Inside: The best candy cane game ideas for your next Christmas celebration

Whether you have a December birthday or you simply want to add some more fun to your Christmas celebration: You are going to need some festive games to play during this month.

Personally, I am such a sucker for December. Even though I am a big baby about being cold, the warmth from the fire melts away all my worries, and I just feel myself cocooning before the new year.

One of my favorite things to do during this month is finding new and fun-themed games to include in my celebrations. And today’s games are Candy Cane Game Ideas!

Top Candy Cane Game Ideas

So I have compiled a good mix of both DIY and games you can buy that are candy cane themed. I cannot wait to try each and every one of these! 

Candy Cane Game Ideas

For my first list, I wanted to show you some of my favorite DIY at-home games that are super simple to put together. For most of these, all you will need are some household items and, of course, lots of candy canes. So these are pretty affordable games, which makes them even cooler!

1. No Hands Scoop Game – For his game, line up ten candy canes along the edge of a table or surface with the hook coming off the edge. Then have the player put a cane in their mouth and then try and get as many of the candy canes hanging onto the one that is in their mouth without their hands. 

2. Candy Cane Transfer – For many of these games, you can plan on having to put a candy cane in your mouth to use as a tool. This one requires you to have two plates; one of which is full of candy canes, and the other is empty. You have one minute to try and get as many candy canes over to the empty plate, only using the candy cane in your mouth.

3. Candy Cane Flavor Game – These days, there are so many amazing flavors for candy canes. Some of them are even gross…the variety is that wide. So collect a wide array of different flavors and home a blind taste test. The person to guess the most accurately wins.

Candy Cane Flavor Game

 4. Candy Cane Scavenger Hunt – Go around the house, hiding different candy canes. Have the kids go around looking for them; the one who finds the most wins. Alternatively, if you want adults or teens to play, you can attach money amounts to the canes before you hide them. Whatever one they find, they get to keep the amount of money on the candy.

5. Candy Cane Table Hockey – Take some tape, and mark goals on either end of the table. Use a little peppermint as the puck and the candy canes as the sticks, and play some hockey!

6. Go Fishing – To start, tie a string to the straight end of a candy cane. Then fill a bowl with more candy canes. Have each player stand above the bowl and use their fishing rod to try and fish out more candy from the bowl. 

7. Guess the Number – This is a classic game, candy cane edition. Fill a large jar with as many candy canes as you can, then have everyone try and guess how many there are in there. 

8. Hungry Hungry Hippo – Okay, this one is based on the classic game of hungry hippo. You have a pile of little candies in the center of a table. Then you and three other players have 10 seconds to try and scoop as many of them to your side as you can. 

9. Candy Cup – Place one cup for each player on one side of a table on the ground. Then tie a long string to a candy cane. Have each player go to the other side of the table so that they can no longer see the cup. They have to drape their candy cane onto the other side of the table and attempt to blindly get it into the cup.

10. Don’t Say CandyCane – For this game, you have to go around describing a candy cane without actually saying the word candy cane. 

11. Peppermint Twist – Similar to one of the games above, you take a bowl of candy canes and try and get as many out using a candy cane. But with this game you have to stick your hook into the bowl and twist it three times. On the third time, you have to lift it and see how many you have hooked.

12. Hand Free Relay – I played this last year at a Christmas party. It was hilarious. You have a finish line set up, and everyone divides into two teams. You put a candy cane in your mouth and start toward the finish line. You stop when you have to pass the cane to your player, but no hands! 

Candy Cane Themed Games to Buy

Candy Cane Themed Games to Buy

Not everyone has time to DIY or set up a game, so I thought I should make this easy and add a list of candy cane-themed games that you can buy. These are loads of fun, and they are really easy to put together and understand. They even come with their own instructions, which is nice when you have a group of many people.

13. Printable Candy Cane Activity – I love the idea of printable games because they are just so affordable and so much fun. Check out this super fun activity!

14. Cute Candy Cane Addition 

15. Christmas Candy Games

16. How many candies in the jar: Printable – This is a classic game, and this printable will make the set up feel so much more put together and cute. 

17. Christmas Candy Dice Game – The Christmas dice game is one of my all time favorites. Check out this Simple printable that will help you play. 

18. Candy Cane Toss

19. Candyland – I know this one is a little on the nose but how cute would it be to play this during Christmas!

20. Candy Cane Jigsaw – There is nothing wrong with a simple puzzle session during a rainy December day.

21. Monkeys in a Barrel: Christmas Edition – They add candy canes that you have to link together instead of the classic monkeys. I love it!

Candy Cane Game


I think that I am going to have to include like half of these in my December month celebrations. Yep, I throw multiple because I am insane, but in a good way. I hope that you loved learning about these as much as I did, and I hope that they find their way into some of your December days. 

There are so many other things you can do during this month to make Christmas and the Holidays so much more special, so why have the fun stop here? Check out some of our other ideas!

December really is one of the best months of the year, even with its darkness and colder temperatures. It’s the perfect conclusion to the amazing year that we’ve had. I don’t know about you, but this year has been a win for me. Even with it’s many ups and downs, the hard time brought me here, and I am grateful! Happy Holidays.