Inside: 53 Funny Prizes for Games.

Winning isn’t everything, but it sure is something! Especially when there is a great prize at the end. I like to say I love playing games just for the fun, but my family would probably kindly disagree and say it’s solely to win!

I must admit, I do love winning, maybe a little too much. 😉

But who wouldn’t want to take down your rivals (family or not) to win a good prize? To be honest, there isn’t a prize on this list that I wouldn’t be willing to fight for.

Check out these totally fun and laughably funny prizes for games, big or small, they are winning worthy…

Prizes for Games

Funny Prizes for Game Night

1. Eggs-cellent Stud Earrings

2. Candles + Matches

3. Dinosaur Planter

4. Snail Soap Dispenser

5. Letterboard Sign

 Creative Prizes for Party Games


Game Prize Ideas for Kids

A few of our favorite kids’ games include Minute to Win It Games for Kids and these Fun Board Games!

Game Prize Ideas For Kids

6. Suprised-Looking Pig Pens

7. Lego Sets

8. Scented Slime

9. Sloth Stuffed Animal

10. Fun Book: We love That’s What Dinosaurs Do – By Jory John

Fun Gift Prizes for Tweens + Teens

We pride ourselves on coming up with some pretty rad games that teens and tween will love too, and can you believe they aren’t on a phone? Check out these Sweet 16 Party Games + these Party Games for Teenagers, promise they will be a hit!

Party Prizes for Games for Teens

11. Girl Power Enamel Pin

12. Skin Products: This I Dew Care Cake My Day facemask is one of our favorites.

13. Phone Accessories: Headphones, Pop Sockets, Phone Case, or Aux Cords.

14. LED Light: Every teen loves LED lights right now.

15. Beanie

Fun Game Prizes for Adults

Adult game night anyone? BOYB, we got the games like Minute to Win It and these crazy Blitzed Drinking Games.

Prizes for Games for Adults

16. Gift Cards: Starbucks, Chick-fil-a, Gas, Ice Cream Store, any restaurant or fun place that people might like.

17. Mini Bottles of Liquor: Or big bottles 😉

18. Out of this World Constellation Socks

19. Cactus Dryer Balls

20. Mindfulness Cards Pack

Simple Prizes for Parties

Funny party games prize ideas

1. Scrunchies or Hair Accessories

2. Hotel Style Keychain

3. Top 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

4. Candy: Everyone loves candy!

5. Gift Cards: Again, who doesn’t love free money?

6. Set of Reusable Straws

7. Funny Sleep Masks

Cheap Prize Ideas for Games

These cheap prize ideas are the classic game prizes that you pick up in bulk. They are perfect for quick game prizes for schools, church, or get-togethers.

1. Candy, Candy, Candy

2. Bouncy Balls

3. Stickers

4. Bracelets, Necklaces, or Rings

5. Pens, Pencils, or Earasers

6. Squishy Animals

7. Slime or Play-Doh

Funny Prizes for Christmas Games

Ho, Ho, Ho, let’s play some festive games. Our favorites include this Saran Wrap Ball Game and Gift Exchange Dice Game.

Best Prizes For Christmas Game Ideas

1. Warm Cozy Items: Cozy socks, blankets, or sweaters.

2. Christmas Candy

3. Gift Cards: You really can never go wrong with throwing in a few gift cards as prizes to any game. They can be as little as $5, everyone loves free money.

4. Festive Mug

5. Christmas Movies: Maybe paired with popcorn or candy.

6. Funny Ornament

Funny Prizes for Baby Shower Games

Baby showers are a blast! Especially with these fun games, Minute to Win It Baby Shower Games and Printable Baby Shower Games.

Sweet Baby Shower Games Prize Ideas

1. Big Baby Bottle full of Candy

2. Baby Bottle Pops: So FUN!

3. Wine: Mommy-to-Be might not be able to enjoy wine, but her guests sure can!

4. Poppin Bottle Bottle Opener

5. Cute Themed Hair Ties

6. Gift Cards

7. Baby Animal Coffee Table Book: I mean all babies are cute!

Funny Prizes for Games at the Office

Who said office parties can’t be fun? Our favorite way to spice up the party are these fun Minute to Win It Office Party Games.

Office Party Prizes For Office Games

1. Jeopardy Boxed Calendar

2. Waving Inflatable Tube Guy

3. Mugs: We love this Schitts Creek themed one!

4. Panda Stapler

5. Cute Pens

6. Desktop Tetherball Kit

7. Desk Plant