Inside: Cool Camping Games for Adults to Play.

I love a good game when out camping with my friends. There is something so fun about laughing around the campfire, pulling out board games in the evening, or having some fun when hiking through the trails. These fun camping games require little to no supplies and add the perfect amount of fun to your trip.

I personally love the camping trip board games for adults, they are so fun to play at night around the fire. Plus they are WAY LESS scary than those spooky ghost stories.

Check out our favorite games and let us know in the comments yours!

Camping Games for Adults

Camping Party Game Ideas for Adults


This is a good game to play on-going throughout an evening or even across a weekend camping. You don’t need to be playing the game constantly but can dip in and out of it throughout the day to catch the next player out.

  • All players choose for themselves the name of a piece of fruit
  • The player who is on must attempt to say another player’s fruit three times – ‘apple, apple, apple’ – before the target can say it once. If they succeed the named player becomes on. If they don’t succeed then the player stays on and must try again with the same or a different fruit
  • The players will soon realize that the fruits with the longer syllables are harder to get on so you may want to switch each player’s fruits once they understand the game. They will also learn that it’s best to catch a player out while they are distracted in a task or another conversation


This game can only be played once so pick your timing well as it’s really funny when done right. It only works with a group of people who know each other fairly well.

  • Pick 3-4 players who know the game to sit facing the other players who are trying to guess what condition the players have
  • The ‘condition’ that the players have is that they have adopted the personality of the person to their right
  • The guessers can ask any one of the players a question and the player must answer how they think the person to their right would
  • If they answer correctly then nothing is said and they continue to the next question
  • But if they get it wrong then the person who they are supposed to be imitating shouts switch and the players swap places, now adopting the new person who is on the right
  • If a guesser thinks they know the answer then they secretly tell one of the players and if they are right then they can join them on the sofa to add even more confusion!

Easy To Bring Along Camping Games for Adults


Empires is best when you are with a group who are willing to give away the best secrets! It’s a great game for conversation starters but can only really be played well once or twice within the same group as it gets hard coming up with good secrets.

  • One person plays judge and will secretly write down an interesting fact from each of the players. On top of that, they will make up about three false facts or names.
  • They then read all of the facts, including the made-up one, twice
  • Taking it in turns everyone has a guess at which fact/person belongs to who
  • If they get it right then that person joins their empire and they get another go (they can use their new stolen person to help decide their next guess). But if it’s wrong then the next person has a go
  • If you guess somebody who has already won people, then you win them and all of the people in their empire

Camping games for Adults Drinking

Drink, Drink, Shot: This game is a fun spin on the childhood classic, duck, duck, goose. With everyone seated around the fire, one player walks around the circle tapping players in turn to take a drink. They then select a player for a shot. The person selected must chase the other around the circle back to the empty chair. If they catch them, the player caught must take the shot. If not, the chaser must drink it.

Never Have I Ever: This is a great drinking game to help you find out some interesting facts about your mates. The first player must say something that they have never done. Anyone who has must drink. If no one has done it, everyone drinks! Play for a set number of rounds or as long as you like. Beer is best for this game, as you’ll likely be drinking a lot, especially if you have had a busy, exciting life.

drinking game ideas for camping

Two Truths and a Lie: One player makes three statements, two of them true and one false. The other players must guess which one is the lie. Anyone who guesses wrong has to drink.

The Alphabet Game: First, pick a category, like Australian cities. The first player names a city starting with A, like Adelaide. The next player must add to the list with the next letter: Adelaide, Brisbane, followed by Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra. The first player who forgets an item on the list or can’t come up with the next one has to take a shot and is out. Keep playing with a new category each round until only one player remains as the champion.

Camping Board Games for Adults

Hive: Hive is a clever little abstract game for 2 players which puts you in control of a whole host of insects. The aim is to completely surround your opponent’s queen bee by making clever use of each bugs’ unique ability. The rules are incredibly simple, yet there’s plenty of strategy to explore as you attempt to outwit your opponent.

Azul: Though the box is not especially packable for lightweight camping, the game can be stored much more sensibly: put the boards in a wallet folder. All the other components come in a canvas bag. It’s also a good option for windy weather as those tiles ain’t going nowhere.

Camping Board Games for Adults

Yahtzee National Parks: The original version of Yahtzee is played with regular dice. However, the dice in Yahtzee: National Parks have images on them, instead of the usual pips. Roll the dice and score points for different combinations of images, which include things like a river, a hiker, binoculars, a canoe, a tree or a deer. A nicely themed dice game for your next outdoor adventure.

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