Inside: 21 Scentsy party games that will make your get-togethers more fun than ever before.

If you’re looking for an easy and amusing way to amp up your Scentsy parties, these fun Scentsy party games are where it’s at!

You’ve got an awesome snack table set up, an assortment of drinks available, and (of course) your Scentsy products. The only thing left is to come up with some other ways to entertain your guests.

21 Fun Scentsy Party Games

These party games are sure to impress! Whether you want to have your Scentsy party online or in person, there are game ideas out there for every occasion.

Between Scentsy online party games, Facebook party games, Christmas games, and more, you’ll find plenty of ideas below.

Lots of Scentsy ambassadors are choosing to host Scentsy online parties. It’s a great way to be able to include friends, relatives, and prospective customers from all over the world!

Let’s get started with some fun online ideas, and then we’ll move on to some in-person games. Keep reading!

Scentsy Online Party Games

You’ll love these online party games – even if you’re feeling a little bit Zoom-ed out!

  1. Week-long Scentsy Party: Party all week with this list of Scentsy party games. From Manly Monday (yes, Scentsy is for men, too!) to Spa Day Saturday, you’ll look forward to spending the week online with your Scentsy friends! Find all of the rules here.
  2. Scentsy Online Mad Libs: “I want a Scentsy product because…” fill in the blank! Follow these directions for a fun online mad libs game, Scentsy edition. Some of the answers should be pretty hilarious!
  3. Scentsy Simon Says: You’ve definitely heard of the playground classic Simon Says. Let’s make it Scentsy! Here are the rules for the game. The bonus for this one? Feel free to take it OFFline as well! Create your own points system so that your guests can claim some amazing prizes when they win!
  4. Once Upon a Time…:  Post a word or two in your Zoom or Google Meeting room (starting with Once upon a Time is a great option!) and have other members of the party join in. As the story progresses, you choose when to end it. Type the word “the” and the first person to write “end” wins! You can also choose to pick the best sentence as the winner. Make this game your own!
  5. Photo challenge Scavenger Hunt: Share this list with your party-goers. Whoever is the first to upload a picture featuring at least 5 of the items wins! You can also give extra points to those who manage to squeeze in over 5 products. This is another game that you can feel free to get creative with!

Scentsy Facebook Party Games

How to host a scentsy party

A lot of Scentsy lovers have decided to bring the party to Facebook. Below you’ll find some fun Scentsy Facebook party game ideas!

  1. Scentsy Facebook Game: Post this list in your private Facebook group or event. Each action will get you a certain amount of points! The winner could take home a Scentsy product (or two). You choose the prizes for this one.
  2. Scentsy Clue for Facebook: If you love playing the board game Clue, you’ll love this Scentsy version for your Facebook parties!
  3. Scent Circles Guessing Game: Tell your guests to get ready to guess. Post this photo and ask them to determine how many scent circles they see! What will your winner get to take home?
  4. Wax Wax Warmer: The last person to post the word “wax” before you post the word “warmer” wins! The speediest typists will need to come out to play for this one.
  5. What’s Your Scentsy Name?: This game doesn’t necessarily have a winner, but it’s a great way to get to know your party guests – and to have a laugh! Post this list and have your invitees share their Scentsy name!

Scentsy Christmas Games

Scentsy Party Christmas Games

‘Tis the season! If you’re hosting a Scentsy party this Christmas, here are some fun themed game ideas.

  1. Printable Christmas Trivia Game: Use this list of Christmas trivia as inspiration for your holiday Scentsy parties! The winner takes home a product of their choice!
  2. Scentsy Online Post Idea: Post this photo prompt in your Zoom chat or in your private Facebook group. Whoever shares the most impressive Christmas tree wins! You choose whether they win a product, or simply bragging rights!
  3. Christmas Mystery Bag: Fill up to 10 bags with some of your favorite Scentsy products and then post this graphic on your chat, group, or event page. Have guests choose a number – whoever types the number first wins the bag!
  4. Ugly Christmas Sweater Competition: Share this with your online Scentsy Christmas party guests. Whoever posts the most impressive ugly sweater wins!
  5. Christmas Tree Scavenger Hunt: Players will need to have their own Christmas tree up to participate. Share this game board with the party. The person with the most points wins! Do you have bacon, dog treats, or zebra ornaments? You stand to win!

Scentsy Games

Scentsy Party Games

If you’re hosting your Scentsy party in person, try one of these game ideas!

  1. Scentsy Bingo: Bingo, but make it Scentsy! Print out multiple copies of this Scentsy-themed bingo card to share with your guests. There are so many fun prizes!
  2. Scentsy Scramble: Can you guess the Scentsy-centric words? Use this printable board to test your friends’ and loved ones’ knowledge. With this one, you choose the prizes!
  3. Mystery Bag Scentsy Game: To start, you’ll need 10 bags (or more, if you’re hosting more guests!) filled with Scentsy products. Each person chooses a bag that they pay $25 for. You can choose what you put in the bags. Who will get the best one?!
  4. Party Perfect Guest: Come up with a list of certain things that your perfect party guest would do. Ideas include asking questions, bringing a friend, making a purchase, or spending over $25. Whoever gets the most points at the end of your shindig gets a prize!
  5. Your Name as a Scentsy Fragrance: Print out this list and place it somewhere everyone can see. Pass around a notepad and paper and let your guests create their own Scentsy fragrance name! Take this game a little farther and have party-goers guess who wrote which name.
  6. What’s the Last Thing You Made in the Kitchen?: Ask your guests the last thing they made in the kitchen. If it’s an actual Scentsy fragrance, they win! Just make sure your guests don’t know why you’re asking – they may be tempted to cheat!

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