Inside: All you need to know to play the famous chubby bunny game. 

When it comes to fun games for big groups, there are tons of options. For families, there are hundreds of awesome board games on the market, including classic older games and innovative new ones. For groups of friends, there are always entertaining drinking games to play and creative activities to do. Sometimes, you find yourself in a situation with a group where everyone’s searching for something fun to do, but there are no board games or cards readily available.

There’s one game that is easy to participate in, inexpensive, and guaranteed to make everyone in the group laugh all night long.

The chubby bunny game is a household activity that has been around for years, and you may have even seen popular YouTube videos of people doing this funny challenge. It’s not a physical item or toy that you can buy at a store, but it’s something that can be played anywhere with anyone for a memorable, hilarious experience.

What is the Chubby Bunny Challenge?

What is the Chubby Bunny Challenge

While no one really knows how this challenge originated, it’s been around for decades and goes by many different names, including fluffy bunny, chubby buddy, chubby monkey, and yummy bunny. The chubby bunny challenge is an activity wherein each player puts as many marshmallows in their mouth as possible.

The challenge is this: in order to win or pass, the player must be able to coherently shout out loud, “chubby bunny!” while keeping the marshmallows in their mouth! The goal is to see who can get the most squishy treats in their mouth while still being able to call out the name of the game.

This game is popular due to its simplicity, and it’s guaranteed to make everyone who plays laugh. Just Google “chubby bunny,” and you’ll see dozens of photos of goofily grinning people with chipmunk cheeks stuffed full with marshmallows. A game where you get to laugh and eat all of the marshmallows that you want? That’s a win-win in our book!

How to Play the Chubby Bunny Game

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Before we get into how to play, it’s important that you take caution before participating in this activity. As with any type of eating contest, choking is a major concern, so be sure that all players are closely monitored in case of choking. Also, it is recommended that this be played only by players over the age of 10, who are less likely to choke. Another tip is to use jumbo marshmallows, not small ones. Likewise, instead of the parameter being who can eat the most, try setting a limit to how many marshmallows one player can have, like five or six, depending upon the player’s size and age. Now that you’ve got your cautious cap on, let’s get into the rules.

How Many Players Are Needed?

To play this, you really only need at least two people. While you can’t – and shouldn’t – do this challenge alone, there is no minimum or maximum number of players for this challenge. You can play with your friend or with your entire extended family; it’s simply a casual game of competition.

Materials Needed

The only materials that you will need in order to complete this challenge are marshmallows, which is why this is an activity that is typically done around a campfire. You’ll need a lot of them, and we would recommend having one bag of marshmallows available per player.

If you don’t want to use store bought marshmallows, you can make your own with this easy recipe.

It is also a good idea to have a garbage pail and some napkins handy, since there is a lot of spitting up marshmallows in this particular activity.

How to Play Chubby Bunny

To play, players each take their turn one at a time. A player’s turn goes like this: they place one marshmallow into their mouth and say “chubby bunny.” If everyone else agrees that they have coherently and clearly uttered the phrase, the player passes their turn (with the marshmallow remaining in their mouth), and the game moves onto the next player.

This continues, and eventually, you’ll have a room full of people who’ve got a mouthful of sugary treats! Individuals will be eliminated if, while attempting to speak, any marshmallows fall out of their mouth.

What Happens to the Loser?

Players get eliminated as the challenge progresses. If, on their turn, a person cannot clearly say the winning phrase through their mouthful, they become eliminated from the play. This is where you can get creative. In some variations, losers are required to actually ingest and eat the marshmallows in their mouths.

In others, the loser is responsible for the cleanup of discarded treats. As a group, get creative and come up with an embarrassing dance or challenge for the loser to do – or for the winner.

What Does the Winner Get?

Just as some people choose to have the loser ingest all of the treats in their mouths, some people play by having the winner do this. However, there are some more gratifying ways to reward winners. You may choose to let the winner decide what the next phrase or word will be for the next round of the game, or you can come up with a unique prize to give them.

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Creative Ways to Switch It Up

  • Instead of saying “chubby bunny,” choose another phrase. You can use charades cards for this, or have the group collectively select a phrase. If you want to get really competitive and hilarious, have the player recite a poem or sing a song.
  • If you have four or more players, instead of every man for themselves, play one round in teams. You can turn this into a version of Taboo. Instead of reciting “chubby bunny,” players must read names or phrases off of cards (from Taboo, charades, or homemade cards) with a certain number of marshmallows in their mouth. Use your discretion for how many. The team who is able to correctly guess the highest number of phrases in under one minute wins!
  • For a similar twist, you can have one person go at a time, so that everyone else watches and counts while one person is stuffing their mouth. This is a good idea for a guest of honor, such as at a birthday or wedding party.

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