Inside: Fun Loving Printable Valentine Games for Adults

There is no “right” way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Some may choose to whisper sweet nothings and recite Valentine’s Day quotes to one another. Others prefer something a little less touchy-feely and opt for a low-key date night.

But whatever the case, Valentine’s Day is a nice opportunity to celebrate your special someone.

Whether it’s with a sonnet, a DIY Valentine’s Day card, or a sweet and thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift.

Printable Valentine Games for Adults

For a more active gift alternative, you may want to consider making the holiday more experiential than material by planning a romantic activity. If you think there’s nothing sexier than seeing your significant other with a pair of scissors, plan a Valentines-themed crafting party for two. Or if you and your Valentine have a bit of a competitive edge, why not make a Valentine’s Day “game day” out of it? We’ve rounded up the best printable Valentine games for adults that the internet has to offer. And remember: To the victor go the spoils, whether that’s chocolate or the loser does dishes for a month!

Printable Valentine Games for Adults

Romantic Movie Name Game: Print and distribute the game cards among the players along with a pen or pencil. Ask the players to write down the names of as many romantic movies as they can within 5 minutes.

Movie Quotes Quiz: We all love a good movie quote and this Valentine movie quote quiz game is perfect for any Valentine bash.

What’s on Your Phone: Ask your guests to check the boxes which are right. Ask them to calculate their points. The person with the highest score will be the winner. The winner will have to show the contents in his or her mobile to other participants to verify the answers.

Free Printable Valentine Games for Adults

Valentine Day Games for Couples

These printable valentine games for adults are so much fun and perfect for a couples party.

Valentines Couple Card Game: As soon as the couple is finished, they will go through their cards together to compare answers. This is where the fun begins, seeing how well couples really know each other and how they view aspects of their relationship. For every question they answered the same, they get one point. Tally up the total number of points and the couple with the most points wins!

Memory Game: Whether you’re planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day, there’s something here for you! This blogger has both a “Famous Besties” and “Famous Couples” version of her popular, printable Memory card game.

Valentine Trivia Game: Hand out this trivia printable at your Valentine’s Day party, and watch as the competition gets heated! Your guests will answer things like “What were the first Valentine’s cards decorated with?” and “What is the top candy purchased for Valentine’s Day?”

Romantic Couple Games To Print At Home

Fun Printable Valentines Games for Adults

Valentine Bingo: No need to head to the Bingo hall. This love-themed set has everything you need to play at home in pajamas.

Word Search Valentine Game: Although not the most adult games, this Valentine word search game is a fun way to break the ice or have a timed competition to see who can find all the words first.

Date Night Scategories: Add a little fun to your regular date night with this printable game pack for couples! Couples Scattergories and Couples Would You Rather games are easy to play and a clever way to get to know your partner. Perfect for first-time dates as well as married couples.

Printable Bingo Valentine Games for Adults

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