Inside: 15 Fun Printable Family Reunion Games

One of my favorite memories growing up was attending our family reunions! There was something so fun and exciting about seeing family that you knew and loved but were also kinda like strangers. Every few years we would gather together and become reintroduced to our own family.

Seeing cousins and getting spoiled by great grandparents was such a joy. We always have fun activities planned and AMAZING food to eat! Check out a few of our favorite printable family reunion games that will make your time just a little extra special.

printable Family reunion games

Ice Breaker Printable Family Reunion Games

Family Reunion Bingo: Print this bingo game for your next reunion for loads of fun and to get to know each other again.

Likes Dislikes: Each person secretly writes a list of five things they like and five things they do not like. For example, one player may write the following list; The lists are collected and one person reads them out. Everyone tries to guess who the person is by their list. There are no winners or losers in this game. Family members or good friends may need to make their list a little harder for other players to guess, but they must still be truthful!

Printable Family games

It’s A Family Affair: This super cute printable game is perfect to get everyone excited for the family reunion! Match characters to well-known tv shows from every generation and get the whole family involved!

Family Reunion Scramble: Family Reunion-themed word scramble game is great for family reunions and other family-related events. There is 18-word scrambles in total.

Shoe Game: This fun game is ideal for family reunions! It is great for when a group of people needs to get to know each other or become reacquainted!

The Best Games for Family Reunions

Family Trivia: Turn your genealogy research into hours of fun with a Family Trivia game. You make the rules, choose the categories, and handpick the questions that will educate while you entertain your relatives.

What Am I?: This game is a cross between celebrity head and twenty questions. It’s portable and it’s easy enough for little ones to play (with some help) and fun enough to keep older kids engaged. You can be as silly or as serious as you like!

Family Reunion games

Family Guess Who: Custom Guess Who character sheets to include all the members of your family!

The Bowl Game: The Bowl Game is a party game like no other. It is an ice-breaker/get-to-know-you/guessing game that will have you laugh-crying.

Find Someone Who: With this fun list the goal is to run around and find someone who marks off that box. It can be anything from some whose name starts with “t” to someone who has ridden a horse! It is such a fun family reunion game!

More Fun Printable Family Reunion Games

Find The..: Split into teams and search for all the items on this list! The first one to check all the boxes wins! This game gets everyone involved in the fun and playing in nature!

Picture Scavenger Hunt: This is another great game to play in teams. Search for all the items on the list and snap a photo! A fun twist to this game would be to put together a slide show and share it with the family at dinner! The team with the most creative photos gets bragging rights!


The Gratitude Game: I love this game for a family reunion! It is perfect to share about you and what you love to people you care most about, family! It is a great way to get to know one another a little better!

Family Feud: What better time than a family reunion to play family feud? This super cute printable game is perfect for your family face-off night!

Family Tree Bingo: Find out all the great things about your family tree with this super fun printable family reunion game! It is perfect for your next big family bash!

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