties. Now I know that sounds basic, but it is the truth. Don’t get me wrong, getting an education is amazing enough, but it’s a culmination of the community, the fun, and the learning that make these years of your life so special.

There are so many different party themes and ideas that you will experience over the years, but none are quite as hilarious and fun as that of an ‘Anything but’ party. There can be so many different types of ‘Anything but’ parties, so today we are going to talk about one of my favorites: Anything but clothes party.

There are so many creative ways that you can take this; it’s amazing fun. The best part is that you get to make your outfit yourself. To help you find inspiration, I have compiled some of the top anything-but-clothes party ideas. But before we get into that, I should clear up any questions you might have about this theme!

Creative Anything But Clothes Party Ideas

What is an Anything but Clothes Party

It’s not as weird as the name sounds, or maybe it is. It all depends on your definition of weird. The idea behind the ANything but Clothes theme is that all of the guests have to come wearing anything BUT clothes. That does not mean that you show up naked; that sounds a little too intense. Instead, you have to show up wearing something you made.

Your outfit cannot include any article of clothing. Instead, you can use random household objects, bags, etc. Anything you can get your hands on, really. Well, anything but clothes. That’s kind of the whole point. 

So…are you ready to get some inspiration for your outfit? Keep in mind that the more obscure, the funnier it is, and the more superior your outfit will be. Many parties will hold an outfit contest, so try your best, and maybe you will be the winner! Let’s go.

Simple Anything but Clothes Ideas

I thought we should start things off on a more simple note. People can tend to go pretty hard at these parties, so if you aren’t confident in your crafting skills, it can feel a little overwhelming. But do not worry! There is plenty of super simple anything-but clothes options that are going to be perfect for this party. Check out these ideas.

1. Shopping Clothes: Hilarious and Cute

2. Gift Bag Dresses – These would be super simple; all you have to do is go shopping, and who needs an excuse for that?

3. Target Plastic Bag Dress

4. Clothes Pin Dress

5. Cardboard Vest Idea

6. Budweiser Transformer Look – This one only requires Budweiser packs and patience. Make it your meditative creative act of the week.

7. Simple Paint Color Dress

8. Paper Plate Dress

9. Tin Foil Darth Vader

10. Epic Dress Street Runways – These ladies know what they are going when it comes to an anything-but-clothes party. They are so confident in their looks that they don’t even stay at the party.

11. Haribo Shorts

12. Snack Suit

13. Cigarette Crown Idea

14. Fritos Purse

15. Recycled Newspaper and Can Tab Dress

Funny girls dressed up with bags

Creative Anything but Clothes Party

Next up, we are going to bump things up a notch. This next list will have you both impressed and cracking up. I am honestly shocked by how creative people can be when the right situation arises. I think that the coolest two would have to be number 16 and number 25. Take a look at these and see which ones you like the most. 

16. Twister Game Turned into Party Dress

17. Ikea Made Dress Idea – I love IKEA so I love this by default.

18. Grocery Bag Princess Dress

19. Trash Bag Dresses That Kill the Game

20. Candy Dress Idea and Chain Dress

21. Polaroid Photo Idea – I think this is a super cute idea that looks super chic. 

22. Magazine 2 Piece Dress Idea

23. Cereal Box Dress Idea

23. Human Wine Box Funny Idea – For all you wine lovers out there, you basically have no other choice.

24. Cute Bears Paper

25. Painting Swatches

26. Dress made out of Maps

27. Caution Tape Halter Neck Dress – The caution tape dress is a classic when it comes to these parties.

28. Little Sewing String Long Dress

29. The Egg Carton Couple

30. The Cutest Tea Bag Dress

Best Outfit Ideas

Now, these are about to get pretty intense, so anti-crafters, beware. You are going to need some great skill for these to be an option, but with a little elbow grease and good intention, anything is possible if you try hard enough. So if you do find one that seems a little out of your skill range, don’t give up just yet!

31. M & M Bra and Skirt

32. Coca-Cola Dress

33. House of Cards Dress

34. Tie Dress

35. Neon Bracelets – I think it’s so interesting that we can turn things like this into clothing. I would have never thought.

36. White Dress Made of Trash

37. Christmas Bag

38. Beer Pong Outfit

39. Red Solo Cup Dress – Perfect for a party, right?

40. Lays Chip Bag Top

41. Recycled Trash Outfits

42. Can Tab Cropped Top – This one might take some recycling.

43. Candy Wrapper Dress

44. Cosmopolitan Dress Skirt

45. Beer Vest

Outfit ideas for anything but clothes

Hilarious Anything but Clothes Party Ideas

And lastly, I wanted to show you some of the funniest anything but clothes party ideas. It’s always good to end things on a high note, and when are we ever higher than when we are laughing? So take this list as a try not to laugh challenge. I feel like when you try not to laugh, everything seems even funnier. So go for it.

46. Kiddy Pool Long Dress

47. Money Bag Outfit – I am not mad at this one. 

48. Bubble Wrap Dress

49. Dress Made Out Of Straws

50. Monopoly Board Outfit

51. Beer Gladiators – Men and their gladiators…they can’t get enough.

52. Cereal Vest Idea

53. Ultimate Coke Can Suit

54. Trash Bag and Newspaper Idea – This one mixes different types of recycled materials. It’s legit. 

55. Pink Flowers Bikini

56. Pinata Outfit

57. Victoria Bag Crop Top

58. Sun Drop Skirt – I love this idea!

59. Duct Tape Dress

60. Blue Paper Plates

61. CD Dress Gown with Hat

Anything But Clothes Party Ideas

And there you have it, over 60 of the most creative anything but clothes party ideas to help you get inspiration for your own anti-clothing bash. That still sounds so weird to me. Though this party suggests a nudist get-together, I promise you that is not what it is. So put on some tunes, get out your hot glue gun, and get to crafting your outfit!

If you want to learn more about other types of college parties, then you are in the right spot! These parties are lots of fun, and a must-do during your time at college. You’ll love it.

I think the best part of an anything but clothes party is the fact that you get to be creative. And with that creativity comes a hilarious end result. It’s pretty great to walk into a party full of people wearing the strangest things. There is a sense of camaraderie. You get to be celebrated for being weird!