Inside: Minute to Win It New Years Eve Games for Kids. 

Minute to Win It games are one of my favorites to play with kids. They are quick 60-second games that keep kids’ attention and have them laughing the whole time. Especially when you are trying to keep them entertained during a New Year’s Eve party.

You can have fun game breaks throughout your NYE night with these super fun Minute to Win It New Years’ Eve Games for kids.

Check out our favorites and let us know in the comments your favorite.

Minute to Win It New Years Eve Games for Kids

Minute to Win It New Years Eve Games for Kids

Don’t Look Back, Just Ahead: For the game, player 1 must stand behind player 2 and toss cotton balls or pom-poms over player 2’s head. Player 2 must try to catch the pom poms without turning around and looking back and their teammate, just by stretching and reaching to catch the poms. The first team to catch five first wins.

Bottle-to-Bottle: Fill one 2-Liter bottle with anything — pasta, rice, marbles, cereal, mini-marshmallows, etc. Players must try to transfer one bottle’s contents into another bottle. Whoever can transfer the most within the minute will win. Trust us: There will be a ton of spillage, so avoid liquid.

Hilarious Minute to Win It New Years Eve Games

Face Cookie: Each person had a cookie placed on their forehead and had to get it into their mouth without touching it with their hands.

Pop the Confetti: Player must pop all five balloons in the allotted time using just their hands (so no teeth, feet, bum, etc.) while wearing heavy winter gloves.

Junk in the Trunk: Players have a tissue box tied to their lower backs. Inside is 6 ping-pong balls. They have one minute to empty their boxes without using their hands.

New Years Eve Games Kids Will Love

Keep it Up: In this game, the kids had to blow a feather across the room into a bucket.

Tiara Toss: Give a player three New Year’s Eve tiaras and have them stand behind a line you create with masking tape. Players have to toss tiaras from behind the line to try and ring the tiara around the cone or stick. The player must ring three tiaras in the time.

Kid Games For New Years Eve At Home

No Hands: Have players wear oven mitts and unwrap candy. Whoever can unwrap the most candy in a minute is the winner.

Hats Off: Put party hats like these ones on a pedestal or table. The player must bounce (they have to bounce, not roll or throw) ping pong balls at the table and attempt to knock off all the party hats before the time runs out. Use party hats that are nice and light.

Ball Drop: Player must stand on chair and attempt to drop ping pong balls into a bowl (or cup) on the ground behind the chair. The player must successfully land three ping pong balls into the cup (without it bouncing out) before the time expires.

Fun Minute to Win It Games

Sprinkle It: Fill 1 empty bottle with sprinkles or Cheerios. Each guest has to dump the snacks out of the bottle & get them into another empty one before time runs out.

Bottle Flip: Toss the water bottle in the air and make it land upright. The first player to achieve these wins, or whoever does it the most in one-minute wins.

Minute to Win It NYE Games for Kids

Soda Pop Stack: Player must stack all 15 cans up using 4 paper plates in between. Each team can work together on their strategy to get them all stacked in under 1 minute. There is no one way to make this work so it’s fun to see each team’s strategy.

Paper Plate Race: For this game, you need to set up a starting line & a finish line. Guests have to race to blow their paper plate across the finish line first while only using their mouths to blow it.

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