Inside: Reading Games for New Readers.

New readers can be “challenging,” to say it nicely, but it can also be a fun and exciting time to help those little brains grow and learn. Make learning to read fun with these fun reading games for new readers. They are full of exciting activities and great learning techniques to ensure those kiddos learn the best way possible!

Reading Games for New Readers

Kids love a good game, so why not have them learn something during the process! Bright, colorful, and full of learning these games are the perfect combo!

Reading games for New Readers

Wow, your new reader with these awesome reading games for new readers!

Yes or No Word Sorts: Turn word lists into a “yes” or “no” game with questions such as “Does the word begin with the letter ____?” or “Does the word end in a vowel?”

Say and Stomp: This is a reading game for new readers that are guaranteed to love! I mean it requires stomping on cups, tell me what kid wouldn’t love that! Grab some cups and a marker and write those letters, sight words, or vowels on the bottom and have your new reader stomp on the word you call out!

Fun Reading games

Memory Match: Make your own game of Memory with pairs of sight words or short phrases written on index cards.

Sight Word Bingo: A fun classic game with a learning spin. I love bingo and all the different versions you can make it!

Giant Word Search: Okay this is SO CUTE! I think this would be so cute in a classroom or for kids learning their simple site words. This is such a bright, colorful and fun way to learn!

Vowel Sounds Marble Game: Put a marble underneath one of three cups. Each cup should have a single vowel written on it. Take turns hiding the marble and mixing up the cups. The child guesses where the marble is located and says the vowel sound.

Target Time: Correctly read the first sentence or paragraph to advance to the second ring. If you make a mistake, stay on the outer ring.

Games for New Readers

We are obsessed with these great reading games for new readers!

Zingo: This is fun a cool reading game to play this summer with your new reader! I love this game, it teaches kids their basic sight words while making it fun!

Crash Cup: If you have a rowdy boy who may not want to sit down and read on his summer break then this is a fun summer reading game for you! All you need is some plastic cups and plastic balls to make this easy fun reading game!

Oh, Snap: This is a great sight word reading game! I loved playing this cool reading game in the summer out on the patio while eating popsicles!

Games for New Readers

Beach Ball Sight Words: I love this game for all different things. One of my favorite ways to play it is for learning sight words. Simply grab a beach ball and write all of their sight words on it with a permanent marker. Then toss the ball around and whichever word your right pointer finger lands on they have to read aloud!

Go Fish: Just like your traditional Go Fish game but with words! How fun!?

Sight Word Slap: This is such a cool reading game to play this summer! Just like your classic slap jack card game, the goal is to see who can slap the sight word first. See how to make this fun game here!

Connect Four Words: Use word stickers on your Connect Four game pieces. Pick one of the word stickers, read the sight word correctly, then put the word piece into the game. Four in a row wins.

Word Towers: Add labels with words written on them to Duplo blocks. Build sentences and stories. Then, read what you’ve created.

Learning Games You Can Buy

Don’t feel like making a DIY, check out these reading games for new readers that you can buy! The same about of fun without the hot glue gun!

Go For It: The goal of this Go Fish game is to collect words in word families, such as the “–ake” family of words.

Make A Word: Soft dice help kids make consonant-vowel-consonant words. Make up your own game and rules.

Reading Games to Buy

Sight Word Treasure Hunt: Read and solve the riddle clues that contain sight words. Follow the trail to a prize.

Splash: A quick, easy way to introduce CVC words, sight words and more—our super-fun pool-themed games are sure to make a “splash”! Students just draw an inner-tube card, read the word aloud and keep the card if they read it correctly

Fishing Sight Words: No child can resist a fishing game…and with our game, kids improve sight-word recognition as they play! Each colorful fish is printed with a common sight-word…as children use the magnetic fishing pole to “catch” the fish, they learn to recognize sight-words more easily!

More Fun Game to Play

Looking to have a little more fun, check out these other fun games!

  • Minute to Win It Games for Kids – These games keep everyone on their toes, and no one gets bored! I usually love playing these games with a large group, recently my kiddos had some friends over and I thought that would be the perfect time to pull of these fun Minute to Win It games for kids.
  • Luau Party Games – Cue the Ukulele music, it’s time to party! Now light those Tiki lights, grab a colorful lei and let’s get this luau started! There are so many fun things about a Luau, but no party is complete without some fun party game, am I right? Lucky for you we have a list of the best Luau party games! From pineapple bowling to the classic Limbo, all your Luau guests are garnetted a bright and sunny time.

Now it’s time to have fun! Let us know in the comments your new readers’ favorite game!