Inside: Celebrate the holiday season with our top 50 family Christmas party games!

‘Tis the season for family Christmas parties! I love this time of year because it means spending extra time with those I care about the most. It also means making memories to last the whole year.

I’ve found so many Christmas game ideas that I just had to share. Check out our favorite fun family Christmas party games below!

Family Christmas Party Games

Fun Christmas Games 

Christmas Mad Libs:  Make Mad Libs festive! Grab a free printable version here

Christmas-Themed 20 Questions:  One person picks a holiday-centric object, like a candy cane. The other players must ask yes or no questions to guess what the object is.

Christmas-Themed Saran Wrap Game:  Pick your prizes and wrap them in several layers of plastic wrap. Whatever you unwrap, you keep! Make things interesting by including holiday themed challenges.

Charades:  Split into teams and choose a Christmas term from this list. Teams get 1 point for each correct guess. The first one to 20 points wins!

Christmas Stocking Guessing Game:  Fill a stocking with various objects (like candy) and take turns guessing what’s inside. The winner gets to keep the object!

Christmas Exchange Games

Musical Chairs Exchange:  Have everyone sit in a chair. Begin playing music (Christmas-themed is best!) and start passing around a gift. When the music stops, whoever has the gift gets to keep it! 

Hot Potato Christmas Exchange:  Similarly to musical chairs, begin playing music and set a timer. Read the full instructions here!

Treasure Hunt Exchange:  Pick up some inexpensive gifts and candy then hide them around your house. Find a gift, keep a gift! 

Christmas Dice Exchange: All you need are dice, a wrapped gift for each person, and a printable game board. Find the board and instructions here.

Heads or Tails Gift Exchange:  Unlike the traditional white elephant gift exchange, this game involves flipping a coin. Read the full instructions here.

Christmas-Themed Gift Exchange:  Another take on a traditional gift exchange, this printable holiday-themed game is a fun alternative for your family Christmas parties.

50 holiday games for kids and family

Christmas Party Games for Kids

Christmas-Themed Memory Game:  Download a free printable memory game here!

Gingerbread Shuffle Game:  All you need are some gingerbread (or other holiday themed) cookies to play. Read the rules here.

Candy Cane Fishing:  Use one candy cane as a starting point to see how many you can hook before they fall. The one with the most candy canes wins! Check out some more candy cane games here.

Christmas Tic Tac Toe:  This two-in-one Christmas activity will keep your kids entertained for hours. First, follow these instructions for making your own DIY Tic Tac Toe board. When the board is ready, try it out!

Roll a Tree Christmas Game:  All you need is some paper, a bowl, and a bag of skittle!

Family-friendly Christmas Party Games

Christmas Relay Challenge: Bring out your family’s competitive side in the best way possible with this Christmas Relay Challenge.

Guess Who? Christmas Edition:  Your whole family will be in stitches as they try to guess which Christmas-themed character they are!

Santa’s Delivery Game:  Play Santa for the day and see who can deliver the most gifts in the shortest amount of time. Read full instructions here.

Christmas Oven Mitts Challenge: Can you open a gift while wearing oven mitts? Put your family to the test!

Holiday Party Game Show:  All of your favorite family Christmas party games combined into one game show. You can play with over 15 people!

Funny Christmas Party Games

Naughty or Nice Christmas Game:  Inspired by the Price is Right, figure out whether your guests are naughty or nice!

Christmas Emoji Guessing Game: Choose between Christmas movies or songs and then guess the title based on the emojis you see.

Christmas Drawing Game: Show off your drawing skills. Try not to laugh out loud when you see your guests’ creations!

Reindeer Hoof Race: Split up into teams and get ready to giggle as you attempt to pass around a “snowball” with your reindeer hooves (made from plastic cups!).

Reindeer Antler Game: You’ll need some pantyhose and balloons for this hysterical Christmas party game.

DIY Christmas Party Games

Pin the Carrot on the Snowman:  A Christmas-themed take on the classic pin the tail on the donkey game!

Indoor Snowball Fight: Separate into teams and use cotton balls instead of snow. 

Family Trivia: Write down something about yourself that your family may not know and then guess who wrote what!

Would You Rather Christmas Edition: All you need is some paper and a jar. It doesn’t get much more DIY than that!

DIY Christmas Board Game: Create your own holiday themed board game at home. Click here for everything you need!

Christmas exchange games for families

Christmas Gift Games

Pass the Gift: Wrap a gift several times with a line from a poem in each layer. Whoever gets to the actual gift first wins!

The Christmas Gift Game: Wrap a bunch of gag gifts (like Q-Tips) as well as a few legit ones. Read the full instructions here.

DIY Advent Calendar: Start Christmas early with this homemade Advent calendar

Poke-A-Tree for a Prize: Use this tutorial to learn how to create your own tree and fill it with gifts!

Christmas Reindeer Hunt:  Hide reindeer cards throughout your house. Whoever find a card wins a gift!

Outdoor Christmas Party Games

Sled Race: If you’re lucky enough to have a snowy Christmas, take advantage! Split up into teams to make things more interesting.

Outdoor Snowball Tag: Again, you’ll need a white Christmas to play a game of snowball tag. Read the directions here!

Christmas Bow Game: Similar to pin the tail on the donkey, this game can be played outside.

Snowman Tin Can Game: Decorating the tin cans is half the fun of this toss game!

Snowball Wreath Toss: All you’ll need is a ball (preferably white) and a Christmas wreath!

Easy to Play Christmas Party Games for Kids

Stick It! Christmas Game: All you need is some shaving cream, cotton balls, and a Santa hat. Read the full instructions here and prepare to laugh!

Christmas Movie Bingo: Watch your favorite Christmas movies and play a fun and easy game at the same time. 

Pictionary With Christmas Songs:  Guess the Christmas song using these printable Pictionary cards.

Gingerbread House Contest: Who can build the best gingerbread house? Eat the winning creation after you’ve played!

Christmas-Themed Obstacle Course:  Create your own holiday obstacle course at home. Get inspiration here.

Printable Christmas Games

Christmas Finish My Phrase Game: How well do you know your party guests? You’ll soon find out!

Danger Word, Christmas Style:  Break up into teams and try to guess the winning word. Just be careful not to utter the danger word before you win!

Snowman Bingo:  A printable winter-themed bingo game.

Printable Charades:  Choose from over 65 Christmas terms.

Family Christmas Party Games

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