Inside: Fun and Exciting Birthday Party Games for 4 Year Olds.

Get ready to prepare for an extra fun birthday party for your child who’s turning four!. At the age of four, kids enjoy discovering new things. They want to play games that are creative and get them moving. Four is also a great age to teach them cooperation and communication, so try doing some team-oriented games that will help them accomplish some missions!

We prepared these fun and creative games that can take your kids’ excitement to the highest levels. Some of these games will also develop and improve their sense of teamwork. It’s time to win some games and friends!

Classic Birthday Games for 4 Year Olds

Pin the Tail on the Donkey: There is no doubt that this game will excite your four-year-olds. The lack of a sense of sight makes the other senses of children sharper. Stick a poster of a donkey without a tail wall to the wall and let the kids pin the tail on it while blindfolded.

Birthday Party Games For 4 Year Olds

Musical Chairs:  This game will never get old. Form a circle using chairs facing out. The number of chairs should be one less than the number of children. Play a lively children’s song and instruct the students to go around the chairs while dancing. Whenever the song stops, the children must take a seat. The player who fails to find a seat or remains standing is eliminated. Repeat until you have a winner.

Bring Me!: Children will definitely jump up and down upon hearing this game. Come up with things that are readily available in the venue. You give the kids a list of things to find and they bring them back. Remember to make a rule that they “walk or march” to the thing as they will inevitably be running all over the house.

Longest Happy Birthday: Children will try to say Happy Birthday in one breath. Whoever runs out of breath last wins.

Chocolates in the spoon: You will need plastic spoons and marbles. M&Ms are good for this one, but any round chocolates will do. Break the kids into two teams and line them up. At the starting line, give each kid a spoon with a chocolate. They need to secure the spoon in their mouths and walk around a track. Whenever the M&M falls, they need to go back to the starting line and repeat. Whoever finishes first wins. 

Sack Race: Prepare sacks and fold it where children can easily hold it. Set a starting line and a finish line. The kids need to go in the sack and hop until the finish line. The team who finishes first wins.

Three-legged Race: Each kid should have a partner. Ask them to stand beside each other and tie the two legs that are closest together. Their goal is to finish the set track the fastest way possible to win the game.

Simon Says: Nothing is more classic than this game. The kids need to follow whatever you say, if you say “Simon says.” If you give an order without this magic phrase, kids who follow will be removed from the game. You can pick as many winners as you like.

Passing the Parcel: Let the kids form a circle. Play music and let the kids pass the parcel to the person next to them. Whenever the music stops, the kid with the parcel will be removed from the circle. Repeat until there is a winner.

Follow the Leader: The birthday boy or girl can be the leader and the other kids will follow the actions of the leader. Whoever fails to do so will be out of the game.

The Boat is Sinking: The children need to be attentive and listen to the game master and group themselves. For example, the game master will say “The Boat is sinking, group yourselves into two.” The children will group with other children to form the number. Just like the game, Simon says if the order doesn’t include “the boat is sinking” and kids group themselves, they will be removed from the game.

Hide-and-Seek: You can never go wrong with this game. This is a good warm-up game for children while you are still preparing for other games.

Egg and spoon relay: Boil some eggs and prepare some spoons. The children will balance the eggs on their spoons and will pass them to their teammates without them touching it. If the egg falls, the kids get the egg back before starting to run or walk again. First to finish the race wins.

Duck Duck Goose: This is a classic game that will definitely excite kids and expend their energy too! Check the detailed rules here.

Classic Birthday Games for 4 Year Olds

4th Birthday Party Talent Games

Best in Dancing: To break the ice, let them breakdance. Four-year-olds love to dance and you’ll be surprised at how adorable they look once they start to feel the beat of the music.

Best in Singing: Four-year-olds love to showcase their talent. Most of them are very fond of singing. To entertain everyone, ask children to participate in a mini singing contest.

Longest Jump: Test how athletic your kids are. Place a line for the kids to jump off and measure how far they jumped to.

Highest Jump: Let the kids jump one at a time and the one with the highest jump wins.

Decorate the Party Hat: Kids are naturally artistic and have a wide imagination. Let the children be as creative as they can be by decorating the party hat. Prepare materials that can be used to design a party hat.

Sing-a-long: Build a kids’ playlist and let the children sing along to it. Make sure that the songs are easily remembered or are widely familiar to the kids. Nursery rhymes are highly recommended.

Paint a Balloon: Another artistic game for the kids. This will take a lot of preparation, but it is surely worth it after seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces. Prepare paint, brushes, and balloons.

Hand Painting: The kids will paint on their hands and come up with the best design they can think of. You will need water-based paint for this.

Play Doh: The motor skills of four-year-olds are still developing. A fun way to practice these skills is through Play-Doh. The kids need to form a present for the birthday boy or girl using a Play-Doh.

Fun Birthday Games for 4 Year Olds

Musical Statues: Play music and let the kids dance to the beat. The kids should stop moving and freeze after the music stops. Kids who make unnecessary movements during the pause time will be removed from the game.

Bucket Toss: Place a bucket from a distance. The kids will try to shoot as many beans or balls inside the bucket within a limited time.

What’s in the Bag?: Place random kid-friendly items on a bag and the kids will try to feel and guess the things without looking at it. If they guess correctly, give them a prize.

Bubble Popping: This game will make the kids jump on their feet. Set a number of bubbles a child needs to pop. Prizes will be given to kids who successfully do the task. 

Keep the Balloon Up: The kids need to make sure that the balloon doesn’t touch the ground.

Animal Sounds: The game master will instruct the kids to copy the sound of an animal. This can be a warm-up game to get the attention of the kids at the party.

Red Light, Green Light: The game master will be far away from the kids’ starting point. The kids need to reach the game master without being caught moving during the red light.

Fun Birthday Party Games for 4 year olds

Challenging Birthday Party Games for 4 Year Olds

Photo Scavenger Hunt: I personally find this game the most exciting game of all because this will involve them going searching for different items around the house or the neighborhood. (Pair the child or children with an adult if they are going through the neighborhood.) Prepare a map indicating places where they can find items for the game. Hand out pictures as clues and the kids need to collect all the items in order to win the game. 

Obstacle Course: Place different objects, such as tables, chairs, pillows, and mats that will serve as obstacles for the children before they reach the finish line.

Newspaper Dance: Let the kids dance to the music while stepping on a newspaper spread. Every time the music stops, the children should be inside the newspaper. Fold the newspaper each stop until it becomes smaller. This game requires kids to focus on the music and balance their bodies.

Doughnut Challenge: Hang doughnuts forming a line. The kids will try to eat the doughnuts as fast as they can, using only their mouths.

Under Over: Split the guests into equal groups. Let the kids form a line. They need to pass the ball or balloon to the person behind them following the pattern “under-over-under-over” until the ball or balloon reaches the last person.

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