Inside: Enjoyable Office Christmas Party Games. 

Who doesn’t love a good office party? (Even more when it’s during a workday, am I right? 😉 ) I love coming together with coworkers and letting down your guard a little and enjoying some good holiday fun.

From gift exchanges, bake-offs, and fun Christmas games plan this year’s office bash. Here is a list of our favorite office Christmas party games.

Enjoyable Office Christmas Party Games For Co-workers

The Best Office Christmas Party Games

Christmas Coal Saran Wrap Game: In this hilarious game, you wrap up a bunch of small prizes and gifts (quarters, candy, gift cards) in a big ball of saran wrap. What makes this game way more fun than a typical saran wrap ball game is the addition of coal cards that make people do things like wrapping the ball behind their back, name five of Santa’s reindeer before they unwrap, and so on.

Christmas Charades: In this fun game, players have to act out Christmas words and get their team to guess them before the time runs out. Or try one of these five different Christmas charades games – different than the classic Christmas charades!  Or if you’d rather draw than act, Christmas Pictionary works with the words too!

Christmas Movie Bingo: Buy some Christmas movies as prizes and get ready for a round of Christmas bingo! In this Christmas movie edition of the classic bingo game, you either have to match movies or popular movie quotes with holiday classics!

Enjoyable Office Christmas Party Games

Christmas Gift Exchange Game Ideas

These gift exchange game ideas are perfect office Christmas party games for large groups.

Santas Helper Gift Exchange: This may be my favorite gift exchange idea ever. Instead of fighting for a gift for yourself, you get to play the part of Santa’s elf and fight for a gift for someone else.  It’s amazing how one simple switch can change everything. Get the full rules and printables for this Santa’s Helper gift exchange here.

Switch and Steal Gift Exchange: In this simple dice gift exchange game, everyone rolls a dice to see what happens with their gift – unwrap, switch, or steal! It’s one of my most viral games ever and still one of my favorites! Get the rules and printable or this dice gift exchange game here.

Gift Card Exchange Game: In this non-traditional gift exchange, you pick 12 days of Christmas inspired card and it tells you what to do. Switch gifts left, steal a gift from someone else, unwrap two gifts, and so on.

Office Christmas Party Games To Play For Fun

Fun Office Christmas Party Games

That’s a Wrap: This is a fun little way to get a bit of competition going with the employees. You will need wrapping paper, several sizes of boxes, scissors, and tape. Place the supplies on a table and ask for volunteers. Each person will have to wrap a present as fast as they can. The person to wrap the present in a neat manner and the quickest wins the game. Keep the competition going until there is one person left who wraps the best.

Christmas Family Feud: This Interactive Christmas Family Feud game makes it oh so easy and fun for you to be able to play with your friends, family, or coworkers at your Christmas party.

Oh Christmas Tree: This game will help to get the employees to work as a team and introduce a little bit of healthy competition. You will need several rolls of green streamers, plastic ornaments with hooks, and tinsel.  Have the employees separate into even-numbered teams, if possible. Put the same amount of streamer, ornaments, and tinsel in front of each team. The teams will select someone to act as the tree and the others will be the elves who decorate it. When the game begins the teams will race to decorate their tree the fastest. But, they must use each item and nothing can fall off when they are done. The first to complete their tree wins the game.

Simple Office Christmas Party Games

Christmas Kisses: The teams must get each player to successfully unwrap two kisses each while wearing the mittens. It is much harder than you think but the first team to get it done wins a prize. Usually, a bag of kisses or a large kiss in a box is a good prize to give out.

Simple Holiday Party Game Ideas For Work

Christmas Guess Who: When you are announcing the office party ask each employee to bring in a picture of them as a child at Christmas time. Once you have collected all of the pictures you will need to tape them to a large poster board and number the photos. Place a stack of index cards and pens in front of the poster board. When the employees arrive invite them to take a guess at who each person is in the photos. They will write their name on the index cards and hand them to you after they are done guessing. 

Collect all of the index cards then shuffle them and hand them out to the employees. Go through the pictures and identify each person. The employees will check their cards to see what is correct on them and the person with the most correct guesses on the card they hold will announce who the winner is and they wins a small prize.

More Fun Game Ideas You’ll Love

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