Inside: Our Favorite Free Printable Games for Kids.

We love playing games at my house and have found some of the best games out there. But every once in a while I want to switch things up without running to the store (or browsing Amazon!) for a new game for my kids to play.

Sometimes it is creating a crazy obstacle course at home, or setting up these minute to win it balloon games for kids… other times I just dust off the printer to create the fun!

I started looking online for some fun printable games for kids that I could get right from home, and I found some that look like a TON of fun.

Here are our favorite free printable games for kids that you can print right at home – most of them only require a printer and some paper.

free printable games for kids

Printable Board Games for Kids

Emotions Board Game: Help your kids learn about emotions and feelings with this Inside Out Emotions Game from Printable Crush. This game is perfect for helping little ones process their feelings, and it’s based on the popular Pixar movie!

Charades: Everyone loves a classic game of charades and my printable Charades Game for kids will give them plenty of prompts that they can act out.

Pirate Game: Go on a treasure hunt adventure with this Pirate Game from The Natural Preschool. Her DIY board game is completely free to download and looks like a lot of fun!

free printable board games for kids

Pizza Factory: Let your child pretend to be the head chef as they make pizzas for the family with this Play Pizza Factory Game. They’ll get to practice following instructions and counting in this fun game!

Star Wars I Spy: This Star Wars I Spy Game from Simple Everyday Mom is a perfect activity when you need the kids to do a little activity on their own. We love her tip for using this game over and over again!

Printable Word Games for Kids

These easy printable games are a great way to first to have fun and learn something new. For a spooky effect you can try our printable mystery games for every age as well!

Alphabet Game: Our back-to-school Alphabet Game can be adapted for any occasion! Just give your kids a theme and have them fill in the sheets with the corresponding words.

Word Game Ideas To Print

Lego Challenge Game: Get everyone’s imagination going with this fun printable LEGO Challenge Game. There are 30 prompts to get your kids’ building creativity flowing!

Build a Word: Build a word as you play this fun Reading Game for Kids. Perfect for kids learning sight words, reading, and writing.

Who Am I Game Printable for Kids

It doesn’t take long to play, so it’s perfect for when you only have a little bit of time but you want to put it to good use with your team. We often play while we are eating dinner!

It’s portable, (great for when you are waiting or traveling) it’s easy enough for little ones to play (with some help) and fun enough to keep older kids engaged. You can be as silly or as serious as you like, and all you need is a scrap of paper and a pen – or our free printable ‘What Am I?’

Game Ideas for Children

How to Play

One person chooses a card and holds it up against their forehead, or props it up in front of them, without looking at it.
They have to ask yes or no questions and try to find out what they are.
The rest of the family answer the questions until they are finally able to guess who or what they are.

Click Here to print off your own copy.

Printable Christmas Games for Kids

Christmas Bingo: The cards on this free Christmas printable came out beautifully. Plus, there are10 different playing cards, so this game would work for a large family or any other small group.

Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt: Pack the car full of holiday snacks and hot cocoa, this Christmas light scavenger hunt is perfect for a cold winter evening with the family.

Printable Christmas Games

Ornament Number Game: The game involved hiding numbers, hunting for them, and then matching the numbers. This is the perfect preschool printable game that makes learning fun.

More Printable Games You’ll Love to Play

If you like these free printable games for kids, then check out a few more of our favorite printables.

  • Printable Bingo Games – One of my go-to games for classroom parties, birthday celebrations, or Sunday school activities are bingo games. They are fun for literally every age, from you oldest of game players to the youngest of fun-seekers anyone can play. What I love about these bingo games, in particular, is the fact that you can print them off before any get-together. These printable bingo game ideas range from holiday ideas, everyday party themes, and of course we had to throw in a few fun free options as well.
  • Recovery Game Printables – Whether you or someone you know is on the road to recovery or drugs, alcohol, abuse, or anger, you are never alone. We feel like one of the most important ways to help any recovery is having a great support system of people to help you through the journey.
  • Printable Games for Women’s Ministry – One of my favorite days of the week is when I get together with my Women’s Ministry group and we dive into a fun study. These women have been a part of my life for a long time and we also have such a great time together. One of our favorite ways to start out each bible study is by playing a fun game. It can be an ice breaker, card game, or one of our favorite printable games.