Inside : How to play the hilarious “my water broke” game at baby showers, all of the tools that you need to enjoy it, and a list of other fun activities for your baby shower. 

Everyone knows that phrase: “my water broke!” It’s a phrase that gets people’s hearts racing, and usually sends everyone around into a frenzy. Of course, when a woman’s water breaks, it’s usually a sign that her baby will be arriving very shortly.

Baby showers are typically thrown for a woman when she’s about midway through her pregnancy. Therefore, there aren’t too many worries about her water spontaneously breaking and having to rush her to a hospital – although it’s probably happened to someone out there!

There is a hilarious “my water broke” game that is commonly played at baby showers.

The “my water broke” game is one of many fun baby shower activities that are, of course, baby-themed.

This is a list of ways to play the “my water broke” game, items you will need to play it, and other fun activities for your baby shower guests to enjoy!

how to play my water broke game for baby showers

My Water Broke Baby Shower Game

To play this fun activity, you’ll need a few materials. Here’s what you need to play the game:

  • Ice cube trays
  • Plastic mini babies
  • Water
  • Freezer or cooler

This is a game that you will need to prepare beforehand, so make sure that you plan ahead. To prepare for this game, you will have to follow these easy steps:

  1. Place one plastic mini baby inside of each ice cube mold.
  2. Fill each ice cube mold with enough water to cover the plastic babies.
  3. Pop the ice cube trays into the freezer overnight to make sure that the ice cubes become completely frozen.

Once you have done all of that, and it’s time to head to your baby shower party, you’ll want to leave the ice cube trays in the freezer as long as possible. If possible, try to take them out of the freezer only right before the game is going to be played.

How To Play the My Water Broke Game

To play the my water broke baby shower game, like every other game on my free baby shower printables list – everyone at the party should have a drink of their choice. This game works best with drinks that are not clear, but it will still work just fine if you are drinking water or something transparent.

Each player will receive one baby ice cube and place it in their drink, ideally all at the same time. Then, everyone should watch closely to see if their ice cube melts. Whoever has the ice cube that melts first (and whoever’s mini plastic baby starts floating or sinking in their drink first) is the winner, and they have to loudly shout “my water broke!” in order to win.

A fun variation of this game is to have everyone hold their ice cube in their hands, rather than in their drinks, and see who can get theirs to completely melt first.

At baby showers, it’s typical for guests to earn fun prizes for the various games played, so consider some on-theme party favors that you can use to give the winner or winners!

Funny baby shower game

Ice Cube Baby Shower Game Materials

To truly enjoy the ice cube baby shower game, you will need some specific materials. While you might have a spare ice cube tray in your freezer, it is doubtful that you have any spare miniature plastic babies lying around. You will want to buy enough so that every person at the baby shower or party has at least one baby (and one ice cube). Feel free to purchase extras, as these can be adorable party props. Throw them into a punch bowl or on top of the table cloths for some extra baby-themed decor! (Or save them for Halloween as a creepy drink garnish).

  • My Water Broke Baby Shower Game, Tan Baby This set includes three ice cube trays and 42 miniature babies to play with. 
  • My Water Broke Baby Shower Ice Cube Tray, Dark Baby This set also includes three ice cube trays, and it comes with 80 one-inch plastic babies with a darker skin color. 
  • My Water Broke Baby Shower Game Pink This set is ideal for expecting mothers who already know the gender of their baby, but it can work perfectly well for those who don’t! It includes two pink ice cube freezing trays and 36 tiny pink plastic babies. 
  • My Water Broke Game With Trays and Sign This set comes with three bright blue ice cube trays and 60 one-inch plastic babies. It also includes an adorable sign that can be propped up alongside the ice cube trays to conveniently explain how the game is played. The sign reads “Grab a frozen baby and put it in your drink. Watch it very carefully and be sure not to blink. Be the first to melt, then you belt MY WATER BROKE. You win!” 
  • Jumbo Pack of Multicolored Mini Plastic Babies For those who can’t get enough of these miniature plastic babies, or for those who would like a little more color, this is for you. This is a pack of 300 mini plastic babies, and they come in a variety of colors including peach color, pink, blue, purple, yellow, and brown.

Other Fun Baby Shower Activities

Baby shower activities for fun

  1. Lottery Ticket Scratch Off Raffle Cards People love to play competitive baby shower games, and this one won’t disappoint. It comes with 33 sheets and is bound to make everyone laugh as they play.
  2. Easy to Play Activities This pack comes with an array of easy-to-play games, including baby bingo, pictionary, and funny guessing games about the prospective mother and father.
  3. Five Fun Guessing Games Guessing games are some of the most popular to play at baby showers. This set comes with 250 cards and five different activities, including guessing games about the mother-to-be, the baby’s gender and weight, and more fun trivia for guests of all ages.
  4. Baby Prediction Cards The baby shower is one of the last chances to make predictions about the baby that everyone is so anxious to meet! On these cute elephant-shaped cards, guests can guess about the baby’s birth date, time, weight, length, hair color, and more. It will be nice for the new mother to look over them once the baby has arrived!

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