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Are you ready to throw the best, most JAW-some shark themed birthday party of all time!? Look no further, for we have the ultimate guide to baby shark birthday games.

Ranging from DIY to printables, you will find the perfect games for whoever or wherever you’re throwing this party.

Baby Shark Party Games for Kids

Shark Themed Party Games

All the party goers will be swimming in fun with these simple shark themed games!

  1. Pin the Fin: Is it a birthday party without some variation of this classic game?! For a shark themed party, get different colored fins and try and pin them in the correct area of the shark while blindfolded! 
  2. Shark Watching: This is just a fancy, kid-friendly way of getting your group of kiddos to calm down. Put on a shark movie or show or documentary and call it shark watching! Add a scavenger hunt card to the show, so that they can circle different parts of the show they’re watching like, “a shark jumping out of the water” or “a shark eating a fish.”
  3. Shark Bite: This game is played similar to freeze tag. Whoever is “it” is the shark and when a player gets tagged (bitten) by them, they must freeze until another player comes up and “cures” the shark bite by touching them. If one player gets bitten three times, they are now the shark!
  4. Feed the Shark: To DIY this game, grab a poster board and cut out a shark head shape with jagged teeth. Then have kids try and throw a plush toy into the mouth from a line a couple feet away. You can also use the shark cut out as a photo-op! 
  5. Keep the Shark Away: Who doesn’t love a “keep a balloon up” style of game? For this shark party game, grab blue and gray balloons and draw or paste photos of shark faces onto them. Then have the kids try and keep the sharks away with either their hands, or you can cut a few pool noodles in half, so they can use them as tools to keep them away from them! 
  6. Walk the Plank: Another great DIY shark birthday game. Place a wood board on top of some blue tarp or table cloth, then place cut out shark fins all around. Have each party guest try and walk the length of the plank without losing their balance and falling into the shark infested waters!

Baby Shark Birthday Games

Baby Shark Themed Party Ideas

These baby shark party games will have kids reel-ing in fun and sun.

  1. Shark Grid Game: A super simple printable activity that assists children in drawing a cute, characteristic shark! They can also color it in after outlining and take it home as a souvenir. 
  2. Shark Tooth Dig Kit: Let party guests tend to their scientist side with this shark tooth dig kit! With three fossils to uncover, they can start their very own collection while being educated through fun which is the best way to do so.
  3. Shark Toss and Catch: Play this in the pool or on land. A simple, shark game that is guaranteed to keep them entertained for hours on end.
  4. Shark Bait: An easy follow game with an even cuter plush shark toy at the center of it! Players roll a dice and get one of three options: feed the shark a piece, remove a piece, or miss a turn. The game continues until someone ends up with all the pieces of one color or runs out of pieces first. 
  5. Jaws Theme Freeze Dance: Pull up whatever platform you stream music on and play the classic Jaws theme song or any other shark related music and have the kids dance around however they please. Pause the music every so often and make them freeze in whatever position they’re in until it begins again. Whoever doesn’t freeze, while the music is paused, is out. 
  6. iSpy Lots of Sharks: A straightforward printable game where kids try to get an accurate count of each shark on the page and circle the correct number. 
  7. Go Fish: This traditional card game may not be entirely shark themed but it’s still a whole lot of fun and is a fantastic activity that can fit into a shark themed birthday.
  8. Shark Attack: Have everyone sit in a circle and toss around an inflatable shark for as long as there is music playing. It does not need to be passed in a certain direction, just as long as it’s out of their hands. When the music stops, whoever has the shark in their possession is considered a victim of a shark attack and is out of the game. Repeat these rounds until there is only one player (survivor) left!

Baby Shark Party Games From Amazon

Not a big DIY-er? No worries! These games are all on Amazon and with a click of a few buttons, you can throw the most Fin-credible shark birthday party.

  1. Uno Shark Week Edition: Play this fan favorite party game with a shark twist on it! 
  2. Shark Chase: Play as a fish and try to get to the end without getting eaten by the shark! A high energy, exciting racing game that takes very little set up.
  3. Shark Dart Board: A high quality, felt dart board with magnetic tips that make it kid friendly! And the best part? It’s double sided and the other side is a standard dart board, so it’s perfect for the entire family.
  4. Shark Inflatable Ring Toss: Although it’s advertised to be used in a pool, it will work great on the ground either outside or in your basement as well! 
  5. Shark Bean Bag Toss: An easy to set up game that is perfect to play indoors or outdoors and is a great addition to any shark party! 
  6. Chomp Champ!: An awesome, fast paced game that is reminiscent of the “Spoons” card game. When one player gets a four-of-a-kind, they sneakily grab a shark tile. When the first person grabs a tile, it’s fair game for everyone else to dive in and try to grab the remaining ones. 
  7. Let’s Go Fishin’ Card Game: An updated version of a well-loved game that parents will even remember playing in their childhood. Let kids test out their hand-eye coordination by trying to capture as many fish as they can with the magnetic fishing rod as the platform spins and the fish open and close their mouths.
  8. Sharkopoly: Play this classic game with ocean themed tokens while buying spots that are inspired by sharks and oceans instead of hotels and avenues! 

Game Ideas for Baby Shark Party

Boy Shark Party Games from Amazon

Perfect last minute games as they require little to no effort to put together! The best if you’re running out of ideas or don’t want to spend too much money.

  1. Shark Maze: This shark is hungry and needs to get to that school of krill to eat! Can you lead him through the maze and get him to his dinner? Find out by completing this printable shark maze! 
  2. Shark Memory Game: Flip over colorful, shark picture cards and try to accumulate the most matching couplets to win the game. If you see one picture, remember where it’s located so you can quickly grab it if you come across the other one. 
  3. Shark Bingo: Have a caller announce the spots that are being picked out and use the tear away markers that come included with the set to mark off what spaces of yours have been called. 
  4. Sharks and Minnows: Have a group of sharks stand in the middle of the play area and call the fishies to come out and play. At any point, a shark attack can be called and the minnows have to run as fast as they can to get to the other side without getting eaten (tagged). While this game is traditionally played in a pool, it can definitely be played on land. 
  5. Draw A Shark: Have party guests try their hand at drawing their best, most presentable shark in a certain amount of time. When everyone is finished, have the group vote on which one is the best!

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