Inside: The Sweetest Valentines Games for Kids.

If you are in charge of this year’s classroom party you will need some Valentine Games for kids – the date is approaching quickly! These Valentine Games are a sure-fire hit with kids.

Whether your party is in person or virtually these fun Valentine games are sure to be a hit.

All you need is a little preparation, add some sugar, and you have a party packed full of fun.

Valentines Games for Kids

Fun Valentines Games for Kids

Mitten + Kisses Game: To play, create two separate lines of kids. You can divide into a boys line and a girls line, or number the kids off for two even lines. I dump two bags of kisses onto a desk and give each person in the front of the line a pair of mittens (not gloves).

The object is to grab a kiss from the desk, unwrap it (a bit clumsily with those mittens) eat it, and then pass the mittens to the next child in line. The winning line finishes when everyone has unwrapped and eaten one kiss. This game is great at any age, and even adults and teachers can get into the fun!  You can also use a pair of oven mitts to make it a little harder, and fair warning – the gloves may need washing after the game!

Valentines Games for Kids

Musical Hearts: I love the fun twist on the class musical chairs that this game has! Lay down a bunch of cut out heart and on each of them you write down a fun activity or dare that you have to complete is you land on that heart! It’s super fun and everyone is guaranteed to have a great time!

Box of Chocolates: This is for sure a sugary game, but super fun! Grab your favorite chocolate candies and a blindfold! Take turns blindfolding each player and having them guess the flavor of the candy. The one who guesses the most candy bars correctly, WINS! But with that much chocolate, everyone is winning in my mind!

Word Search: A FREE printable Valentine word search game we created for kids to play at school or at home.

Minute to Win It Valentine Games for Kids

Heart Relay: You will have two teams with two players on each team. Using a large popsicle stick, the first team member for each team will stack three candy hearts on top of each other. They will carefully walk to their teammate. Give the teammate the popsicle stick and hearts and repeat the steps back to the other side.

Cupids Arrow: Place the bowl or tray at one end of the playing area. 2-3 feet behind it (more or less) place a masking tape line. The player must stand behind the line, and use the straw they must “shoot” cupid’s arrow (aka- Q-tip) and try to get as many arrows as they can into the bowl or tray. You will also need a bowl of Q-tips by each player.

56 Minute To Win It Games for Valentines Day.

Minute to Win It Games Valentines

Bouncing Hearts: Before the party, cut a hole in a Square Gift Box then put a paper heart shape around the hole. At the party, the players will use Valentine bouncy balls to see who can bounce the most balls into the hole in a minute. The player with the highest number wins!

Blow Me a Kiss: In 1-minute players need to blow up their balloon and then use the air in the balloon to blow over a row of empty cups. Players can continue to blow up the balloon and knockdown cups as many times as they can in 1 minute. Will they have enough air? Most cups knocked over wins!

Cupid Shake: Wiggle and giggle with this silly Cupid Shake game! Using a decorated box, a ribbon, and some ping pong balls, create this fun game. Tie the box around your waist and set the timer. The first player to shake all the ping pong ball out of their box, wins! 

27+ Valentine party games.

Printable Valentines Games for Kids

Valentines Day Scavenger Hunt: Add a little fun to your Valentine’s Day party with my whimsical Valentine scavenger hunt. Whether it be a classroom party, community event or neighborhood get together, kids will love running around, searching for all the items on the scavenger hunt.

Printable Memory Game: This FREE printable Valentine’s Day memory game is the perfect game for a larger group of guests! You can even use conversation hearts as fun playing pieces!

Printable Valentines Games for Kids

Valentines Bingo: Add some fun to your Valentine’s Day party with this printable Valentine’s bingo game!

Word Search: A word search is a classic printable game, and this Valentine’s themed game is the perfect printable game ideas for this sweet holiday.

More Fun Valentine Game Ideas

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